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 posted in Delicious: Emily's Home Sweet Home Collector's Edition on Oct 28, 15 10:51 AM
I have tried over and over again I cannot get the tips 1260 of them I can get the 3 stars any help please Also level 19 I'm stuck on that as well
 posted in Delicious: Emily's Wonder Wedding on Apr 14, 15 11:53 AM
Help please I cant catch the dog because I have 2 of them which one do I catch?
 posted in Delicious: Emily's Wonder Wedding on Mar 15, 15 10:13 AM
Im new to the Emily games I bought the wedding one and straight away Im stuck on the 15 mice one while trying to get an expert score its driving me crazy I cant get above 900 nowhere near enough for the least target score What am I doing wrong?? Also do I have to do the mice bit or just play the ordinary game and leave 15 mice out
 posted in Delicious: Emily's New Beginning on Mar 1, 15 3:08 AM
Hi I cannot get this game to work at all no problem installing it but then cant play it
 posted in Virtual Families 2 on Apr 22, 14 4:49 AM
my people are low on health and energy and keep getting sick I cant raise the money high enough to see a doc ive lost 2 already.Would like to change furniture round as I put an adult bed in kids room now Im stuck with it cant move the toys off the floor kids wont play with them.How do I sell items when I want to buy a better item like a sofa?Feeling very frustrated already
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Feb 26, 11 7:24 AM
Please can you send me the walkthrough this game is driving me mad my villagers keep dying of starvation
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