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 posted in Voyage on Oct 21, 09 3:11 AM
alfoil wrote:hope someone can help me. how do i get the air and water to flow for the organ. i have opened both of them but keep getting" the pressure is too low". what am i doing wrong? all help appreciated.

Make sure the water valves are both turned in the right direction. These ponds are mirrorred images of each other so valve is turned to the right and the other turned to the left. They should be pointing away from the control panels at the pond. If the control panel is active then you have the valve in the wrong direction.
 posted in Voyage on Oct 21, 09 2:57 AM
francoslady wrote:how do you solve the problem on the panel in the hall with the exploding mushrooms. i get how their math works with the dots and lines and u only carry over 20's but i don't know if i'm supposed to add , subtract , divide etc anyone HELP!!!!

You add the number on the panel to the room number. The room number is marked on the floor below the panel. At least that's what I remember doing.
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alfoil wrote:before you hit the button for the rockets you can get rid of the bodies, assorted bits and pieces from the cupboard if they are not in inventory, either way put as much as you can after the bodies. you can' t throw out the wrong things because you will be stopped from doing so. don't forget to open the top cover in the shell. hope this helps.

It has been awhile since I played this game but it is also important that the side window covers are removed. I believe that most of the items you throw out can be recovered in the colored gardens once you reach the moon.
 posted in Destination: Treasure Island on Oct 21, 09 2:39 AM
Thanks for adding new things to try out.

After the snake falls on LJS, head for the treasure room.
Pepita will beg you to save her father, but you can choose to leave them behind.
When she pleads with you to stay and you agree, you can then head for the treasure again and this time Jim's dialogue is even nastier.

Also did you:
Keep the cannonball all the way until the end
Mend Morgan's wounded leg
Have LJS draw a picture on the slate board
Hammer the code in Skull rock w/o lighting a fire or fixing the sculpture

They show the lottery numbers from "Lost" twice. Once underwater and again on the open lid of the treasure chest in the finale. I tried to hammer those block numbers but there are only 24 blocks so I couldn't hit #42, not that that would have done anything.

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When monkeys steal stuff from your inventory you see a monkey hand in your inventory. To stop them from taking things just follow the monkey hand and click the item it grabs. When Slugger steals from you he will try to take five things and stop. Leonard will only steal one thing. You can prevent Slugger from taking anything but you have to let Leonard steal something. I once tried to see how many times Leonard would try to steal something before giving up. I went through 75 items before I finally gave up and let him take something.
 posted in Return to Mysterious Island 2: Mina's Fate on Oct 21, 09 2:03 AM
Go to the Workshop where Amber is and click on the water trough to clean off Jep.
 posted in Return to Mysterious Island 2: Mina's Fate on Oct 20, 09 3:12 PM
halfadime7 wrote:From what I've read, so far, there was once an original "Mysterious Island" game, followed by a "Return to Mysterious Island (1)" and now "Return to Mysterious Island 2: Mina's Fate". Does anyone know where to find the first two games?

I'm not sure if there is a "Mysterious Island" game but "Return #1" is available right here from Big Fish.
 posted in Destination: Treasure Island on Oct 20, 09 3:02 PM
After finishing the game, I have been exploring different ways to fail.
The walkthrough mentioned that if you don't have the sextant and watch you land on the island in the wrong place.
Here are things I tried:
If you do have the sextant and watch but take them apart first you land in the wrong place.
You can get salt water from the shore at the magnetic rock.
You can blow yourself up with the cannon.
Yellow Dog will kill you if you scare him without fixing the trap.
You can ditch LJS and Pepita and run off with the treasure.
These add scenes to the Gallery.
Has anyone else found something interesting?
 posted in Return to Mysterious Island 2: Mina's Fate on Oct 20, 09 1:08 AM
Make sure you remove the circuits you used in the laser beam. You need them to fix the robot.
 posted in Return to Mysterious Island 2: Mina's Fate on Oct 18, 09 9:36 PM
suzienz wrote:I can't get Leonard to be my friend either. I've fed him, given him paint - although only red and green, and tried playing to him. I think I've played right cos he whistled back to me and my ocarina disappeared. I've groomed him. I don't know what to do.
I think I might have missed the step with Slugger and Amber. I'll see how I go there. Monkeys! Arrggghhhh!

