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 posted in Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Curse of Wolfhill on May 1, 16 8:57 PM
the best solution is: delete the game don't buy it.
 posted in Final Cut: Fade to Black Collector's Edition on Mar 17, 16 4:51 PM
that is good news to me as i am tired of getting out the magnifying glass to find the hidden objects that are mere shadows in their games any more. they have gone way down hill since the beginning in my opinion. and they take you back and forth to find something useless until later in the game to just prolong it. i've decided to give them a chance but my final decision is always to not buy their games. boycotting is the best way to get the message across. i was guilty of buying the puppet games as i owned a lot of them and then started being sorry as they also declined in their quality of previous actions. i still like most ers games though. but i now play the demo's both standard and C.E. to make up my mind about the game. i work hard for my money and don't want to waste it any longer.
 posted in Sea of Lies: Beneath the Surface on Mar 16, 16 11:14 AM
is anyone else tired of the stupidity of these games? you leave the fort wall where the pirate ship is attacking and go all the way back to the room to get sandpaper to return to the fort wall to light the match on the sandpaper so you can light the cannon against the pirates that are attacking. who would really go look for sandpaper to light a match with pirates shooting cannons at you? or a ship? etc. for this reason as well as the running for miles in other games for stupid items i will not purchase it. they use to be fun and based in some reality of what you would really do in that situation. the game makers need to be aware that making you run back and forth to prolong the game does not work.
 posted in PuppetShow: Lightning Strikes on Nov 1, 14 2:04 PM
octoput - made it just fine getting all 3 eyes in CE but now in demo of SE can't get anything to happen. hit the eyes and nothing, hit skin, it all sounds like i did it ok but nothing is happening as in all the other comments i read under octopus. very frustrating and there is no skip button.
 posted in Off the Record: Linden Shades Collector's Edition on Jun 16, 13 6:59 PM
my cursor will not go on the hint button. it takes me back instead to previous scene. the items to combine are not combining. i place the handle over the screwdriver and it returns to inventory. the same with the ho scene with the flute with no mouth piece . it took several frustrating tries before they connected. to name a few. to me it is not worth continuing. if it doesn't work - fix it.!! don't sell it when it don't work. so now i delete it and find a working pleasent game.
 posted in Empress of the Deep 3: Legacy of the Phoenix on Jun 4, 13 2:00 PM
i was playing at the start of the game. i got two lenses and put them on the telescope and only one appeared and hint said something by the bedroom door. i already got the key to open the doors to get to the telescope. i can find nothing there and nothing in walkthrough for me to get. the next thing is to look through the telescope which can't be done without the 3rd lens. then after the walkthru i went back in and i get black screen and a repetive drumming sound of music. i am just deleting. but wanted you to know about this. i had to shut my computer down by the tower to get out of it. alt./delete did nothing.
 posted in The Veil of Mystery: Seven Little Gnomes on May 27, 13 2:53 AM
i found a morphing object and then my cursor disappeared and i thought i heard a grandfather clock going off and it was part of the game. then i realized it was the game crashing. i was behind the door of the numbers and fish game. i clicked on the vase on the nightstand and my cursor disappeared and the morphing box came out and then my cursor was gone. then it was released but all it would do was be visible on the vase. as i moved it around the screen it disappeared. i had to hit alt delete several times to get it out of there. it's a cute game. i thought about buying it but now i don't know.
 posted in Shiver: Moonlit Grove Collector's Edition on May 5, 13 3:38 PM
my tile is already ion the box and when you spin the wheel the tile (4th one in) goes over to the left. then spinning the wheel. does not happen. so i only have one tile. which goes to the left and returns when i pull the lever. it woon't go any further. so this is the point where i "SIMPLY DELETE" the horribley made game. too many problems for me when you read it happened in the beta and still is not fixed.
