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 posted in Jet Set Go on Apr 22, 11 11:28 AM
Great game! I've been playing the last few hours and still haven't quit but decided to come back to post a review. There is a LOT of variety in this game - even when you reach the second tier and think it's the same, it's not, there's new challenges thrown in.

Love the variety in vacation areas! This game is similar to Sally's Salon & Club Paradise mixed together. I reached 5 star agency for Montreal and am now playing the London agency. Hard to put this game down once you start playing. Level of challenge is just right.

 posted in Bistro Boulevard on Apr 20, 11 7:50 AM
This is one fun game. Very original and addictive. It's a little bit like Restaurant Empire but much simpler. I'd call it more of a strategy game than TM. At the beginning of each restaurant you will open, you hire & develop both chefs and waiters, plan (and discover/unlock) menu items and have to design the floor layout and design. Then when it's time to go "live", it's up to you to make the most of your seating arrangements and choices to fulfill the goals. It may not sound like much but trust me, once you start playing, you will NOT want to quit when the demo time is up. In fact, I couldn't even wait for this game to hit one of the portals (where I have credits accumulated) so ended up paying full price from the developer. Was well worth it and a nice surprise to something I thought I'd just have a quick look at. Lots of fun and can be kinda challenging (though not too hard) to figure out the recipes (you have to guess the ingredients for real dishes). Really enjoyable and it is fun even just to watch your restaurant run. Highly recommended.

 posted in Garden Dash on Mar 16, 11 9:31 PM
Beta'd this one quite a while back and never really cared for it.

Maybe it's just me but I'm getting sick of seeing Flo & friends in *every* game by Playfirst anymore. Sell a game based on its merits, rather than its characters.

I also remember not exactly being enthralled by the gameplay. I did not find the game flowed all that well, to me it seemed clunky and awkward, hard to get a real groove going.

Not a bad game, just not one I'm likely to play again.
 posted in Aztec Tribe: New Land on Mar 16, 11 6:34 PM
Decent game that is reminiscent of Royal Envoy style of play - except that this one takes place on an island and doesn't have the finesse to truly compete with that title.

The first thing you will notice when playing is that there really is no tutorial. This is unfortunate because I suspect people who would like this game might give up on it before truly giving it a chance. If you stick with it and try to experiment for about 5 minutes, you'll eventually start to catch on and by the 3rd level or so, you'll pretty much know what you're doing.

There are ostrich style birds that go by that you must whack and they produce food. Once you have enough food, you can send a worker to a building. You must acquire enough food to repair the building and then you can set to work operating it. You are given goals to fulfill each level and there are 3 star levels you can be awarded, bronze, silver or gold. The game itself features casual or expert level. You are timed in the sense that it will tell you how long you took at the end of the level; however, I did not notice any timer counting down against you. It appears it just keeps track so you can try to beat your own time.

This is a decently entertaining game. Would definitely have benefited from a tutorial but is still worth demoing and giving it a shot.
 posted in Farm Mania: Hot Vacation on Mar 14, 11 7:13 AM
Yay! Been waiting quite a while for this game to release at BFG.

Really enjoyed this game - there's lots to do! You are raising animals (sheep, ostriches, geese, prawns) and growing all sorts of fruits and vegetables. Special orders come in that you can fill alongside your regular goals, plus there are predators you must scare away (parrots, coyotes, lemurs) or they will eat your crops. Lots of fun and a good challenge for TM fans.

A definite buy for me -
 posted in The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising on Mar 5, 11 7:40 PM
bella81762 wrote:lisa, the new version fixes the count of your goals

Thanks, Bella! I just tried it tonight but come to think of it, I downloaded the demo yesterday. I was thinking I already had the latest version.

