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The Mac version? Felix?...
 posted in Hallowed Legends: Samhain Collector's Edition on Mar 31, 11 8:01 PM
Itsupikachu wrote:I don't think this one is for me. I played about 20 minutes and the farther I got the more uncomfortable I became. It's full of evil spirits, etc., but why am I not surprised? Such a shame because the game ran well on my computer and the graphics are supurb. However, because of the evil content and the fact that's a CE, it's a no buy for me. ( I wouldn't buy the SE, either, though, because of the content).
 posted in Hallowed Legends: Samhain Collector's Edition on Mar 31, 11 7:54 PM
Hello Fellow Fishies!
I'm finding "Elephant Games" to be the new "Star" in the "Felix galaxy!"
"The Void" which got a game of the year award, {2010} got me started.
Very well thought out story line, beautiful graphics, achievement levels, {who doesn't like "hearing" how well you're doing?}
The sounds are, for lack of a better term, delicious.
Not just about Hidden Object, it is an adventure!
Mystery Case Files spoiled the heck out of all of us, in that, we want all games to be like this!
Well, "The Void" and "Hallowed Legends" come closer than, than, !
Check these out, and I'll be anxious to hear what you think!
Own the 1st Empress, really enjoyed.
Tried this, and like the 1st one, very pretty....if you own the 1st one, you will not be let down with this 2nd edition, But! {there's always one of those!}
This game maker has got me spoiled,
I am so taken with "Elephant Games!!!"
Mystery Trackers, the Void, and now the new, "Hallowed Legends"
The story lines, graphics, top notch, dare I say I enjoy these games every bit as much as Mystery Case Files???!!! hmmm...I'm, crazy good!
I highly recommend you check out these two games.
I'd love to hear if you love them as much as I do!
Happy gaming my fellow fishies!
 posted in Mystery Trackers: The Void on Feb 11, 11 3:40 PM
I finally bought this game w/the game of the year promo.
I understand why this one got an honor!
Good story, funny, unusual characters, and gorgeous graphics.
Don't know why, but sound has a big effect, [at least for me]
I will look forward to any adventure/hidden object I see with the 'Elephant Games"
Hope you fishies enjoy it as much as I do!
suze14 wrote:bought the game without even looking at the demo ..... how sad am i lol

Me too, anything mystery case file, the best!
I'm waiting for it to download...can't wait! sad, sad, sad!!! lol!!
One word of warning, once you've played "Return to Ravenherst" and
"Dire Grove", ALL other hidden object games will pale in comparison!
CAN'T WAIT until the next "Mystery Case File" game comes out!
Worth every penny, Thank you!
 posted in Hidden Expedition ® - Devil's Triangle on Jan 22, 10 5:24 PM
What an awesome fun game!
Great adventure, graphics and story, the only down point? like a good book,
you don't want to stop!
Check out the couple you meet soon after the beginning of the game,
Is it me, or does that girl look JUST like a slightly older Katie Holms? {wife of
Tom Cruise}
 posted in Mystery Masterpiece: The Moonstone on Jan 22, 10 5:06 PM
Sorry I bought this game, although a relatively new "Big Fish" gamer,
I found this one boring, {the music was the only standout}
I highly recommend, "Serpent of Isis", Return to Ravenherst, Museum#2,
Having said that, Big Fish is the best! Great customer service, and you can't beat these prices!
 posted in Mystery Masterpiece: The Moonstone on Jan 22, 10 4:52 PM
bfgFlounder wrote:Here is what our reviewer thought of Mystery Masterpiece: The Moonstone. If you'd like to comment with what you thought of this game, please feel free to post them in this discussion thread.

Be transported to the centuries of the past in Mystery Masterpiece: The Moonstone with beautifully created scenes and calming symphonies while you play. You’re able to explore multiple cluttered rooms of a wondrous mansion, and although you do visit some of the same rooms twice, each room is very detailed so any gamer would still be engaged in the game.

The soothing symphonies playing in the background help to remove you from your every day life and take you back to the time when the game is set. Difficulty is added to the game with hidden items that are shaded to match and blend very well with their surroundings. Although this is an easier game for an advanced player, anyone who is romantic or a dedicated sleuth would deeply enjoy this escape from the ordinary.

Mystery Masterpiece: The Moonstone is a Hidden Object game with interactive elements.

Game Modes:
This game only has a standard, untimed mode and can also be played in windowed or full screen mode.

Mystery Masterpiece: The Moonstone has nine different suspects to interview, each with four different scenes to investigate so an average player would be able to enjoy playing it for many hours.

Similar to:
This game is similar to <a href=>Magic Encyclopedia</a>, <a href=>Magic Encyclopedia: Moon Light</a> and <a href=>Youda Legend: The Curse of the Amsterdam Diamond</a>.

Difficulty level:
Mystery Masterpiece: The Moonstone is an easier game that can challenge a regular player but be made more simple for a beginning gamer with the use of hints.

Reviewed by L.D.
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