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I've read the thread on how to beat the dev's record for this level but is there an easier way? I've tried following the walkthrough, the suggestions here, but I STILL can't beat it and it's driving me crazy. So if there is an easier way to beat this level, can anyone tell me?
I'm trying to get the achievement for beating all of the developer's records but a lot of the levels are really hard for me to do so. Does anyone know if there's a walkthrough available (video or text) that can explain how to beat all the levels?
 posted in Moai 3: Trade Mission Collector's Edition on Mar 29, 17 9:12 PM
So I heard that the swift achievement is for clicking the same object 10 times but I don't understand what that entails exactly. Can anyone give me an example?
 posted in Moai II: Path to Another World on Mar 22, 17 3:33 AM
Ok, so I know that this is a hidden achievement and the way to get it is to play the entire game without using any bonuses. Now I replayed the game, creating a new profile, and I did not use any bonuses unless it was a requirement. However, the achievement wouldn't trigger so for those who have gotten it, I'd like to ask how you all did it and if there were any additional conditions you had to meet to get the achievement.
 posted in Rescue Team 5 on Jan 24, 16 9:10 PM
Ok, I know what I have to do to get this achievement but I think it's broken. I build one helipad and have the helicopter so that it's continuously picking up people. Later, I build the second helipad and have the helicopter continuously pick up people. I got 3 stars but yet didn't get this achievement. Did anyone else have this problem? I've looked on youtube playthroughs but none of them that I saw posted a solution to get this achievement. Please help.
 posted in Rescue Team 5 on Jan 21, 16 4:05 AM
I finally figured this out although it took me a while, too. Basically, you have to keep the fire burning throughout this level. It doesn't matter how many stars you earn as long as you keep that one worker working on the fire. I did get this achievement although it only earned me one star, as I ran out of time. So you can use any strategy you want as long as you have enough wood. I had to use the pier at one point to collect wood and destroy the one gas station I had (never bothered to rebuild it afterwards since I could use the station to request for more gas). As long as I kept two houses until I was almost done, I could earn this achievement.
 posted in Life Quest® 2: Metropoville on Jun 13, 15 3:46 AM
I've recently started to play this game and although there is a walkthrough for it, I don't think it gives the desired order in which to do the quests to earn all the trophies and make the 100 day mark. I tried to follow the walkthrough but couldn't complete all the quests in time. For anyone who's finished this game, do you have a preference for which you like to complete the quests? It might help me figure out what to do for a new playthrough.

(BTW, in case anyone's curious, I did do a search to see if anyone ever posted a desired order to do the quests but it seems as though no one did.)
 posted in The Island: Castaway 2 on Jun 13, 15 12:33 AM
Ok, so I read the walkthrough on where to find the multifaced bug but it isn't anywhere near where the walkthrough says. Well, it's either not there or it's extremely well hidden. Could anyone please give a screenshot or clarify further on where it could be? I've wasted valuable potions already trying to find this one thing left to complete the collection and it's completely frustrating me.
 posted in My Farm Life 2 on Aug 22, 12 3:24 AM
You should try to buy as many machine products from the trader as possible. It'll save you the effort of having to make them yourself. Especially do this for the croissants. Harvest crops first so the meters for the helpers fill faster and you can call on them for help.
 posted in My Farm Life 2 on Aug 22, 12 3:19 AM
This is the level where the trader doesn't appear but neither does Carlos. Basically, you'll want to use all 3 types of helpers as much as possible. If you queue gathering crops, that'll help make the meter for the helpers fill faster to get the helpers. You might try gathering the crops first and then go to the machine and animal products when you have time.
 posted in LandGrabbers on Jul 28, 12 6:29 AM
I'm having trouble with level 2 of the island. I take control of the buildings on the top row and am able to take control of the 3 castles that are in a circle in the middle of the area. However, after I take control of 2 or 3 of the towers and try to upgrade them, that's when the enemies attack and they keep taking my castles even though I've upgraded them and everything.

Please help. I didn't have any trouble on lieutenant mode but these enemies are much more aggressive in colonel mode.
 posted in Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas on May 15, 12 7:16 AM
If anyone still needs help getting expert, I just did it with 2 seconds to spare although I'm sure there's a faster way to get it.

What I did first was build a royal hotel on one of the empty lots I already had and then immediately sold it. After it was sold, I bought 1000 materials and built a construction mill. Next, I bought the maximum number of materials as well as more workers. I kept buying empty lots and built a real estate building so that I could buy any property that didn't immediately come up on sale just in case. I had the low ball feature from the shop area so as much as possible, I tried to use it whenever I wanted to buy properties that had hotels on it.

Basically, for this level, you need 4 commercial buildings, income of $100,000, and earn $15 million.

I built 2 casinos and 2 wedding chapels in the middle lots and after those were done, I used their special features to increase income as much as possible. For all the other lots-except the ones where I already built the construction mill and real estate building, I built or bought royal hotels-remember to low ball as much as possible, especially for the royal hotels-and upgraded them all the way and included the income boost feature.

For the construction mill, I had the damage shield feature so whenever possible, I would protect my hotels with it so I wouldn't need to worry about repairs.

Now the problem is getting the $15 million. After the above, I began to sell the hotels that had the lowest percent increase and as much as possible, I used the price growth feature that I had purchased from the shop for the real estate building. At the same time, I continued to use the special features for my casinos and wedding chapels to increase income. I was finally able to earn the $15 million with 2 seconds to spare. Probably could have done this much faster, though.

