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 posted in Life Quest ™ on Jul 5, 10 5:44 PM
When you get to the movie theater, click on the lower left where it says "Review a Movie". Then click on the movie to review it. In case you lose count of how many movies you have reviewed read the caption under "Review a Movie" when you click - it will tell you how many movies you have reviewed. Be careful, because reviewing a movie takes up more time units than watching.

Good Luck!
 posted in Life Quest ™ on Jul 4, 10 5:11 PM
ragtag1 wrote:Hi does anyone know how you complete the dj challenge? I have completed all the music courses and keep going to the place and dancing but can't figure out how to become a master dj Thanks!!

You have to buy the stereo and then go to City Hall to apply for the DJ job. Then go to dancy pants and hit 'Work'. Good Luck!
 posted in Life Quest ™ on Jul 4, 10 5:06 PM
Hello All!

Has anyone been able to finish the game in less than 56 days? This has been my fastest time. I start off with the car washer job, then car parker and quicly work on the prerequisites to become seamstress. Then I do a few classes at flex and then save up for the fashion design class to become a fashion designer. After this more classes at flex and then start working toward my business degree. Then I get a job as Middle management, get my masters and get jobs as Vice President then CEO. Also I make sure to start dating before I get to Vijay and take plenty of intelligence courses so the other courses don't take so long to finish. Plus taking all practicality courses before starting any renovations. This is the most effective way I have found to finish quickly. Just wondering if anyone has found a better way?

P.S. This is a great game, hope a similar one comes out soon!
 posted in Miriel The Magical Merchant on Mar 31, 10 9:07 PM
Yes, I agree, this is a very cute game and happens to be one of my favorite TM games. The graphics are very good quality and the storyline is fun and mysterious, giving you choices in responses. I did not find the game play as hard as some other TM games which I liked because I do not enjoy going too crazy to get all the levels. I like the fact that you can't restart a level until you've finished all the levels. You don' really need to get expert before going on to the next level like other TM games because the upgrades do not depend on it. I have noticed though that certain recipe choices make playing the game a little harder on certain levels. I played it easily one time and then went back to play again making different recipe choices and wound up getting stuck on a level (for expert) for a while. It is fun to make the products in the oven and the recipes provided were a fun and interesting addition as well. Bravo!
I played the sequel to this game but did not find the graphics as good and it did not seem to play as smoothly (my version) either. I wonder why they changed the setup of the main game, the first one was much better!
 posted in Cake Mania 3 on Oct 25, 09 7:47 AM
Hi everyone! I was having a hard time too towards the last levels and played it over twice before I mnaged to complete all levels with ease: First of all, thanks to the player above who recommended playing the difficult levels first, like Asia and Egypt - that really helped! Also, I saw that I can play the entire game with only one oven and froster, fully upgraded so they're really fast (plus fully upgrading the shoes). This makes things easier, because I didn't have to run from one froster to the other, and get confused with all the different orders. Mastering use of the TV helps, too I didn't even need to buy the cookie maker (until the very end, when all different people show up, including the Chinese guy who 'freezes' the TV to his favorite station). I left the coffee/tea maker for last, too, to boost earnings only when absoluely necessary. So, good luck, hope this helps others, too I was having a tough time till I followed those two basic tips.
P.S. I left the prehistoric level for last because it seemed the easiest and also the froster there is near the oven, so this saves time & makes it easier to pass the levels.
P.S.S. Place the froster nearest the oven wherever you can, this helps too.
 posted in Cooking Dash: DinerTown Studios on Sep 30, 09 7:52 AM
I have passed level 45, but can't seem to get near expert level - the best I get is a score of 14500. Any suggestions? I'm in pretty good shape in terms of upgrades, I chose to upgrade the coffee maker as opposed to hot sauce or jukebox. Also, I have the upgraded ovens but not the last button yet on either.
 posted in Cooking Dash: DinerTown Studios on Sep 30, 09 5:28 AM
OK, Govegril, (& anyone else interested), I went back & saw how I got expert the first time - I was seating everyone strictly according to color (and being careful with the cell phone guy) but what actually got me to expert, and this time to my goal of 10000 was that towards the end there was a remaining grey seat which I hadn't used to seat anybody - I used this to seat the red actress when I had two red customers to seat at the same time. Right after I seated her, two more customers came directly in! I think this was the only way for me to get expert, at least with the method I was using (seating everyone according to color).
 posted in Cooking Dash: DinerTown Studios on Sep 30, 09 4:38 AM
Govegril, I am having trouble on 41 (and 45) as well. I managed to get expert but then went back to try & get 10000 points so I could upgrade Flo's speed quicker in order to be able to (hopefully) get expert on 45. I wasn't able to get expert again right away (gave up for now, since my goal was 10000) but I remember that when I did get it it was because I was enough within the time limit that two more customers came in. So I guess just try to be as quick & efficient as possible. I think Flo moves around very slowly, but this gives more time to plan ahead and chain things. Good luck, hope this helps...
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