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 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Nov 8, 13 3:23 AM
I just got the 5th day and it was still ?? and I got 2 compasses!! :o
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Nov 1, 13 10:54 AM
bfgDeveron wrote:Hello All,

I just wanted to pop in to let you know that we're looking into the daily bonuses and will let you know when we have anymore information about those.

Thanks for the feedback!


 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Nov 1, 13 7:41 AM
I'd like to trade too.
I didn't know it would stop so suddenly either and had to stop playing early as I expect many did. A little notice would have been nice.
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Nov 1, 13 6:23 AM
I don't need compasses either, not a great incentive to play daily as people have already said.
I don't think it will force players to spend money either. A happy player spends money if they want to, unhappy players just dwindle away. It was always the same on Facebook games.

I'm also very sad to see the end of Halloween Jack and stuff related to him. It was a sudden departure, must have been on the dot of midnight!!!!
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Oct 21, 13 12:51 PM
Since the update I've been having a problem with energy refilling Refills fine when the game is open but if I close it then it doesn't add to it Anybody else experiencing this?
 posted in Legacy: Witch Island on Oct 16, 13 9:02 AM
blamba: I don't think you'll find anything in the app store. You can partition using bootcamp on your mac but that means either booting up in mac or windows. I used and outside programme. Oh, just seen you've messaged me, getting to it now
 posted in Legacy: Witch Island on Oct 15, 13 4:31 AM
belamba wrote:
alsmith wrote:Why are some of you so unhelpful?

You write that the game won't work on your resolution- why can't you put the resolution in your message to help other people? Is it because you don't know what your resolution is?

Some say they have Windows 8 and mention 3Gb memory- you really need AT LEAST 4Gb with 64bit WIN8, that's why your computer struggles. It's swapping things in and out of memory. If you run a few applications you soon get the message that Windows needs to close some. It's NOT the games fault if you don't have the real working minimum specification needed by the operating system. Upgrade your memory to 4Gb, or 6Gb then if you get problems it could be a game fault if all your drivers are up to date.

Firstly thank you for your input, it's very helpful to those of us not so au fait with the inner workings of these necessary, but frustrating machines.

I don't think its a matter of being unhelpful. My Mac has 8Gb RAM, and the various screen resolutions you can set still don't make the game playable. Actually, it's not easy to see what the various settings are, and then to remember them when writing in this thread. The machine is brand new, so I expect with a few adjustments that a game will run and be playable. The fact that there are screen res issues on both Windows and Macs suggests its the game and not the machine that has issues.
If your computer savvy (which you obviously are), it would be helpful if you could tell me what else I can do to get this game to work please?
It looked interesting and would like to try it,

I have the same Mac as you belamba and the highest it will go to is more space at 1920x1200 and on that it still didn't fit on my screen. My other Mac runs Snow Leopard and has more resolutions but the game wouldn't run on Snow Leopard at all. The only way I could play was by using virtual windows which I got only last month. It's useful to have and has opened up a lot of games for me. On there the game is fine running at 2880x1800. It may run a bit lower than that, I haven't tried.
I have a feeling the game needs a bit more work to run on the latest Macs.
 posted in Legacy: Witch Island on Oct 15, 13 4:24 AM
kangoods wrote:Thanks FundgeChi but I have the PC not Mac version installed it just does not work and what I could play of it I really liked. Bummer

Can you up your screen resolution at all? In my virtual windows I'm on 2880x1800 (my Mac setting won't go nearly that high!)
 posted in Legacy: Witch Island on Oct 14, 13 10:08 AM
You find something later on to put in the basket again to bring the basket with the cannonball back up.
 posted in Legacy: Witch Island on Oct 14, 13 6:54 AM
kangoods, I couldn't get the game to fit on my screen no matter what resolution I used on my Mac. In the end I had to fire up my virtual windows, download the PC version and play from there!
 posted in Legacy: Witch Island on Oct 14, 13 6:10 AM
I'm not quite there yet but does the lighter next to the dagger not work?

Update: Yes it does!!!
 posted in League of Light: Dark Omens Collector's Edition on Jul 24, 13 2:48 AM
Thank you SO much for that!
Yes! It's that sixth one, it has been driving me mad. I too will write to tech support and let's hope they fix it!
Thanks again
 posted in League of Light: Dark Omens Collector's Edition on Jul 23, 13 6:56 AM
Ah, definitely a glitch then Maybe they will fix it! When the SE comes out I'll demo that to see if there is a first one there, that's if they have them in the SE. I wish devs would test their games better!
 posted in League of Light: Dark Omens Collector's Edition on Jul 22, 13 8:50 AM
Ok, played the whole game again very carefully except for the last puzzle and NO 11th scroll I'm beginning to think they forgot it!!!!!!
Going to try once more in the bonus chapter but I was so careful with that the first time as I was looking especially for the missing scroll.

Editing to add: I realised that there is no mention of the first bestiary scroll in the SG, maybe it's that one we are lacking, the first one I found was 2/11 I'm sure. Not that I can find the first one though!
 posted in League of Light: Dark Omens Collector's Edition on Jul 22, 13 4:06 AM
I've just finished the game and the bonus chapter and can't find the last scroll either!!!!
I'm sure too that it's not in the bonus chapter
Debating whether to play the whole again again to have another try finding it too. I think I will and let you know if I have any luck!
Great I loved this game too, my favourite by a long way
Yes! You need to look out for a tiny firefly and click on it and then wait for another and so on. I can't remember how many you have to click, maybe about 7, then you have the diary book.
Try reinstalling and if that doesn't work then drop a note to tech support
No, no problem at all for me. Maybe you should contact tech support
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