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 posted in Jojo's Fashion Show on Oct 13, 08 3:05 PM
It's a great game I've completed it with 5 stars and all signature looks about 5 times. Now I'm working on my second round of #2 (yes, I broke down and bought it somewhere else. I just had so much fun with the first one!)
 posted in Fashionista on Sep 29, 08 7:51 AM
The only way to earn more is to continue doing covers. Get them as close to the newsletter as possible and once I got past all of the buying objectives on the first level then I stopped buying clothes for a while to build up my money. Once you get over 200k you get the new building and positions to open. Once you get those filled the next objective is the third building and the 3rd set of employees. and you just have to plug along and only buy when you can't fill the requirements for the cover.
 posted in Fashionista on Sep 29, 08 7:45 AM
Just got to the 3rd building , it's at $500, 000. So far it's been fun. I have gotten all of the clothes on the trips, but I don't think that the amount of clothes you have count toward your objectives anymore.
 posted in Jojo's Fashion Show on Sep 22, 08 4:08 PM
Got tired of waiting and bought it from another site!
 posted in Jojo's Fashion Show on Sep 18, 08 7:43 AM
It would be nice if someone could give us some info. If you google the game it shows up on game sites I have never heard of! This is crazy, we joined the club because of all the up to date games on the site and the one we want hasn't come yet...I am very disappointed.

Please let us know why,

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