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 posted in Fantasy Mosaics 12: Parallel Universes on Jan 21, 16 6:55 PM
I am having problems with the pointer jumping all over the place. I adjusted my mouse speed and it did not help. I can't hold and drag to fill-in multiple squares at a time. This is my favorite type of game and I can't play!
 posted in Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena on Sep 29, 15 12:22 PM
I have tried every tool and none of them work on the blue area. I cannot go back to see if there is anything else in the other market section I might have missed. How do I get that nightstick?
 posted in Royal Riddles on Oct 4, 13 10:04 AM
I agree with all the other posters. I love this type of game but will be uninstalling it and not paying for something that is supposed to be free. It is especially annoying when you aren't aware of what you are getting into. At least with regular BF games you know you get an hour to decide if you want to buy. I also agree that you have way too many HO games.
 posted in Mah Jong Quest III: Balance of Life on Sep 27, 09 5:26 PM
Help! I am stuck on this level--I have lost track of how many different ways I have tried it.
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