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 posted in Jane Angel: Templar Mystery on Dec 10, 09 7:40 AM
Really didn't like this one. BAAAAAADDDD grammar and spelling, and as others have stated, things aren't what they are actually named. A rake was a broom, a biscuit was a slice of cake, etc. Plus, they seem to have the exact same graphics in almost every scene. You'll be very familiar with flowers, butterflies, and masks very quickly. I only played the hour demo, and made it almost to the end of the 3rd chapter - waaaay too easy. A few nice twists as others have mentioned, such as putting together photos and then finding objects from 3 overlapping frames, but not worth the horrible grammar, pidgen English, and ease of play. Save your money.
 posted in Drawn: The Painted Tower ™ on Sep 9, 09 7:50 AM
Am having the same issue on a brand-new, souped up HP server, so this is NOT just an outdated drivers issue - it's something flawed within the game. Will try the suggestion of recreating another player, but am ticked that after purchasing the game without demo I'll be losing the time already put into this.

carlvon wrote:
cookeemama wrote:After putting the heart in Iris's image and opening the door, I clicked on the walkway and it broke. Which I figured it was supposed to. However, I can't get out of the scene. There are no arrows showing up anywhere. I assume it should be a down arrow as there really is no where else to go in that scene. Getting across isn't an option right now.

I closed the game and re-opened it, but I'm still stuck at the walkway. The walkthrough said to click down 4 times but that doesn't work either.

Help Please
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