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 posted in Secret City: London Calling Collector's Edition on Apr 28, 18 8:24 AM
I know everyone is sad over the forums being taken away from us. I rely on these forums as you do for reviews, hints and help. Its the same old story of a few ruining it for the many. But this is the last collectors edition we will have the chance to review and I feel it needs to be since I dont know if anyone will have the heart to. As i understand it we have two more days...i dont think today is the last day. Anyway, on to the game. Ive played about thirty minutes..the storyline itself is different and rather entire underground world underneath the city of London where dwarfs and two other species have lived together in basic tolerance with each other have now formed a stronger alliance with each other against the evil that is threatening them and their world. There is alot of use of the blue and purple colors..the characters are more cartoonish than realistic looking. There is a very good map that shows clearly where to go and where collectibles are left to be found. However, even with the map there is a lot of going to and fro collecting quite a bit of inventory to then go back and forth to different locations to use. After awhile you can feel the tedium setting in. It engages you in a way you want to get moving forward to see what happens, but it just feels draggy. Im on the fence about getting this and more than likely I'll wait for the SE. Fishies its been real...Ive had some lovely chats with some of you and I will miss this. Ive been a BF member for well over ten years and while Im not a big poster will miss the people, and being able to see the reviews and comments. Try this demo for yourself and as always Happy Gaming!
 posted in Moonsouls: Echoes of the Past Collector's Edition on Mar 30, 18 9:13 AM
Good Friday Fishes!
Well we kept asking for something different, and MadHead was the one to listen. Ive always loved this dev, and am so excited about this new series! Despite any negative comments...not every game is for everyone and I respect that..I found this game refreshing compared to what is normally offered. Its different in many ways...the storyline and the way its presented is unique and fun, beautiful graphics, beautiful futuristic scenes...i love the way it takes you from older times to the future and back again. Most of the hidden object scenes are well done although I will say a few of them were of the cluttered variety which Im not a fan of, but the majority were creative. One of the main things I like is the choice of a 1 second hint recharge and puzzle skip. This is how it should be. You paid money and own this game and I feel you should have a choice of how long you wait for a hint if you need one. Of course if you like a longer wait you have that choice also. Remember some of the old games, before they had the custom option..some of them you were forced to wait up to 2 min or more for a hint to recharge, and felt like you were being penalized just because you needed help lol. Please try the demo for yourself...something different is always a nice surprise. Wishing everyone many blessings and Happy Easter
 posted in The Legacy: Forgotten Gates Collector's Edition on Mar 19, 17 5:57 PM
Just finished this game and while I commented before when I stopped the demo to buy just felt an update was in order. This was a very beautiful, well thought out game that kept me engaged the whole time. The graphics were some of the best Ive seen...just gorgeous. Now, I will say this....this is not what you would call a fast paced, high action game which is why some of the reviews are using the word boring....and the only other issue I had is Im not a fan of silhouette-style HOPs, but that was easily tolerated with all the positive aspects of this game. I found it challenging at times, but mostly relaxing and very pleasurable to will certainly go on my list to play again at some point, and sadly its not a very long list. If you havent tried the demo please do...if its not for you thats always our choice. Much love and light to all and Happy gaming!
 posted in The Legacy: Forgotten Gates Collector's Edition on Mar 11, 17 7:08 AM
Hi fishies Just stopped the demo and bought this beautiful game! Kudos to the developers...very well are great...the story pulls you in and engages far Ive come across a couple of HOP which are fun and interactive. Love the map which is also far there are morphing objects, a collectable and 10 coins to be found, and the map tells you when you've found them. The coins actually go into your inventory. Give the demo a try and with the discount code offered well worth this lovely Saturday gift! Happy gaming and a blessed weekend to all
 posted in Shrouded Tales: The Shadow Menace Collector's Edition on Jan 21, 17 1:11 PM
Im just curious as to why theres hardly anyone reviewing these days or barely commenting. A couple of weeks ago I got nostalgic and started playing one of the Drawn games. I looked at the forum and there were literally hundreds of reviews, comments etc... I looked at another type of game forum and it was the you're lucky it a really great game gets 10 reviews... its just odd to just wondering what happened to everyone??
