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 posted in Jewel Quest: Seven Seas on Jan 28, 17 1:38 PM
Thanks, that worked. But I never would have guessed. In older versions of Jewel Quest I found that too many players with high scores makes the game freeze, so like to keep it down to two players.
 posted in Jewel Quest: Seven Seas on Jan 26, 17 2:20 PM
I can't find any way to delete a player. I unistalled & installed, but it kept all the players. I like to start over as a new player after I win.
 posted in Cradle of Rome 2 on Feb 19, 14 9:24 PM
I just won the game, only set back was having to play the last 25 or so board again, but I still had 18 lives at that point. Just didn't get enough points in time. I believe the secret is to try not to finish a game before you recharge whatever power up you have. So when I got to level 95 or so, I had almost all of the power ups to choose from. Each one comes in handy at some point.
The map is supposed to indicate where action is required. The only thing that shows up on the map is a red X indicating where I am. I'm using Windows 7.
 posted in Imperial Island: Birth of an Empire on Sep 11, 13 8:14 AM
I wonder, too. Just got to 201. There is supposed to be something that unlocks at some point. Have you reached that?
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate™ on Sep 19, 12 9:20 PM
Fabiano lightning
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate™ on Sep 19, 12 9:06 AM
Kitty Carnival - hammer/wrench lower right below kitty
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate™ on Sep 18, 12 8:02 PM
Clown's trailer insert -- hot dog about 1/3 down on left side of screen
 posted in Cradle of Egypt on Dec 6, 11 7:37 PM
Thanks. As soon as I posted question, went back & got through the level with time to spare. I've played it through 3 times and have yet to win -- can not get enough points!
 posted in Cradle of Egypt on Nov 25, 11 6:36 PM
Has anyone completed Level 75 in timed mode? If so, how? I thought the Time Freeze power up would do it along with buying more time, but I still timed-out and am down to 2 lives.

This level is much harder than any in Cradle of Rome!
 posted in Jane Angel: Templar Mystery on Dec 27, 09 7:13 PM
I've been reading these forums for over a year without feeling compelled to write. However, the time and effort Eugene has put in responding to these posts have not only convinced me to buy the game, but to also tell him how much I appreciate his interest in what we think.

It is a fun game; there are new ways of doing things that make it interesting; and the history is a bonus. The tutorial is not the usual stupid arrow highlighting items -- it explains the differences from the usual games.

Euguene -- Hooray for you and your co-deloper!

PS. Sorry you have fixed the spelling and grammar. I found it charming, but, then, I'm somewhat dislexic,
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