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I think you might mean level 20. It took me several tries to get the gold. Build and upgrade 3 cabins as quickly as possible. Then build 2 tents (no upgrades). Keep making supplies until you get 1000 in surplus then demolish it and build an ice cream stand. As soon as you get $4000, build a greenhouse. Put gardens on all campsites and put flowers in between two campsites at the top. Demolish greenhouse. Build 1 more ice cream stand. Hope this helps.
My blanket also disappeared from my inventory, and I cannot go any further in the game without it. This is very frustrating as I have already invested over 3 hours in this game. I don't want to restart this game from the beginning, and am somewhat annoyed that I plunked down the extra money for this collectors edition. Please fix this with a patch.
Haven't played the full version yet, but beta tested it a few months ago and really liked what I saw then. Judging from the reviews so far, this is another CE that I'm not gonna be able to resist. Looks like I'll be spending the weekend in London.
 posted in Mystery Trackers: The Void Collector's Edition on Oct 18, 10 3:21 PM
Let me first say that the first PC Game I played was RTR and the second was Madame Fate. Boy, was I spoiled early! I thought that all of the games that I would later play would be of the same calibre. This one came close and I enjoyed playing it. The graphics were well done, the length of the game was good, and the mini-games (though not brain-straining) were enjoyable. That being said, I encountered a couple of the same glitches that others have. I figured out after the second profile change that if you didn't complete certain tasks in a certain order, you're likely to hit a snag.
That can be really aggravating after making the decision to fork out the extra money for a CE. I think we hoggers are just so hungry for new games that the developers are rushing them a bit. But all in all, I'm not sorry I spent the money on it. Much more enjoyable than what's in the movie theaters lately.
 posted in Mystery Trackers: The Void Collector's Edition on Oct 15, 10 10:33 AM
Ran into the same glitch at the "greedy drawer". Started over again with a new profile. Once I got to that part of the game, I did everything I could before opening the drawers. I think you have to find the things to complete the blowtorch and get inside the train before opening the drawers. Once I did that, the greedy drawer gave up the goods. Hope this helps. BTW - it is a glitch that they need to correct.
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