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 posted in League of Light: Dark Omens Collector's Edition on Jul 21, 13 3:24 AM
The game is playing fine and dl'd quickly. BUT.... there's no sound at all - not even a squeak! I don't play with the sound usually, but it's strange that it's not there to have the choice!
Got to 57% quickly then
I'll try it again in a week or so once the initial rush to try/buy it has passed!
 posted in 9: The Dark Side Of Notre Dame on Mar 10, 13 5:34 AM
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 posted in Unfinished Tales: Illicit Love Collector's Edition on Jan 25, 13 4:43 AM
I'm still playing this game weeks after I bought it! It's gorgeous to look at (especially the Hedgehog - so cute!) and has lots of areas to investigate.
BUT - there's so much walking backwards and forwards sometimes that I forget where I've seen things and where stuff still needs to be done. I'm using the hint button A LOT.
I won't complain about the length of the game though - it's really good value

 posted in Break the Curse: The Crimson Gems on Jan 12, 13 5:37 AM
I seem to have hit a dead end in the game;

I've got no items left in my inventory. I've got crystals waiting on the floor in one room for a third item to be turned into gold that I can't find.

I've got as far as the fairground and the only hint the game keeps giving me is that 'there's some interesting items up on Houdini's stage'. The problem is that I've banished two of the spectres but the Gorgon/dragon is left and I have nothing to use to get rid of it and the hint isn't helping!

Anyone know what I've missed or need to do to go on, please? I feel I've revisited everywhere but no other puzzles are ready to be completed.

 posted in Christmas Stories: Nutcracker Collector's Edition on Dec 12, 12 10:01 AM
I tried hard, I really did - I bought this game to play over Christmas and I managed to resist its pretty pictures, bright colours and totally excellent theme/story for a whole 4 days....................and then I just had to 'try a little bit'!

That 'little bit' has become almost an hour - it's like nipping the corner off a present and then ripping the paper off completely before Xmas day!

Be warned - it's cute, it's pretty and it simply cannot be left alone - I must now go and hang my head in shame at having absolutely no willpower.
 posted in Botanica: Into the Unknown on Dec 11, 12 12:05 PM
Apparently I played this for 3.5hrs - it certainly didn't feel that long and I'm still not sure what I actually achieved!
I feel as though I arrived in this strange world, visited a village, freed my boyfriend and went through a portal and that was it
The artwork was pretty nice, the collectible bugs were tricky to find and some of the tasks were intriguing but I can't help feeling that I must have missed something - very odd and not very fulfilling. Shame.
 posted in Margrave: The Blacksmith's Daughter Collector's Edition on Sep 16, 12 12:54 AM
I've just played 18 minutes and this is definitely a 'buy' for me. I think the graphics are gorgeous, the voice overs okay and the puzzles so far have been interesting but not too hard for my old brain cells!

It's just a pity that I've only got 1 game credit and no cash left until Friday - guess I'll have to wait to purchase
 posted in Final Cut: Death on the Silver Screen on Jun 25, 12 1:19 PM
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Game wouldn't activate after DL. When I went to try again, I got 'trial expired' message - no chance for me to try the game now.
Didn't get a chance to try the game - it dl'd and then wouldn't activate. When I went to try again, I got 'trial expired' message.
Really not happy - was looking forward to trying this one
 posted in Natural Threat: Ominous Shores on Apr 8, 12 8:33 AM
Just to add my brief opinion of this's great!
The graphics are gorgeous, the gameplay interesting and the puzzles challenging but not impossible (well, I did skip a couple but that's coz I'm impatient! )
It must have taken me at least 4 if not 5 hours to finish - I feel I got my money's worth.
You do use a lot of shoe leather tho' - much to-ing and fro-ing, but this wasn't a spoiler to the game.

I'd give this game 4.5 out of 5.
 posted in Nightfall Mysteries: Black Heart Collector's Edition on Feb 6, 12 8:30 AM
I found the graphics in this game to be too blurry for me. The colour tones were dark, in keeping with the theme but the paintwork felt 'smudged' and I found it difficult to look at the screen after a short while.
Because of this, I could only play for about 10 minutes before deleting it. Pity, it might be a really good game
 posted in Awakening: The Goblin Kingdom on Oct 3, 11 1:04 PM
I like the game a lot but I bought it yesterday with a precious credit and have just seen that I'm already about to start the last chapter!!
This makes this game (for me) short, short, short. I'm not a fast player, but Oh my goodness, I have to say I feel just a bit cheated - I'm sure the previous one in the series was longer.
 posted in Redemption Cemetery: Children's Plight on Sep 9, 11 2:50 AM
*snore* *snore*

65% and....................still..............................going....................

Hope it finishes before I start drawing my pension (in 20 years time)!
I'm just curious as to why the description of the game doesn't mention any extras that have been in the CE editions (wallpapers, bonus gameplay etc) up to this point?
Are we seeing the beginning of ALL games being deemed to be CEs - and therefore more expensive - with no discernible 'extras' to warrant an increased price?
Just call me dubious (or is that cynical?)!!!!

I'll come back later to try it - slow d/l doesn't cheer me early in the morning.
 posted in Written Legends: Nightmare at Sea on Aug 18, 11 3:26 AM

Well, I was merrily playing the game and had just started the search for the 3rd scroll when I read something on the forum that stopped me in my tracks...........the glass that has only 'scored' will NEVER break for me to get the pearl due to a glitch!
I was really enjoying the game and felt it was challenging, using plenty of shoe leather and little grey cells but now if I want to finish it, I've got to start all over again with a new profile & remember to get the pearl before the other item in that scene.

Please be aware of this as you could end up in the same position.

 posted in Unsolved Mystery Club ®: Ancient Astronauts ® on Aug 14, 11 3:35 AM
The game eventually d/l'd (fairly quickly too ) So far *fingers firmly crossed* the game has also played with no hitches and I'm really enjoying it.
I bought another game today and had no issues, so wonder if it's an intermittent problem with the GM?
 posted in Unsolved Mystery Club ®: Ancient Astronauts ® on Aug 13, 11 2:14 AM
Mart1n0940 wrote:
lucyloket wrote:The game won't d/l more than 11%. When I stop it and try to exit the gm, the system says 'not responding'.
Might try again later - then again, might not bother

I had exactly the same problem. Stopped dead at 29.1MB - deleted the game and tried to d/l again but the game would not appear as a download again after 3 tries. The only way I could get it to work was to uninstall and reinstall the G/M which then worked OK

Thanks for the suggestion. I did that and got to 14% twice before it froze. I cannot be bothered to try any more.

BFG - please sort out this new GM and the d/l issues a lot of people are having. I never had this problem before myself - could this be why there's so few reviews for games just lately???
 posted in Unsolved Mystery Club ®: Ancient Astronauts ® on Aug 13, 11 1:24 AM
The game won't d/l more than 11%. When I stop it and try to exit the gm, the system says 'not responding'.
Might try again later - then again, might not bother
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