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 posted in Reflections of Life: Equilibrium Collector's Edition on Apr 29, 16 10:07 AM
Apparently I've found a way to end the game without actually finishing the game. Quite by accident, I was trying to solve the power chess game you have to play when you enter the magic shop in Actualus and talk to the shop owner.

Just for fun, I decided to use the map to transport out. Apparently that is not a good idea as I can now no longer enter the magic shop nor can I teleport in using the map.

So basically, I'm locked out of the magic shop and as such cannot finish the game but have, in essence, ended the game.

Using the hint button doesn't do anything either as it just sends you back and forth between the Actualus Gateway area and the Actualus Street area.

I'm guessing there's no way to fix this except for deleting my profile and starting all over again from the beginning.

Still, an interesting bug.

 posted in Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch on Sep 6, 09 10:56 AM
Hello, I'm stuck in the Ship's Office in Stage Five. I opened the treasure chest with the last of the three keys you get from the Card Game and out pops the secret item, the telescope.

I used it on the hole in the middle of the desk which is suppose to open the exit.

Only it didn't open the exit and the telescope has disappeared and the hint button all it does is say all items have been gathered and Samantha keeps saying use a tool to exit.

I have no tools left and the exit hasn't opened. Anyone know what to do besides restart the whole game from scratch?

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