Hope this helps.
 posted in Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas on May 12, 12 5:46 AM
upgraded will each earn $450,000 so that would be a total of $2,250,000. I didn't need to sell all the hotels but I think I sold 3-4 since I had some money.

This strategy might need to be adjusted for different players but this ended up working for me.
 posted in Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas on May 12, 12 5:44 AM
In case anyone still needs help with level 23, I just completed it in expert time so I'll post it here.

The goals are:

1. Own the zoo.
2. Build 8 resort hotels surrounding the zoo.
3. Own 2 service buildings.
4. Earn $2.5 million

I started off with the family hotel in the upper left and the holiday hotel in the lower right area. Immediately, I sold the family hotel and while that was happening, I demolished the holiday hotel and built a resort hotel. That will be the first resort hotel to surround the zoo. Now since that resort hotel will have a negative percent value, I decided to immediately sell it instead of keep it.

The 8 resort hotels that surround the zoo will be the 3 above it, 3 below it, 1 to the left, and 1 to the right.

When either an empty lot or a cheap property like a holiday hotel or motel was up for sale-and they weren't on the 8 lots needed to fulfill the 8 resort hotels-I first built a construction mill. On the next available empty lot or cheap property, I built a real estate agency. These were my 2 service buildings. I recommend these since the construction mill will allow you to buy materials cheaply and to hire more workers cheaply. The real estate agency will allow you to buy lots or properties even when they aren't up for sale but in my case, I didn't need it. But in case others do need to buy them and the 8 lots needed to build resort hotels aren't being sold, then the real estate agency comes in handy.

Basically, what I did was whenever there was a property needed for the 8 resort hotels, I would buy it, demolish the building and build a resort hotel. If it had a negative percent value-this happened for the 3 lots below the zoo, then I immediately sold them off. I kept any resort hotels I built that had either a positive percent value or neutral value. Whenever possible, I added damage protection from the construction mill to minimize repairs.

Building the zoo will add positive percentage values to the 3 properties above the zoo and the property to the left and right of it. With these 5 properties, I would add the income value factor and upgrade them to the max.

At some point, in between all the building and selling, make sure to have enough material-10,000-and a total of 12 workers so that the zoo can be built. It isn't necessary for the zoo to be built early and I concentrated more on the resort hotels.

Now there's only the $2.5 million to earn. Selling the 5 resort hotels all the way
 posted in Soap Opera Dash on Apr 21, 12 5:24 AM
When this mini game starts, make the iced tea right away. Rosie can carry two cups of iced tea at a time so make sure to do that. When the first actor arrives, go ahead and give him/her two cups of iced tea back to back. You don't need to wait until the actor demands it before giving it. Keep doing this for the actors that arrive and of course, if an actors starts to get impatient, go ahead and give him/her a cup. You should be able to make expert then.
 posted in Soap Opera Dash on Apr 21, 12 5:21 AM
When you click on the Treasure Trove on the map, in the middle, you can purchase mini games.
 posted in Soap Opera Dash on Apr 21, 12 5:20 AM
If anyone still needs help to get expert on this level, I just did so. Here's what I did.

Usually, I would group requests based on each scene but that won't work in this case. Although you'll probably make the goal, you won't make expert. So here's what I did instead.

In the shop, I upgraded as much as I could but I didn't buy the helpers. Chaining will help earn a lot of points and the helpers hinder that.

Then when the first group of actors arrives, I give them all scripts. Then I seat as many of them as I can to the hair stations, making sure to color-match as much as possible. This may not work for one color but it should work for the rest. When the next group of actors come seated, you should have a couple of seats free for them. You should give them scripts. Then go to the hair stations and chain as much as possible. Then place those actors onto the wardrobe stations and then put the actors in the waiting chairs to the hair stations.

Do this as you move from one type of station to another. You'll need to keep doing this for each wave of actors that arrives but you should be able to make expert. I was able to exceed the requirement for expert so it should be possible. And remember to give the drinks to the actors, especially if they start to get impatient.
 posted in My Farm Life 2 on Mar 29, 12 11:04 PM
I haven't seen any tips on this level so I really need some help here. I'm using all of my workers whenever I can but I can't seem to make expert time for this. I'm playing on casual mode btw.

I like this game but honestly, fulfilling Carlos' orders ruins the fun for me.
 posted in My Farm Life 2 on Mar 27, 12 11:16 PM
I stopped playing this game for a while because I always got stuck about halfway through and didn't feel like going back a level or two to buy more equipment or whatnot. But then I decided to try this again. I know there's no walkthrough for the game but for those who have finished, can anyone list what the goals/objectives for each level are? I don't need a walkthrough at this time but having such a list might help me to get through the game better this time around. I might consider making a walkthrough of the game as well although I honestly don't know if/when I'll get around to it since my life is quite busy at the moment.

But I'd appreciate any help on this. Thank you.
 posted in My Farm Life 2 on Mar 27, 12 11:13 PM
I had a problem getting this game to play as well until I played it as an administrator and then it works fine. So either you can right click the game icon and choose to run it as an administrator or right click, click on properties, and then click on the tab-not sure which one but probably the general tab-and check the box to run the game as an administrator. I'm not sure why this works but it did for me.
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