Now if I can just figure out where my saved game is so when I reinstall I can copy it back in and not lose all my progress.
 posted in The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising on Mar 5, 11 5:55 PM
Lots of fun, but why not?... it's following the established winning gameplay of Royal Envoy almost to a tee. The differences are small - the thieves for example, or the theme, but this game is still a lot of fun to play. The Egyptian theme lends a totally different feel to the game and the graphics are cute - sort of Disney-esque during the cutscenes, story is humorous. You're doing many of the same tasks as in R.E. except this time you're building homes with ankhs and quarries, hiring Egyptians, etc. The gameplay challenge in this game is good - they don't overly walk you through, they assume you have a brain and are keeping up and figuring some stuff out on your own, which is refreshing. This is one of those open strategy type games where as levels increase, you will have to figure out the best method for getting it done. I've been playing with the timer and not had any issues. The two things that would improve this game are 1. that full screen actually fits (I never have problems with games fitting properly but the top is partially cut off in this one; however, windowed mode plays perfectly). and 2. it would be nice if the game kept track of how many remaining homes (or whatever) toward your goal you still needed, so you wouldn't have to keep manually counting them. I would rate this game 4.5 stars, a definite buy.
 posted in Gourmania 2: Great Expectations on Mar 3, 11 10:32 PM
Never really got very far on this game since each and everytime I would spend a good deal of time fixing up the outside of the restaurant, the game would stop responding and/or crash completely.

From the little bit of gameplay I did play, this is nothing like the first Gourmania, was not entertaining in the least, was frequently annoying, and has many bugs. Extremely unstable game and very early on too - how did this get past beta testing?

Ironic that the name is Gourmania 2: GREAT EXPECTATIONS

Great Expectations? Yes.

Failed to meet them? Yes
 posted in Ice Cream Craze: Natural Hero on Mar 3, 11 9:47 PM
Cute game but after playing 25 minutes, and fighting Dr. Bane, I ran into a bug where my character would not move and/or deliver ice cream to the customer. Although the game was enjoyable, I just wasn't into it enough to retry it and quit the game.

The game is cute, you are given goals to meet and the freshness of your fruit factors into your market share. You have the choice to buy fresh fruit to serve, earn cash for free or learn a skill that will help you with your customers. The gameplay itself is pretty simple but I'm sure this game will get frantic enough with time. As customers come in, you must serve them the proper combinations of ice cream treats, and sometimes you have added challenges such as finding hidden fruits on the screen while you're serving people. I would rate this game at a 3.5 for originality in gameplay.

P.S. I also find it highly rude that people constantly feel the need to moan and complain every time something other than an IHOG adventure is released when they are a nearly everyday occurrence here.

 posted in Cake Shop 3 on Feb 28, 11 7:32 PM
Thanks for a great review, SnowNSew - very informative. At first I was not very interested, but thinking I may give this one a try.
 posted in Dark Parables: The Exiled Prince Collector's Edition on Feb 27, 11 8:29 PM
If this game is as good as Briar Rose, it will be a pleasure to play.

Anxiously awaiting the standard edition.
 posted in Gotcha: Celebrity Secrets on Feb 27, 11 8:24 PM
Fun and unique game, well worth the money~
 posted in Soap Opera Dash on Feb 24, 11 10:49 PM
It's a pretty good game with a LOT to do, and lots of bonus-type features. There's a couple of fundamental things about this game that bug me though - the main one being that once your people are modified in appearance, it is VERY hard to track them to know who is wanted on stage at the moment or even who the fans want to see. Also, there is extra busy work such as moving Hal the camera man into place or repeatedly adding the props that make things a little over the top. However, I do enjoy the variety of tasks you perform and I do think it is cool in theory that the appearances change as you send people through wardrobe, makeup, etc. It's a challenging game but is hard to really get a frantic feel just by virtue of mixture of dragging & clicking involved. I think more one-step clicking would have made this game much more fast paced. Also, small things like the clicking the "done" button at the bottom of the window (which is slightly out of range when you're moving quickly) disturbs the flow of the game. I beta'd this game and see they really didn't take just about any valid constructive criticism into consideration before releasing. It's a shame because this game really comes close to being awesome but instead falls back to just "a good game". Still, a lot of originality, bonus challenges and extra features make it worth trying and playing.
 posted in Shop-N-Spree: Family Fortune on Feb 23, 11 8:57 PM
Love this game and have been waiting (im)patiently for the sequel. Bought it the second it appeared on the site!

Same premise as last time around although this one has a little more difficulty (some areas of the stores are less organized) and complexity - there are color match requests to be made this time, many more detailed items in each store as opposed to just certain stores or higher levels in the original. You can unlock new types of stores or replay the same ones again. There are lots of fun mini games you can play to earn stores (used toward unlocking new types). Lots of new types of stores (Halloween toys, for example).