 posted in Surface: Virtual Detective Collector's Edition on Nov 26, 16 1:26 AM
Good morning all and I hope everyone is well
Well into the demo and Ive got to say our pachaderm friends have risen to the task! Im really enjoying this compelling, very well done game. As always some will certainly disagree, but I think its a great offering for a nice weekend of gaming after the rush of Thanksgiving The storyline is interesting as you delve into the world of virtual reality as a new detective tasked along with a very cute partner to help find a mutual friend who has gone missing in the VR world. The story so far is engaging and pulls you in. There is of course some evil forces in play and there are some spooky elements, but so far nothing over the top. Graphics are beautiful, crisp and you have all the bells and whistles far you collect morphing objects so far and no cutesy helper...although you are given some guidance by a little girl..also lost. I will leave a more detailed review to someone else after more game play...just wanted to pop in and say I think its going to be a great game and will be a buy for me. Give the demo a chance, and as always happy, happy gaming!
One of the best games Ive had the pleasure to play! The graphics and music are beautiful. This storyline pulls you in and keeps you engaged. There is a lot to see and do...the HOP are unique and fun and interactive. This is a high quality production with definate replay value and is completely CE worthy. The demo really doesnt do it justice. Once you get into the game itself you are taken from one world to the next on your quest. I dont find this game spooky or dark at all..of course you are helping free people from their nightmares, but it is done more as a suspense...nothing gory or really scary. Fantastic job developers!
Not sure if you've figured it out yet...find the different blocks in the scene and place them on the train..then click on them...if nothing happens when you click on them then a block is missing. Hope this helps
 posted in Invasion 2: Doomed on Jun 6, 16 1:47 PM
Ive got to say was skeptical at first...seemed a little dated...but game play is fun..the graphics are doesnt have a custom setting we are used to but the hint and skip are very fast at 10 seconds. It does have a map with jump to it. A little more back and forth talking than I like but not too intrusive. Certainly not CE material, but still a very fun, engaging game and for most with a credit or coupon will be free. Happy gaming!
 posted in Spirits of Mystery: Family Lies on Apr 22, 16 7:38 PM
Just dl this game so havent played yet. My question is where are all the reviewers ???? The review forum used to be so lively..and had actual reviews that were intelligent with enough info to help you make an informed decision. Theres literally nothing here meaning it must be so bad its not even worth any kind of opinion..or BF is losing alot of members....I dont know its just sad
 posted in The Far Kingdoms: Sacred Grove Solitaire on Dec 29, 15 2:42 AM
Hello Fishies...I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas, and a beyond blessed 2016 Let me start by saying Im a Hidden Object/Adventure girl, but I do at times like a good solitaire game. As even big fans of solitaire know...just as in other genres..some can leave you a little underwhelmed. I got this game...demo unseen by using a free coupon that was about to expire and let me say this game does not let you down!! Its elves and magic and crystals to collect to help them rebuild their city which has been destroyed by an earthquake. After playing and collecting so many crystals you are able to restore one building or area. Its fun and engaging with lots of puzzle games and missions to accomplish that give you even more rewards. Some of the non solitaire puzzles are skippable. The colors and graphics are great, but what I really loved is the music. Its uplifting and appropiate, and moves up and down in crescendo depending on where you are in the game or how close you are to your goal. Give the demo a try...even if you dont have a coupon its well worth the price IMHO. Happy Gaming!
Yay!!! Finally an interesting, CE worthy game...of course this is only my humble opinion lol...some may not like it as with any game. The graphics are beautiful, the storyline good...lots to see and do...just about anything you click on is interactive in some way. Im only about 30 min into the demo but its very solid and makes me want more! All the usual bells and whistles we've come to expect....unlike Thursday offering which as we all know wasnt even a new offering....but I digress...try the demo and as always happy gaming!!!!
