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 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 28, 18 2:50 PM
Just popping in to say to good-bye to BFGs, the forums and the friends I met on here, the ones that aren't over at Pond Friends on Facebook. I very seldom post on here anymore so looks like I'll stay a Salmon. Lol~ met a lot of good people here, so for that, thank you Big Fish. Hope all finds a new home and can find their friends plus meet new ones. Stay strong~ Stay healthy ~ Stay Blessed~

Swimming upstream always ~

 posted in Fishing on May 2, 17 10:27 AM
NANA5LOVE wrote: Well, who ever developed this game sure had their heads in the sand, this could have been a great game but it is like they put it together and never took the time to play it.
There is no way to exit the game besides using alt-del and the game is sooooo slow, and the coins will take forever to collect, and to be able to buy add-on's to help improve the game.
There tons of levels but I doubt anyone will have the patience to get through 1/4 of them.
The fishing line on the boat should have a way to click and bring it back up to the surface when you miss the fish but instead you have to wait for it to go all the way to the bottom of the lake and then slowly come back up to try again.
I made it to level 9 and could not take it anymore, the fish run away from you when you drop the hook and it is almost impossible to catch anything.
This could have been a wonderful game is they have just thought it out a little more or
had made it possible to be able to get more coins but at 30 coins a level and things costing 250 or more it would take forever to move on with the game.
So disappointed.

I did figure out the best way to catch a fish was to go right behind them (with your line), otherwise they will turn around.

I uninstalled and reinstalled this game and it did not start a new game, I'm right where I left off, at level 11... Stranded! This game is a total lost IMO and would like a game credit for it since I cannot get past level 11. *Unless* someone out there knows how to start a new and fresh game?

With you NANA5LOVE... So disappointed.
 posted in Fishing on Apr 19, 17 10:48 AM
darkhalf01 wrote:At first I thought this looked like a kids game, but I gave it a go anyway. Don't be fooled by the first few level 10, the fish were near impossible to catch. I had to go back and play the first few levels again to get enough stars to freeze the fish so I could catch them. The fish get faster as you go, and you get less lures. By level 11 I gave up because I couldn't catch anything.

I gave up on the same level as you did! A waste of a game code for me. I did figure out the best way to catch a fish was to go right behind them otherwise they will turn around.
Unless there is a secret way...I could Not find a way to start fresh in this game and like, georgiarealist, the only way I could exit the game was using the task manager!

I finally uninstalled it and hope I'll be able to "Start a new game" when I reinstall it otherwise this game is a total lost for me!!! The boat is way too slow even when I updated to a faster one. And those bombs? I had to blow a few up and would still catch a boot or can...the main thing I caught was getting ticked off at this game!

If anyone knows how to start a new game, I'd love to know how plus how to exit it without using the task manager.

Thanks for any help~

Okay wanted to come back to say that I reinstalled this game and it did not start a new game, I'm right where I left off, at level 11... even put the game in Window so I could just click the game off instead of going through the task manager, which worked. So now I'm stuck with a game I cannot play...unless someone out there knows a few secrets.

 posted in Rome Defenders: The First Wave on Aug 4, 16 12:39 PM
judy76073 wrote:desperately waiting for new CE - HOPA game tomorrow (Thursday) - getting tired of re-playing older games. nobody out there has new games other than BFG.

I disagree with,''nobody out there has new games other than BFG), wish I could say who...anyway today (the 4th), the new Emily game has come out! Yay!

"Delicious Emily Message in a Bottle" Pretty such it's a P.E. which is basically the same as the C.E.

They use to be the only one who had the 'Delicious Emily Games'...hopefully that tells you which game site it is.

Take care~
 posted in Weather Lord: Legendary Hero! Collector's Edition on Jun 18, 16 11:55 AM
I don't remember but if you go to the Strategy Guide, it will show you where they all are, each one is circled. Just click on 'Menu' and a drop list will show up, click on Strategy Guide from there.

Good luck~
 posted in Weather Lord: Legendary Hero! Collector's Edition on Jun 8, 16 10:58 AM
sore_paw wrote:Can anyone find it?

*Spoiler Alert*

Puzzle piece is on the top left...not at the very top the left of the bridge, which you do not have to cross to get the puzzle. ...hope that helped you sore_paw.