You can also play in timed or untimed mode. There are hints you can search for within each store, some special tasks such as items that require assembly, special types of patrons (that want every color of certain items in the store, for example). Really fun and unique game. I wouldn't call it a hidden object game necessarily but certainly has strong hidden object elements to it. Guess it depends on whether you choose the timer or not. 4.5 stars
 posted in Cave Quest on Feb 20, 11 6:45 AM
This is a nice game but I'm going to be the party pooper here and say I didn't really care for it. There is definitely a lot going on and the puzzles do become increasingly difficult but I never felt like I had to even pay full attention or really even try much to clear anything. Not sure if this is because I am so used to playing much harder games (such as Heroes of Kalevala where the "gloom" is continually growing as you're trying to clear it - in this game, it doesn't even increase, which makes it super easy to get rid of - or Around the World in 80 Days (my fave!) where you must really plot out advanced moves in order to make any progress or complete the puzzles).

This game is reminiscent of Finding Doggy and 4 Elements (to some extent). I didn't care at all for Finding Doggy, and 4 Elements, while a beautifully crafted game, I don't find particularly challenging either.

I do think this is a good game for people who enjoy the adventure aspect (I don't really care much for adventure games either) and want a mildly challenging match 3 game but I really just found myself somewhat bored rather than having to plot strategic moves (as I had hoped). I would still rate this game at 3.5 stars as it's definitely better than many run of the mill match 3's out there.
 posted in Fishdom H2O: Hidden Odyssey ™ on Feb 19, 11 7:40 PM
Really nice game that wasn't what I expected - I thought this was another match 3. Actually, you do hidden object scenes in order to earn money to build your themed (Hawaiian, pirate, wild west) aquariums. The graphics and animations are beautifully done. High quality game that was much more fun than I expected.

There is a timed OR untimed mode that you can choose. I did timed mode and found it was challenging enough to keep me interested but not frustrating. As you progress and unlock more tanks to decorate, the cost of fish, comfort & beauty items increases. Also, the hidden object scenes (which tend to repeat but with items in different places) become increasingly harder as well. You can earn free hints through finding a reasonably easy seahorse which is hidden in each level.

I also liked how the fish react to the mouse - some fish will bolt, some are unbothered, others are inquisitive. All in all, this is a peaceful, mindless game, good for a nice relaxing but fun evening. Enjoyed it quite a bit.
 posted in Catwalk Countdown on Feb 19, 11 6:17 AM
I haven't experienced any technical issues at all either.
 posted in Catwalk Countdown on Feb 19, 11 6:14 AM
What a cute game!

First off, this is not a time management game in the true tradition of the genre. There is no speed element to it. However, it is managing your character's time and traits in the same sense that you do in the game Life Quest or My Life Story. Meaning that you are managing your character's well being, making sure she has enough inspiration, sleep, food, etc. It is like a life simulation adventure. Various people you meet will also give you tasks to complete (such as finding items around town, meeting at various venues for events, designing outfits, etc).

The game starts out very similar to the movie The Devil Wears Prada, and has some additional references from the movie, but then quickly changes in that your character is a budding designer trying to make it in the world of fashion on her own. After about 10 minutes or so as you get used to the controls, the game starts becoming addicting. Game is well designed and is a lot of fun to play. Definitely going to add this game to my collection. I would rate this game 4 stars.

P.S. I did not experience ANY technical issues with the game at all.
 posted in Treasure Seekers: The Time Has Come on Feb 19, 11 4:47 AM
I'm just glad that they release another game as a soft release on that same day.

As someone that is not very interested in HOG adventures as a rule, the CE and the SE make TWO TGT's I've got to sit and wait patiently through. Now multiply this by every game that releases as both each month.

The soft releases provide another shot at something to be excited about for me. I think Bella is right though, the assumption is that people only care about these style of games so they get the top spot twice for each set of CE/SE's that release.
 posted in Farmscapes on Feb 17, 11 10:55 PM
Zolea wrote: I thought it was adorable, but won't buy at regular price due to the long loading pauses (and I am on a 6meg DSL).

DSL speed only affects stuff you download/upload from the Internet. The long loading pauses you are referring to (between levels) aren't using Internet, they are the game loading the graphics and animations. This uses RAM, video RAM, and CPU speed (but mostly video RAM).
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