Ok Im in the barn and suddenly realized my map is gone and my bag of all the supplies is gone from my inventory. Has anyone else had this happen...I guess if I were done with the bag that would explain that, but Ive never had the map disappear.
Good morning fishies
First off I need to apologize...this has been a crazy, weird week for me...My car is in the shop with a blown head gasket, and apparently is a very bad case of it to the tune of 1600 and a week to fix..which its been a little over that...anyway my point is somehow I missed the Ravenhearst offering...can someone tell me what day that it came out? Ive also picked up a couple of double shifts to try and offset the car expense...Im an RN at a skilled nursing /rehab center, and double shifts at sixty arent quite as easy when you're 30 lol..anyway my brains a little on the fried side. Just forgive me and forget I said anything...its only a game...and I certainly didnt mean to cause more stress than we all already live everyday. I wish everyone much love and light, and a very nice remainder of your weekend
Very Very disappointing!! another TM game trying to pull off as a CE? BF are you out of Hidden Objects? You have all week for TM, Match 3 etc....which are fine if thats what you like. Please dont get me wrong I have nothing against TM..Ive played it and other genres before, but Thursday and Saturday have been our days for HO just two days a week for hopefully high quality HO that could qualify as a CE...I cant believe none of the developers came out with something for Halloween! Ive been with BF for almost ten years. Please reassure me this is just someones poor decision this week and not a trend!! *steps off soapbox* sigh.... Happy Halloween everyone...
Good Thursday morning fishies
I can already tell this will be the type of game you either love or hate. I for one am enjoying it very much. Typical storyline of detective tracking down a missing husband in a mining town where apparently something has gone terribly wrong. The graphics are beautiful and do have a cute panda helper but he is very unintrusive and when he can be of use he just does his chore and quietly returns to his dont even have to click on him. You have 2 crystals to find in each scene as an achievement...I love crystals so this appealed to me...some are easy some you have to really look for...a little menu tells you how many in the scene there far as I said 2..and lets you know when you have found them. The game is totally customized which I think we have become so spoiled at this point any developer worth their salt will include this. One of my major pet peeves in a game was having to wait a ridiculous amount of time for a hint to recharge, or to skip a puzzle. I try not to use it that often, but I feel like if I paid for the game 10 sec is quite long enough to wait, lol pref less. This game comes with a nice map that of course lets you transport and also marks areas that are complete. The few HOS I have come across are fairly easy with some highly interactive. I havent been playing that long so not sure of the variety. Some of you will feel this game is too straight forward and easy which it is at times, but it pulls you in somehow and throws some surprises at you when you least expect it. Its a buy for me..but as always here in the pond..just throw your line out and see what you think. Happy Gaming to all
 posted in Shiver: The Lily's Requiem Collector's Edition on Feb 4, 15 5:52 PM
Hi fishies!
Im really enjoying this game but am stuck on the painting for the lobster. Ive painted the whole thing with the proper colors but it acts like its not finished. I click on hint and it just points to a paint color which is one Ive used. My painting looks exactly like the original. Any help greatly appreciated
 posted in Frankenstein: Master of Death on Jan 27, 15 12:10 AM
How do you get the gas burner needed to open the fire grate? On the map I have three areas with something to do and I cant do anything in them right now....lost here...did figure out you have to use the sleeping pills on the ham for the tiger,,,I put the fire out at the lake but need a steering wheel for the plane and a heart for the robot...none of those are im the areas i have left to do right now.....heeeeelllpppppp!!!!!!
 posted in Vampire Legends: The Untold Story of Elizabeth Bathory on Jan 3, 15 11:21 AM
Is there a hint button for this or am I just missing it? I have the little house in the lower right corner but thats not it
Where is the hint button and map button on this game? I have niether
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