You're quite welcome on the Strategy Guide and I agree this game isn't that difficult to use it...a ...there are a few times I've checked it out but prefer my way of playing vs. their way of playing it. Plus on certain levels, you don't need to clear every single thing.

 posted in Weather Lord: Legendary Hero! Collector's Edition on Jun 2, 16 1:28 PM
Jayce69 wrote:Thanks for the advice. I was really bummed to finish the game and find that you don't put the puzzle together. You just go into an area of extras and see the puzzle put together.

I didn't find them on every other level. I found them once in awhile. They certainly are spread out. If you miss one, in the extras when you click on puzzle they tell you what board it's missing from.

In all honestly, I never noticed the strategy guide. Helpful! I noticed awards are missing, so will consider going and making those up.

Thanks again for the help!

You're quite welcome~ strange you didn't find the puzzle pieces on every other level...did you check the Strategy Guide out for them? Like I said, I didn't get my game from here so didn't have one problem with it. LOL (sorry, couldn't resist that) hehehe

Hope you find the missing puzzle pieces~ Take care~
 posted in Weather Lord: Legendary Hero! Collector's Edition on Jun 1, 16 2:23 PM
CatskillHiker wrote:Bottom of the screen?!

What CatskillHiker said.
 posted in Weather Lord: Legendary Hero! Collector's Edition on Jun 1, 16 2:21 PM
sore_paw wrote:Can anyone find it?

I'd have to play the game to tell you but if you go to the Strategy Guide, all the puzzle pieces are circled and they're only on Even Numbered

Hope this helps~Good luck!
 posted in Weather Lord: Legendary Hero! Collector's Edition on Jun 1, 16 2:09 PM
Jayce69 wrote:On more than half the levels I haven't found a puzzle piece. Wondering if there's a puzzle piece on every level or just some?

There's a puzzle piece on every other 'even' numbered levels, Jayce. Like level 2...4....6....8...etc.

When you're in the game just check out the Strategy Guide, it shows you where they are (there's a circle around them), and their way of playing the game the best. (just click on 'menu' and a drop down list will appear and click on the Strategy Guide from there, but you can only do it while playing the game, not before). If the game has it, it should...I didn't get mine from BF, got it free for just doing a simple survey! Lucky me, I have all the Weather Lord games and this one is my favorite, so much to do and love the graphics! Oh, I meant ''lucky me'' cause I hardly ever win anything! Lol~

Oh and on the, think they're called Bonus Level..each time you enter a new place you should see this block or six (maybe 8), sided where you'll play 3 levels...first one is 1A then 2A and finally 3A, on those the puzzle piece will only be on one out of those 3 levels and you also earn items that can help you to get more food/wood/gold and other items as you play. You play these during the game, meaning you don't have to wait to finish to get to the CE levels.

Hope I helped you and didn't confuse you with those "Sided Bonus Levels"...rereading it kind of sounds a tad like "Huh"? But once you see them in the game I'm sure it won't be confusing at all. If I can be of anymore help, just let me know, okay? Although I'm not on here every day.

Take care and good luck!
 posted in Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love Collector's Edition on Nov 13, 15 9:57 AM
KadysKepr wrote:Error: Access violation at 0x0053DE6A (tried to read from 0x00000000), program terminated. Have deleted and reinstalled gave with no change. Windows 7, no issue playing trial last night but now that I have purchased game it will not play.

KadysKepr, I had the same exact Access Violation as yourself. This is what I did to fix it:

Click on 'Start', then 'Run', type in DXDiag.exe...once it is finished loading click on 'Display' and look for, "DirectX Features"...make sure the "Direct3D Acceleration" is 'Enabled' and maybe the 'DirectDraw Acceleration' too. Afterwards I saved mine on my desktop but that is up to you.

When I first demo'ed this game, it played fine but for some reason (can't remember now), I went and checked my DXDiag and Disabled the two I mentioned above, when I tried to play the game again, it would not play and gave me the exact same Access violation that you got, so I went back and did another DXDiag and Enabled both of the Accelerations and sure enough, the game plays fine now!

Hope it works for you, let me know okay? Good luck!
 posted in Country Tales on Sep 30, 15 3:29 PM
boogienites wrote:Hi Ivan!! Love your previous games and was really excited to see Country Tales. I may be in the minority, but I am having major problems with this game. It is jerky and causes my computer to freeze requiring a restart. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Not saying it is the game, but I don't have this problem with any other TM games including Kingdom Tales So hoping this issue will be resolved because I can't wait to get into this game even more!!! Oh and thank you for your "chatting" with us gamers!

