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The game was working fine until I bought it. I had just begun the chapter about Ben. The words of the shaman have disappeared and cannot match any symbols. Hints don't work.
 posted in Griddlers Beach Season on Apr 21, 16 3:54 AM
When I try to open the game I get a message in Russian.
 posted in Detective Riddles: Sherlock's Heritage 2 on Sep 7, 15 9:20 AM
I am not able to even open the game. I get a message written in Russian and then I am taken back to the game manager window.
Same problem here. Any solutions?

FreedomII wrote:Using Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.3. Got to the scroll holding the skull but game crashed when I placed the pirate token. When I re-started, the scroll with the token wouldn't play, although it does show I need to interact with the scroll. I'm at the point where I need the item inside the scroll to move forward, but apparently I'll have to restart the game since I can't override, skip, or otherwise manage to get the scroll to autoplay. Not a win...
 posted in Mystika 2: The Sanctuary on Aug 3, 14 2:33 AM
Thank you Inez1550. Your solution just did the trick!
 posted in Strike Solitaire 2: Seaside Season on Feb 20, 14 3:27 AM
I get all the instructions in Russian!!!
 posted in Asian Riddles on Jul 16, 13 12:19 AM
Can any one tell me how to get the hint trophy? You are supposed to use 15 hints, does that mean buy hints 15 times? Use 15 hints on a single board?
 posted in Garden Rescue: Christmas Edition on Dec 15, 12 3:15 AM
Smalldeveloper wrote:Use spade to dig up needless plants. You can find spade in the bottom left conner of the screen.

Thanks very much! I hadn't realized that.
 posted in Garden Rescue: Christmas Edition on Dec 15, 12 12:56 AM
Smalldeveloper wrote:As you can see, there are no many places to plant. Therefore try to change weak plants to strong when they appear.

How do you do that?
 posted in Garden Rescue: Christmas Edition on Dec 14, 12 8:38 PM
Can any one offer tips on how to pass Level 18? I have tried time and again and cannot pass it.
 posted in Garden Rescue on Jul 12, 12 9:47 PM
Hallelujah! I just completed the final general level with three stars! I am a guru!!! My thanks again for a most wonderful game. I will eagerly await a sequel!
 posted in Garden Rescue on Jun 28, 12 11:20 AM
Thank you ever so much for a most wonderful and entertaining game. I've played through the 3 levels of difficulty, achieving 3 stars except for General, level 22. I'll keep at it.
Do, do consider bringing out a Garden Rescue 2.
 posted in Garden Rescue on May 20, 12 10:21 AM
Wonderful but this is just for the 1st level. Any chance of a walkthrough for the 2nd and 3rd levels? Thanks!
 posted in Monument Builders: Eiffel Tower on Dec 27, 11 10:26 AM
I agree with the general opinion. It's a no buy for me and I do love TM games. Sorry!
 posted in Super Granny 6 on Apr 23, 11 11:42 PM
Thanks very much!
 posted in Super Granny 6 on Apr 23, 11 12:36 PM
How do I get my kitties to meow in screen 2?
Thanks in advance.
 posted in Aveyond: Lord of Twilight on Aug 24, 10 11:03 AM
syclone91 wrote:What pairs to i have to find at the intelligence agency in Gheledon

Inspired by a tip from syclone91 I typed the names of all the items, in a single column in a Word document, indicating the room they were in, and I copied and pasted the list on a different word doc. Then I had Word order them alphabetically, when I saw 2 names repeated I knew I had a pair, so I went back to my first list, saw what room they were in and picked them up.
Thanks, syclone91
 posted in Lilly and Sasha: Curse of the Immortals on May 12, 10 10:04 AM
Thank you very much for your quick and clear answer. Yes, you are right I did indeed find the section in the guide. Sorry!
My congratulations on a wonderful game. I have thoroughly enjoyed it.
 posted in Lilly and Sasha: Curse of the Immortals on May 11, 10 10:04 PM
I need help with this puzzle. I have tried placing the shield, arrows, papers, etc. in their corresponding places, but it is not working. I have bought the guide for the game but there is no mention of this puzzle in it. Please, please, please!
 posted in Lilly and Sasha: Curse of the Immortals on May 6, 10 11:36 AM
I have already been through the temple and can't figure out the bridge on the other side. Whatever I do I am still two vases short. Please, help!!!
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