Leonard is going to want to finish his paintings so you need to give him the white and blue paints to do that. You can also play the ocarina twice for Leonard.
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boorman wrote:I have tried to scare the monkey into giving me back the pipe for the still but the snake skin is not working. I cannot try what you suggest about throwing the paint on him but I cant make it since I cant distill the alcohol to make it. Any other suggestions?

I am stumped

Slugger is frightened by the green paint can. I don't think it matters if you made green paint yet, but if it does green paint is made by combining the green paint can with the gasoline.
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popolas wrote:need help to finish the beach puzzle the one whit the dry tablets

You need to arrange the tiles so that the lines drawn on each of the inner tiles match the lines drawn on the tiles placed along the top and the lefthand side.
 posted in Destination: Treasure Island on Oct 16, 09 3:55 AM
boweda wrote:would just like to say this was a really good game hardly had to use the walk through, mind you the last chapter had all my grey cells working over time, can anyone recommend another large file game for me to try have already done both mina games which again i enjoyed , I m off work sick at the moment so these games are keeping me sane.........

If you liked Mysterious Island then try "Voyage" which is referenced in MI2 if you watched all of Nemos memories.
 posted in Destination: Treasure Island on Oct 16, 09 3:48 AM
tink11513 wrote:Only stumbling part was with the last puzzle. Phew, now it's done.

Enjoyed it.

But which ending did you choose????
 posted in Destination: Treasure Island on Oct 16, 09 3:45 AM
Having previously played Mysterious Island 1 & 2 and Voyage, I was looking forward to another adventure from Kheops. The game does seem to be shorter than the others (finished it within a few hours) but that may be because I am use to the style of these games. I like the consistency that they follow. The Mayan number system is the same from the moonmen in Voyage. I miss the point system because that encouraged me to replay for higher scores. It would be nice if there were rewards for better progress because there are a few things more to do than are mentioned in the walkthrough. I also enjoyed the alternate ending. This was an enjoyable game and now I can practice how to tie all of those knots!
 posted in Return to Mysterious Island on Oct 11, 09 7:42 PM
Boiling Water + Glycerin = Candle Wax
Candle Wax + Wick = Candle
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andrews1 wrote:Are you sure you're not talking about slugger because with Leonard, once you give him all the colors of paint, feed him, groom him and play the ocarina for him, he will be your friend. Slugger is impossible to move away from Amber. You need to make sure that Ambers bar is green but you need to scare slugger of with the snake slough. Make sure you get her green before moving on because slugger reappears and it is impossible to scare him off the second time.

Slugger can also be frightened away with the green paint can
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The charcoal is just lying on the ground out in the open in the forest region.
If you still cant find it, send me a message and I will tell you where it is.
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You can solve this quicker by watching the text at the top right of the screen. It will say "0 of 11 correct". When you put the correct cone on a pipe it will say "1 of 11 correct" Continue until you have all "11 of 11 correct" and then push the button to hear the alien language.
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nickle3 wrote:can someone please!!! tell me how to get in the water, every time i click on the gears it tells me my stick isnt long enough,i cant find a shallow area at all,the only place the gears show is at the 2 blue flowers

You are in the wrong place. You can't cross the water at that area. After you solve the Robot puzzle a new area will open up. A volcano bomb will land next to the tree with the scarecrow (where the hornet nest was). You can now travel north towards the forest but you have to cross the river. There are also 2 blue fruits here, this may be causing the confusion. (from the area you are at now, turn around, go forward, then go left, that should take you to the river)
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