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 posted in Hypnosis on Jul 12, 13 7:53 AM
Can anyone tell me how to defeat the computer guy when you hypnotise him the second time? I'm at the part where I have a big bomb, and bombs are falling above me. I have no idea what to do!


 posted in Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort on Oct 8, 11 2:52 PM
I have just started this game and continued to play from Florida 9: Oak Hill, and the part of the screen where the map is is black, the top and bottom bars are there but unresponsive, and the timer starts on 24 mins. I have to force quit to get out.
 posted in Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort on Oct 6, 11 10:10 AM
I spent ages struggling and restarting this one - finally got it, although not on expert

The trick is to keep on upgrading your garage and get as many buses as possible. They don't necessarily need upgrading until your population grows, but the more buses the better!
 posted in The Chronicles of Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet on Oct 5, 11 6:54 AM
First off all, did anyone else jump at the end of the very first intro scene? Quiet music...than WHAM! hehe!

Anyway the game itself - I had huge hopes as it looked so lovely, but part way through the second intro scene I just found my mind and attention wandering. Great they got some English actors to play the characters (apart from the little girl...what was going on there!) but the voice acting was very flat and lifeless. Sounds like they hired voice over narrators instead of vocal actors.

Then, after the THIRD scene we finally get into the game. As mentioned by other fishies before, I go so frustrated with finding things that I can't use yet. The whole game, although LOOKED beautiful, was too tedious, drawn out and clunky.

I played for 9 minutes in total. 8min was probably taken up with those bloomin' cut scenes!

 posted in Age of Enigma: The Secret of the Sixth Ghost on Aug 26, 11 5:55 PM
Access violation error when I was moving from the two picture puzzles in the aztec temple
 posted in A Vampire Romance: Paris Stories on Aug 14, 11 2:07 PM
It's got to a point where as soon as I enter the main menu when it loads, and it does that weird moving thing when the mouse moves and I realise with horror it's a HdO, I come straight out and uninstall.

I have given HdO a fair chance in the past - absolutely cannot stand their terrible games anymore!!!
 posted in Silent Evil: Kate's Rescue on Jul 22, 11 5:32 PM
I lasted up to the first game with the little 'tetris' like pieces. Ugh, I found this whole game tedious and as soon as I noticed there was no 'skip', I was out!
Ah great, thanks!
First was the Edgar Allan Poe conspiracy, then this one is labelled as 3 but I can't find 2!
 posted in Soul Journey on Mar 1, 11 1:34 AM
I've just finished the trial hour and I must say I was really starting to get into it! It's a little bit slow to start off with - no tutorial or help - but once you get the hang of things it's really good fun.

The English isn't top notch - however to me it began starting to sound a bit poetical! It was quite nice how the character was describing the new sensations in each body

I'm still not entirely sure if I'll buy it, simply because I got quite far in an hour and don't want to waste a credit if I've nearly finished it anyway. Will wait until I see a walkthrough or something before deciding.

All in all - definitely worth a try, but try and get past the first 'body' so you can get a true sense of it.
 posted in Busy Bea's Halftime Hustle on Feb 10, 11 5:50 PM
I wasn't sure if I was going to like this game as I'm not particularly interested in sport, however once I started and realised it's from the Megaplex Magness people (which I adored!) I soon got into it!

Overall a great game, but there's a couple of things that have been a bit irritating...

1) The voice acting is abysimal. Really. They sound like amateur voice artist (and I should know...coz I am one!) If they ARE amateurs, then I applaud you giving them a chance to be in a game...however it really was quite awful. And judging by the recording quality, they recorded it themselves on their home machines and sent you the voice files? The game is generally of a high standard (particularly the music), so this was a huge let down.

2) A small thing - when people drop their rubbish behind the food stalls etc, it's really difficult to click on it.

Altogether...8 out of 10
 posted in Project Rescue Africa on Jan 16, 11 6:04 PM
I couldn't enter my name at the start either - my keyboard is UK English
 posted in Family Feud: Battle of the Sexes on Aug 20, 10 9:19 PM
This game is almost the same as the one currently available on facebook, the only difference more or less being that they've only included 'relationship' questions.

I'm finding it as frustrating as the one on facebook. If you word an answer slightly the wrong way you get a miss. Also, the questions are very 'americanised' to that particular culture, so can be hard to work out what answers to put (I'm British)

A miss for me.
 posted in Special Enquiry Detail: The Hand that Feeds on Jun 7, 10 3:23 AM
This game was OK - the storyline had a few twists but I had more or less guessed who the murderer was from the start.

One major irritation was the female lead! Ugh...she really grated on my nerves! Horrible attitude, especially when she dealt with Mai Lee!
 posted in The Heritage on May 24, 10 6:11 AM
thiagoviol wrote:The player is indeed the granddaughter. Her mother, secretly, left her to be raised with her family, and told her husband that their child had died. Several years later, the man is tormented by visions of his daughter as an adult, and getting married (from this union the player is born). Such visions are, in fact, the reality, shown to him by the spirits of the woods, that ends up adding to his growing dementia. By uncovering this and the other secrets, the spirits grants the player the gift of reunion with her baby as a reward, by becoming one of them. The player accepts, but left behind her own tale, in the form of a locket, found many years later by someone.

As for no one suspecting his wives dying (or the gardener), the solitude of the place and the wilderness near the manor provided enough cover.

The grand daughter?? When was a grand daughter born??

I thought the baby that the first wife hid before killing herself was the madmans daughter too, not his grand daughter.

And what are the three spirits at the end saying to us? Why is the grand daughter joining them? And what is her connection with the second & third wife?

Why are the butterflies there? What is their purpose?

 posted in The Heritage on May 23, 10 10:47 AM
I just played this and am completely dumbfounded. I thought I knew what was happening but...seems not!

If someone could give me some idea that would be great!
 posted in Lilly and Sasha: Curse of the Immortals on May 17, 10 4:28 PM
Brilliant! Thanks from me too, Daniel!

Loving this game BTW - I can't turn it off!!
 posted in Youda Safari on May 14, 10 8:32 PM
Maybe it's just me, but found it all a little confusing.

It was fun to play though, until the bugs kicked in!

Game asked me to click on the hot air balloon after it had long gone, and couldn't get any further

'Lost' a level despite hitting all targets etc

'Menu' button not working at the map screen, so had to force quit!
 posted in Deadly Sin on Apr 27, 10 4:41 PM
I must say that I've played the hour demo, and I've found this game really interesting and fun. I'm seriously considering parting with a credit to get this so I can carry on!

Yes it's 'old school', but I think it adds to the charm of it alot :-)

Two thumbs up from me definately!
 posted in BugBits on Apr 25, 10 1:14 AM
Oh it loaded fine the second time I tried
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