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 posted in Halloween Stories: Invitation Collector's Edition on Oct 12, 17 7:31 AM
I love this game! So much that I bought it before the demo was over!
 posted in Crossroad Mysteries: The Broken Deal on Sep 27, 17 6:26 AM
This game, in my opinion, was bad. I didn't even finish the demo. There was so many things I didn't like about it. No buy for me, not even as a free game. I hope others enjoy this more than I did.

Also, what's the point of giving us two options if one doesn't work and we are forced to do the other one?
 posted in Grim Facade: A Deadly Dowry Collector's Edition on Sep 27, 17 5:59 AM
I just bought this game after playing the demo and I enjoyed it. Like others I didn't care for the collecting memories mini games, but I didn't mind the dialogue selection. I kind of like those. Now let's just hope the rest of the game doesn't disappoint.
 posted in Phantasmat: Insidious Dreams Collector's Edition on Sep 22, 17 4:26 AM
This ended up being one of my favorite games! However I wish I waited for the SE because the bonus chapter was disappointing and a bit confusing - confusing as of why it was the bonus chapter and not something better.
It started out well, but then we get to the mechanical bird "helper". I liked very few of these "helpers". I was disheartened but I was just like, well, ok. I'll go with it. Then a short while later I clicked on the kiwi (who I just named Kiwi because I couldn't be bothered to think of a name) to see him and found out that he needed to be modified. Umm, no, I don't like the helper enough to keep modifying them.
 posted in Big City Adventure: Rome on May 1, 17 7:01 AM
I have been waiting for BCA to go to Italy! I adore Italy and everything Italian! I had a feeling it would be Rome!
 posted in Mystery Case Files: The Black Veil Collector's Edition on Apr 13, 17 6:07 PM
I've said it before I'll say it again, it's just not MCF unless it's developed by BFG. I haven't liked a single one since the last BFG developed one, but I keep trying hoping that I'll be surprised one day.

How I miss being so excited for Thanksgiving because I knew an awesome new MCF game would be out.

This game is just like the other later games, boring and doesn't hold my interest
 posted in Harrowed Halls: Lakeview Lane Collector's Edition on Jan 6, 17 7:24 AM
I'm going to be in the minority but I liked this game. There were a few roll eyes moments for me, but all in all, I enjoyed it a lot.
So I have problems with Return to Ravenhearst and Dire Grove as well. Just lovely. I also can't get it to play
 posted in Cursed on Jan 3, 17 2:16 PM
I'm enjoying this game. I like the old school feel to it, and I like the creepiness of it. The voice acting is pretty bad, but the game, I think, is decent.
 posted in Cursed on Jan 3, 17 2:14 PM
That puzzle took me ages to do. In the end I just clicked on the buttons until it let me in.
 posted in Haunted Legends: Faulty Creatures on Jan 3, 17 7:10 AM
I think I played the entire game with 13 minutes left in my trial but I can't help feel I am missing something because that can't seriously be the end of the game.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Broken Hour Collector's Edition on Dec 24, 16 5:32 AM
So another MCF game disappoints. There hasn't been a good MCF game in years, since BFG was the developer. I keep trying them in hopes that one surprises me, but so far..nothing
 posted in Home Sweet Home on Jun 30, 16 8:43 AM
I'm also another who bought this game because the trial was fun but ended up getting frustrated and deleting the game. The frustration started with the toolbox but the final straw was the first aid. They kept just running around and while I was yelling at them and trying to catch them the work they already started was disappearing and I had to start over.
I played the rest of the demo and I am enjoying it. However I do want to say that no developer can develop MCF like BFG. As much as I am enjoying this installment, the series isn't the same anymore.
I have been unimpressed with MCF games after the series was handed off to new developers. MCF used to be my all-time favorite games, and I eagerly looked forward to each new game every Thanksgiving and would buy CE sight unseen. But I felt that the new developers couldn't get the MCF feel and I found the previous two installments boring and unimpressive. (Don't get me started on Sacred Grove)

I was reluctant to try Key to Ravenhearst. But I noticed it was from another new developer so I thought maybe I will give it a try. I played all but half hour of the demo and had just entered Ravenhearst Manor, and while the feel of MCF is still not quite there the new developer is doing it better than the previous. I am enjoying this game. I am pleasantly surprised. I will be purchasing this but I am unsure as to whether I will purchase the CE or wait for the SE.
 posted in Hidden Object: Home Makeover on Oct 13, 15 8:44 AM
Playing on a PC with Windows 8, having issues with the Match 3 games. I cannot move any of the pieces. I skipped the first one but I hated losing that money. Same problem with the second one.

I've installed, restarted my computer and reinstalled the game. Still have the issue.
 posted in Hidden Object: Home Makeover on Oct 13, 15 8:11 AM
Not a fan of this game. I found it dull. It also seemed familiar, like I played it before - but it wasn't a Beta - I haven't done that in years.
Just like last years MCF I found this not the same as previous ones. Elephant is a great developer, but they do not make MCF like BFG. I think I am done with MCF and that makes me sad.
 posted in Megaplex Madness: Summer Blockbuster on Aug 30, 14 8:28 AM
I had recently sent Gold Sun an email asking them about it but they never replied
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