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 posted in Hidden Expedition: Titanic™ on Nov 13, 15 4:32 PM
I purchased this game awhile ago and it's on my laptop, but can't get it on my PC, without repurchasing it; I've tried to write to Big Fish, to no avail,; can anyone help me? Thank you.
 posted in A Gypsy's Tale: The Tower of Secrets on Aug 17, 15 7:17 PM
I can only get a Screen Size of about 7 inches wide and 5 inches high.
I selected Full screen.
 posted in A Gypsy's Tale: The Tower of Secrets on Aug 17, 15 6:32 PM
I am in the Forest Cottage that is referred to as "The Workshop" in the narrative.

According to the "Rain Book", the "Fairy Dust" is added after the other ingredients and stirring.

The "Fairy Dust" will not go into the Kettle.
 posted in White Haven Mysteries on Mar 2, 12 12:04 PM
This game is beginning to convince me that, if I ever get further than the fuse-mini game, after corrupted file message, just at the end; I may seriously need a padded cell ;-)
 posted in Fallen Shadows on Apr 26, 11 4:41 PM
I think this is interesting and our son made us very proud by spending several months helping folks there in New Orleans.
 posted in Reading the Dead on Feb 14, 11 8:17 AM
I loved the idea of a game that used forensics, but at the beginning of the game, I had difficulty seeing what I needed to secure. I'm American-born, yet lived in the British Isles, for a time, so I knew what braces were; even so, I couldn't find them. The artwork is great for hiding items, but unclear for the discerning eye. I finally admitted defeat, when I had the doll and couldn't figure out where to put it and no hints. The object of the game became unclear, too, as it progressed... So, being a bear of little brain, I gave up.

Oh, yes, happy Valentine's day.
 posted in Veronica Rivers: Portals to the Unknown ™ on Nov 18, 10 4:40 PM
I'm convinced that I'm fodder for the funny farm! Either that, or totally stupid. I've tried playing the game and have repeated all steps for finding a portal and selecting objects, therein, and it keeps repeating each thing I do, and redo. I like a little more information as to what and how I'm to accomplish whatever it is I'm supposed to do. I started the "directions" twice and went the same old way. this game couldnt have been too hard to develop, since there are, to date, only 3 areas to go, "differences, same as and, aw heck, I forgot the third thing. Dont'cha hate senior moments?

Anyway, I like a little more play for my money and this definitely doesn't fit the bill.
 posted in Flux Family Secrets - The Rabbit Hole on Jul 5, 10 9:32 AM
I'm having trouble finding a gun to repair on the ship; everything else is accomplished, but can't find the gun. Checked the walkthrough and a mention was made, but it wasn't clear. Can anyone help me?
 posted in Robinson Crusoe and the Cursed Pirates on May 21, 10 11:11 AM
I can't wait until my game credits appear; I'm going to buy this right away. The accompanying music reminds me of a Tim Conway skit -- who needs words? It's so cute and funny and really makes the game seem that much better. Love it!
 posted in Hidden Mysteries - Civil War on May 20, 10 1:28 PM
on the 2nd battle of Bullrun, need to find books; found 'em all, but one. Any hints?
 posted in The History Channel Lost Worlds on May 16, 10 7:14 AM
I tried uninstalling and reloading the game three times; It shows 60 minutes remaining to play. Really want to try this game, as I buy lots of games for the grandkids, if the game will help them learn.

Any hints on getting the game to run?
 posted in Lost Lagoon: The Trail of Destiny on May 15, 10 10:25 AM
I hope the day is coming, when the hog developer uses a little logic. I'm playing the trial and, so far, I haven't found a thing that is logical with advancing to the game. I tried to pick up the hammer to pry nails from the barrel top, but couldn't put it in the inventory, so that, when I picked up the barrel, the hammer wouldn't disappear. Also, I must have gone blind, because I couldn't find a single butterfly in the cave; were supposed to be 8. I'm going to take the game off and try something else.

An awful thought just hit me; what if I'm HOG challenged?!
 posted in Escape the Lost Kingdom on May 12, 10 10:23 AM
I'm playing for my 3rd me, now, and am back to that beastly 3rd stone! Please, someone help me? I'm going bonkers!!
 posted in Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None on Jan 11, 10 10:15 AM
This guy is making me feel itchy; he keeps brushing the dandruff/lice? off his shoulder, scratching his tummy and just generally doesn't seem clean. The game is really disappointing; can you speed up the time? I know, whine, whine, whine; I'd like some cheese with that whine, please ;-)
My ten-year-old granddaughter came up last night and has already passed my 12 hours in less than 4; durn smart kids! ;-) Hopefully the eight-year-old won't take it upon herself to best her sister.
I found everything but the vial; what is the hose for? Can't get it to come down off the hanger
The UV light showed a sample on the leg of the girl, as well as the bow and the fact that she had been strangled. However, once the Q-tip was used to secure the fample, the body has the lights around it, but no more clues. What am I doing wrong?
my eyesight is failing, but I have actually, through these games,found that my macular degeneration is actually better! I guess, when we exercise a weak part of the body, it helps it get stronger. Doc doesn't know why this is happening, just that it is; hooray!
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Nov 28, 09 1:06 PM
I can't remember where I got the bug spray, last time; I'm on my second round of the game and all the T-day food has made my brain very sluggish!
 posted in Murder, She Wrote on Nov 14, 09 10:37 AM
I'm sooooo glad you wrote; I'm at the same place, for the second time. First time, I got the plunger together, but it wouldn't do anything; 2nd time, it won't go together and I noticed that the commands had 'plunger handle,' plunger base,' and 'plunger.' I used to program and sometimes, if you duplicate a command word, it will cause a glitch. I'm going to try it a third time, just in case it's me, which it could very well be. Let me know how it goes for you.
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