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 posted in Atlantic Quest 3 on Mar 15, 17 7:42 AM
Thanks guys. Love ya.
 posted in Griddlers Victorian Picnic on Jan 18, 17 8:36 AM
...and really boring.zzzzzzz
 posted in Phenomenon: Outcome on Oct 3, 16 12:15 PM
I, on the other hand, was very disappointed with this game. After the trial period, I liked it so much I bought it but when I started to play again, all the puzzles went away and the game turned into - find an object use an object - no more puzzles. You could tell where they should have been but they must have run out of money to work on the game because they took the short-cuts (no puzzles) on everything. Not a good move!
 posted in Queen's Garden 2 on Apr 13, 15 9:05 AM
You're right. I started the game again and sure enough, It's Jack. That's what I get for not reading all the instructions.
 posted in Queen's Garden 2 on Apr 12, 15 6:20 AM
As with game 1 in this series, the Queen looks like the King's grand-daughter.
 posted in Legend of Gallant on Feb 4, 15 6:01 AM
"Around the World in 80 Days" is a bear to finish. Very difficult at the end.
 posted in Legend of Gallant on Feb 3, 15 12:46 PM
Just looking on my games list for more that I really liked. I got into the c's and stopped but here are some more good ones. (Some are OLD - but good.)

10 Talismans
7 Wonders - all of them
Age of Japan
Around the World in 80 Days
Call of Atlantis - 1st and 2nd
And, of course, all the Fishdom games (except the hidden object one).

I could go on.
 posted in Fishdom: Depths of Time Collector's Edition on Dec 10, 14 4:04 PM
Yes! How do you get the center gem??? Hasn't anybody else had a problem with this? I'm tearing my hair out.
 posted in Loot Hunter: The Most Unbelievable Pirate Story on Sep 8, 14 8:56 AM
OMG!! Big Fish, this is a new low!
I agree with cbtx, the cute animals are saccharine and, for me, not necessary. I've always like the acerbic, no nonsense attitude cbtx brings to his reviews. let's hope the developers listen to him as well as the rest of us (mostly women) and give more balance to the male/female points of view or we might all end up swimming in treacle.
 posted in Fantasy Mosaics 4: Art of Color on Sep 2, 14 8:33 AM
I'm loving this game. Very challenging. Adding each color to the picture happens separately. It's hard to explain but it makes for a whole new take on this genre.
 posted in Warlock: The Curse of the Shaman on Aug 16, 14 4:06 PM
Me too. Game was fine until I installed the update. Now the graphics in the hidden object scene are fractured and therefore impossible to play. Please fix the fix.
 posted in Big City Adventure: Rio de Janeiro on Jun 4, 14 4:52 AM
Geez Louise! If I can't even get beyond the first screen I don't have any hope of being able to play this game. What are they thinking?
 posted in Lost Souls: Timeless Fables Collector's Edition on May 8, 14 4:49 AM
At the risk of sounding like a dunce - what does F2P mean?
 posted in Fantasy Mosaics on May 6, 14 2:53 PM
Once I've screwed up I just run a random row until I make enough errors to get thrown out of the game. At that point you're asked if you want to repeat the level.
 posted in Phenomenon: Outcome Collector's Edition on May 3, 14 5:53 PM
I'm well into the game and I've been disappointed time and again. You place an object you've finally found, expecting to play what looks like a mini-game only to find that all the action is done for you and you are left just looking for items, placing them and moving on. It's sooooo boring at this point - no action, just searching.
 posted in Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride on Apr 1, 14 5:13 PM
Me too. Stuck in bedroom.

This is the third game in the last week or so that has frozen on me: "Origins: Elders of Time" and "Dark Dimensions: Somber Song" are the other two. What's up BF? I'm wasting a lot of money.
I uninstalled and reinstalled and the problem seems to be solved.
I downloaded the trial for this game and got an error message and it also said that the trial had expired. What's that about? Anybody else? I'll delete and try again.
 posted in Olympus Griddlers on Mar 24, 14 2:28 PM
It seems to me that at certain points in these games you do have to either guess or use a hint. When I get to these points I try to get past the impasse by using as few hints as possible.
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