I had to uninstall it, can't play has white boxes are over the game, have 30 something minutes left to play and haven't play a single thing, am hoping after I do a disk cleanup (from uninstalling game in folders too), that it will work/play when I reinstall it.

There's one or two that have almost the same problem as myself, I posted about it in the "Tech Issues" and hope Ivanbral will read those, maybe he'll be able to help us. Sure hope so as I really want this game!
 posted in Country Tales on Sep 30, 15 3:20 PM
skpjazz wrote:I also have the same problems as "pita1234". Also Windows XP.
To elaborate further, this problem is in between the levels. The map is very slow to materialize, and white boxes are where the narrative should be. The other in between scenes also have no narrative (white spaces), although a few scenes are normal, but still slow to materialize. The actual playing of each level seems to be working OK. I was able to play up to level 9 or 10 (can't remember at this point), but I could not go any further, because it didn't check off one of the goals I had completed (build three houses with one star). When I go back to the main menu, part of the screen is blocked off white (if I wait long enough it eventually appears).
I will contact customer service to get a refund unless more people have this problem, and Ivan recognizes this as a fixable problem.

I am not really a time management game person, but I was having fun with this game, and wanted to see where it went. If I happen to be one of the few having problems, I will just except the fact that maybe my operating system can't handle this game.


Same problem here but I didn't even get to play anything whatsoever! I couldn't even get my name in the profile, just a white box. When the 1st level appeared, it had small white boxes in different places on the screen, so I closed it out, uninstalled it and will try to install again as I really want to play this game but only have 30 something minutes left, that's how long it took just to get to the 1st level and that is counting skipping everything I could! The one time I saw the graphics, they were very clear and it looks to be a fun game...hopefully it will work when I reinstall. Going to do a disk cleanup first. *Crosses fingers*.
I also have Windows XP but since it went bye bye, I use Google Chrome. Think I'm going to try this game elsewhere and see how it plays there, I've done this with other games and for some odd reason they'd work there...go figure.

Sure hope the Dev. reads this threads as well as the one he started...maybe it needs a patch? I just want it to play so I can get it here at BF.
 posted in The Inner World on Sep 25, 15 4:14 PM
Thank you bfgBellerophon & tookat for those game suggestions! I will check all three of them out~ and yes I'm really enjoying playing The Inner World, one of the best I've played in quite awhile & hope the developer comes out with more games like this one! I always play the trial version of a game, not only to make sure it is something I'll enjoy but also to make sure the game/graphics, etc. look good, I'm sure you both know what I mean.

tookat, you have my curiously up about Violett, it sounds like something I'd enjoy playing, boring games are not for me and I do like a challenge so for sure will check this one out, but also like Medieval...which one to try first? Lol~

Thanks to both of you for providing the links to the games too~ take care and ya'll have a great week end.
 posted in The Inner World on Sep 23, 15 9:57 AM
tookat wrote:I LOVE this game and wish we could have more like is so clever, humorous and unique.

I so agree with you tookat! This game is so much fun and interesting to the point when I play it...I end up staying up way too late, like in the early morning hours! Lol~

I'd love to know if there are anymore games like this on BF? Other then "City of Fools" that is. If anyone knows, please let us know, either on here or PM me, would love to play them! TIA~

Have a great day/night~
 posted in The Inner World on Sep 21, 15 1:11 PM
I saw where you have to click on the hand to get the thumb to point down, my problem was the game froze up on me...again, so uninstalled/reinstalled and it worked for me! So far I think I've uninstalled/reinstalled this game 7 times! (I saw on the "Tech Issues" thread where someone said there was a patch for this game over at Steam), hope BF gets it and soon too!

Anyways, I'm at the part of the game where Robert has to get the helmet and since it was so late, I stopped there, saved my progress and went to bed. Lol~

Sure hope the game doesn't freeze up on me anymore or BF will get that patch. It's a really fun game and once I start playing it, I really get into it, to the point where I end up staying up way too late!

I wish there were more games on here like this one, anyone know of any, other then "City of Fools" I mean?

