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 posted in Behind the Reflection on May 11, 12 12:29 PM
I found it, when you turn off the lights the puzzel shows up on the window.
 posted in Behind the Reflection on May 10, 12 9:31 PM
I am stuck I can't figure out the color that each tile on the rug is suppose to be by the door in the house. Can some one help me?
Where is the walk thur?
 posted in Mystery Seekers: The Secret of the Haunted Mansion on Mar 16, 11 5:56 PM
mycatluna wrote:I had high hopes for this game but 40 minutes into the demo and I am disappointed. There are some good qualities: Achievements are included in the game and there are extra items to keep an eye out for: gems and letters that explain more about the haunted house. I also like the ability to move around freely and the interactive qualities as well as being able to shoot or bomb ghosts; however, the game just doesn't hold my interest. The graphics are so-so; granted I have a wide-screen so they may look stretched on my monitor.

Another gripe is that you do not get to choose the volume for the music or sound effects. Under 'options', you can either turn them off completely or listen at a pre-set volume. I like being able to set my own volume for both music and sound effects.

Also, the story lacks any significant depth. I found myself getting bored rather quickly. It's not necessarily that it is another haunted house theme: just a haunted house story that lacks imagination.

Some may like this game, and perhaps it gets better later on, but 40 minutes into the demo I just couldn't keep playing any longer.

In short, this game could have been so much more if a little more imagination had gone into developing it. I did not look at who the developer is, but if it is one new to game development, they did a good job for their first game. If it is a developer that has produced more than just this game in the past, my suggestion would be to really take into account the reviews that are to follow and utilize that advice going forward. I have a feeling that quite a few fish in the pond will not be all that pleased with this one.

Oh-and fishies-if you do buy the game and play it all the way through, please let me know, whether here or through PM whether or not the game improves the longer you play. After 40 minutes without much improvement though, I won't hold my breath.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Feb 5, 11 3:01 PM
I finally made it thur the end of the game 25hours, exhasting!!!!
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Feb 5, 11 10:21 AM
Where are the admission papers to find out how to solve the skulls puzzle on the right door of the cottage inside? Delores
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Feb 5, 11 10:19 AM
Where is the admission papers, needed to solve the skulls on the puzzle in the cottage? Delores
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Feb 4, 11 7:19 PM
I have been trying to get the telephone all lite up but it is driving me crazy. I get the top of the board to light up but where to go from there? Delores
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Feb 4, 11 4:14 PM
Where do you pick up the old coin for the telescope in the cavern. Delores
I am having frustrating problems with unscrewing the screws on the plaque at the piano and using the shovel at the site where the medal detector is spotting to where the coins are. I have gone thur the operator at live chat and she gave me some instructions that I followed her name is Jenny. The change of name or profile won't let me change the profile. I get all the way to chapter 12 but these problems have taken the enjoyment out of the game.

I am playing the game but when I get to the piano the side panel there are 4 screws to remove so you can get to the inside of the piano but 3 of the screws came off but the 4th screw won't come off with the screwdriver no matter what you do, what should I do?

Trying to get more stamps of map from the piano. The side of the piano has a space were a screwdriver can be used to open the piano to see the inside of the piano but the screw driver does not work. What can be done? I need all the map pieces to get all of the skulls.

 posted in Victorian Mysteries: Woman in White on Oct 6, 10 9:32 AM
MargieB wrote:
While playing the game, when taking a break from the game, why does the game not save your place in the game when you return to the game, most games save the place where you left off?

Good Morning Fishies

The walkthrough for Victorian Mysteries: Woman in White is posted on the Big Fish Games Blog and can be found here:

Just copy and paste the link above into your address bar.

Good Luck!

 posted in Home Sweet Home 2: Kitchens and Baths on Sep 13, 09 8:50 PM
I realy like the home sweet home games 2 and 3 because the workers preform much better. When are you comming out with more Home sweet home games?

Happy player
Delores Harris
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