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 posted in 7 Wonders of the World on May 12, 12 5:37 AM
i am also having this problem its so madding i have had the game for 12 months have sent email to **** c if they can help
 posted in Azada ™: Ancient Magic on Sep 29, 09 7:37 AM
plz can someone help me to get the eyes on the statue of horus in the timeline its driving me mad
 posted in Azada ™: Ancient Magic on Sep 29, 09 7:05 AM
mrsnomad wrote:
COQ10 wrote:
Roselee79 wrote:
flipking wrote:I cant get all the targets to light up. I can get all but one. any hints?
I can't help, because I am also having lots of trouble, even my husband coldn't solve it. I just wanted you to know others are having difficulty too. I didn't even see a skip puzzle. Did you see that? COQ10

I've just completed the castaway book and have been back to replay it. i noticed that there are 3 different
mirror combinations.
plz can you tell me how to get the eyes onto the statue gant figer it out
 posted in Azada ™: Ancient Magic on Sep 29, 09 6:42 AM
i need help i cant get the eyes to go on the statue can anyone help plz
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