Take care & good luck to all~
 posted in The Inner World on Sep 19, 15 1:49 PM
Thanks for the PMs on game suggestions Bartsister~

Just thought I'd let you know, finally got that thumb pointed down and I've reached the part where Robert has to get a helmet but had to call it a night or rather early morning as once I got started playing, I kept on! Lol~ after that last reinstall, the game has ran just fine although I did get a couple of scares, thought it had frozen up on me again, instead it was just really slow in starting to play. Now if that Loading every time you turn around wouldn't take so long I'd be really happy! Lol~

I saw on the Tech. Problems/Issues Thread where someone said on Steam they have a Patch for this game....wonder if BF will get it? And when?

Are there anymore of this type of games on BF? That's what I should of asked or worded it different. The only one I know (& it's not as good as this one, IMO), is "City of Fools".

Thanks again for all your help bartsister~

Take care and hope you and everyone else is having a good week end~

Am off to do a few things

 posted in The Inner World on Sep 19, 15 1:06 PM
Yes, there are several glitches I keep running into. The last one (so far), was trying to turn Conroy's thumb down, on the stage, after uninstalling/reinstalling for either the 6th or 7th time, I finally reached the part where Robert has to get a helmet and had to call it a night or rather early morning as once I got started playing, I kept on! Lol~ after that last reinstall, the game has ran just fine although I did get a couple of scares, thought it had frozen up on me again, instead it was just really slow in starting to play.

Hopefully the rest of this game will continue to run smoothly as I do enjoy playing it, it's quite fun~ even if it seems to run a little slow, especially on the 'loading' between things you do, wish that was faster since there is a lot of Loading to do!

Here's hoping BF gets the patch for it and soon too~

*bluejen*, for stopping (& saving), the game, if you point your mouse/pointer to the top right corner of the game, you'll see a....wrench (think that's what it is & will only show up when you move mouse to that area), click on it and a 'menu' will come up, click on 'save game' and get out that way. The far left is where the question mark is, to get hints for the game, thought I'd toss that in there in case you didn't know.
Take care all~
 posted in The Inner World on Sep 17, 15 9:25 AM
Thanks for the kind words Bartsister~

Oh yeah know all about the dreaded Dr. Felix, been there, done that a few times, on other games (that were in my purchase history but wouldn't install), but that's a different story. Dr. Felix hasn't paid a visit to this game yet. Lol~ am happy to hear that you're a fixer type person, now I know who to call upon when I have trouble as I think I'm going to try some more adventure type games...any suggestions? My favorite games have been TMs and Strategy, since BF doesn't put too many of them out, looks like it's time to try something different and I really enjoy this game...when it works.

I had Win.s XP and when it went bye bye, I installed Google Chrome and really like it.

Time to get something to eat so I can take my blood thinner med., thanks again for trying to help me, hey when I reinstall it at least I have some help from you when/if I can get past the thumbs down!

Take care~
 posted in The Inner World on Sep 16, 15 9:22 AM
Bartsister wrote:Okay, so the glue isn't an issue yet. You need to solve the stage puzzle to get the trap door open. That's a different thing.

I really hope it isn't a true glitch because I don't know what to say to be able to help with that. Just to double check because I know I had a bit of trouble with this, are you sure the 4 scenes are set up correctly for the stage before you try to turn the thumb down? I got all 3 except the blue sun background right and was stuck on that for a bit. There are four backgrounds, two are clearly incorrect, but the other two look a little similar especially with all the figures added in the front. I know I tried going up to the stage thinking I solved it and having nothing work. So I went back to the control panel, flipped the control for the other blue sun background image and then heard the last click and everything worked.

Sorry but it's the only other thing I can think of to try. Good luck! I hope you make it through. I'm almost done and really think this was a sweet game.

First I want to say, "I'm sorry for just getting back to you but have some health problems and this is the 1st time I've been on my PC since Sunday".

As far as the hand, I did everything right cause I heard and saw the word when it made that noise, now I don't remember if I went to the stage or if Robert was still at the control panel when I clicked on the gears to get his hand/thumb to turn down, either way I think once I clicked on the gear, Robert went ahead and walked down to the stage to the thumb and the game froze up...again. I don't remember if I restarted the game (probably did), and did it again, heard and saw the word and noise but that was as far as I got, I went ahead and just uninstalled the game and since I haven't felt that good, have not had a chance to reinstall it yet, hopefully I'll do it when I get back from the doctors tomorrow.

Thank you for replying back to me and for your help. You've been a good person to try to help me. I don't know how long I'll be online today but for sure will be back here tomorrow...if I get my pain med.s that is! Lol~

Take care and have a Blessed day/night~
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