 posted in Northmark: Hour of the Wolf on Apr 24, 13 4:54 PM
this game started out just fine. i was reading and selecting and got to the tower and then went to the shop then went to the arena. in choosing cards and enimies in the arena, my screen flashed, and went back to game mgr. i could hear the music from the game but had game mgr. it then said across game mgr. oopps. another game is running. i finally got that to go away and dedcreased size of game mgr. and there was another oopps another game is running behind it. trying to delete this one also took a few minutes as it also froze up and would do nothing.
my best option is: delete it and play other games without problems. i still have 55 minutes left of it. delete any way.i came to play ot have/solve problems/glitches.
 posted in The Secret of the Nautilus on Mar 31, 13 6:40 PM
i can not get out of the first room after entering thru the bottom portal. nothing is working. it gives me the gear and that is it. so i am uninstalling and you can deal with this old game according to the reviews.
 posted in Chicken Invaders 2: Christmas Edition on Dec 26, 12 12:23 PM
this is not a good game. other chicken invaders are 2000 percent better.!!!
this one does not let you change the control movement of the pointer and there fore it moves to fast for accurate control. the items for getting points fall fast to the bottom where the space ship can not go to collect them. you get a gift to get a new weapon but have no idea what weapon you will get. there are few power ups for weapon destruction in this game. and you can not continue the game as in the others. when you lose your lives you are done, game over. i would not accept this game if given free.!!
 posted in Dark Mysteries: The Soul Keeper Collector's Edition on Dec 12, 12 11:25 AM
i am also getting freezing but mine is trying to exit/enter scenes. you hear the walking away but nothing happens. about 15 seconds later it moves into the scene and freezes again. i spent 4 minutes trying to walk into the opening scene of the ticket office. and then menu would not come up when clicked on and alt/delete did not come up and work either. i also have daily updates and the latest largest game card available.
 posted in Strike Solitaire on Nov 27, 12 10:11 PM
my game started off with music skipping and freezing but game played ok. then about 5 minutes into the game it just flashed and said i won the round and came to the next game of placed cards. about 10 minutes into the game it just froze completely and i had to turn the tower off to gain control. i don't need this game and won't waste time on those that don't play when released.
 posted in Hidden Mysteries®: Gates of Graceland® on Nov 25, 12 5:55 PM
This is the 2nd gamne from this company down loaded this month that flashes badly like a dying neon sign. i uninstalled and reinstalled several times and am through with playing with this game. it is after all just a game. someone needs to address this with the company not me.
 posted in Lost Secrets™: November 1963 on Nov 22, 12 3:02 PM
when i went to play it it is flashing off and on three to five times on each opening segment. 3 flashes of BFG and then two following in black screen. then the next name flashes 3 times and then followed by 2 black screens. this is about to set off a seizure. so i turned my head away and saw more flashes going on as i then hit alt delete. i am uninstalling this game.
 posted in The Gift on Nov 21, 12 10:00 AM
This is a no buy for me. i am old enough to know what to click on and what not to click on. i have a cursor telling me every move to make. there is now way to turn this off. i was told to click on the sparkles and then to pick up the razor and then to cut the sewn part of the teddy bear etc. NO NO NO!!!!! not for me. i deleted this at 53 minutes of demo play left.
 posted in Mayan Prophecies: Ship of Spirits Collector's Edition on Oct 25, 12 3:12 PM
according to the guide i have missed the first 3 because they were not there when i played the hos. any one else having this problem? i got # 4 , saw it plain as day but they were not in the other scenes where they should have been. so if it is only an acheivement, other then the game not working properly, i guess it is no big deal.
i am more offended that this is a collectors edition and you can't access the strategy guide until you purchase the game. it could be crap or helpful. no buy for me.
 posted in Marie Antoinette and the Disciples of Loki on Jun 12, 12 3:28 PM
i am getting missing openal dll 32 error and game will not open. have un and reinstalled. just delete, don't need crap.
 posted in Eastville Chronicles: The Drama Queen Murder on Jun 12, 12 3:20 PM
the game is so large i have to move it around by the cursor to find the small window button which closes it down but allows it to continue running. it is more then full page. won't close down unless i click on yes i am sure. strange i can grab on and move it around on my screen. also can't stay signed in to website AGAIN!!!!!
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