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 posted in Margrave: The Blacksmith's Daughter on Oct 22, 13 6:58 PM
The game play was interesting but I was very offended by the portrayal of Puritans (even thought it's just a game) being of the type that would do what was done to these fictiious characters, including crucifying someone?

I'm sorry, but had this been told with Muslims being the enemy we'd never see this game make it to market!

Once again Christians are being mocked and badly portrayed! I'm asking for my money back on this one!

update: CS was very gracious to give me a replacement coupon code. I've since run into another game where the write up depicts an evil 'preacher' as the villain! Come on developers, don't be so obvious in your intolerance of Christians! Some of us are gamers, too!
 posted in Weather Lord: Hidden Realm on Jun 2, 13 6:23 PM
I purchased the mill on level 15 but I can't see that it really produces anything! What am I missing--please?

 posted in Tornado: The secret of the magic cave on Nov 19, 11 4:40 PM
I enjoyed it enough to purchase as a no-stress fun game when I want to relax and still feel a little challenged.

I highly suggest you try it for yourselves and see if you don't agree!!
 posted in Ravensburger Puzzle Selection on Oct 13, 11 5:25 AM
For those who are not enchanted by this one, try Jigsaw Mania instead! You have many options, one of which they will arrange the pieces in an orderly neat manner around the playing area--very nice and you don't have a problem finding them all! Lots of puzzles to choose from, too! I believe you can also put your own music in the game. Just a suggestion for another option to puzzle you further!
 posted in Rescue Frenzy on Sep 21, 11 2:58 PM
Played it for 20 mins. and it's a 'buy' for me! Very similar to Rescue Team but with some interesting changes in the types of workers and added machinery used to hurry here and there!

Boys and some little girls ought to love this one if they are into 'Snorts' and are about 8-9 yrs. old and older!

It took about 26 seconds to load between levels for me! Faster would be nice but I can live with it, if I have to!

I'm looking for the Mac version before long, I HOPE!!! We have a new Mac added to our collection of computers!

All in all, my kinda game--closely matches the pace of my life, topside!!
 posted in Saving Private Sheep on Sep 16, 11 12:23 PM
Love it--bought it!!! Fun and challenging! I like it alot better than slinging birds!
 posted in Saving Private Sheep on Sep 16, 11 11:26 AM
Wow--thanks Daisy--I'm downloading it right now! I appreciate the 'heads-up' and in-depth review!
 posted in Hidden World on Sep 7, 11 1:26 PM
Okay--I love this type of game but the constant frantic clicking to get them to work faster and then zap the flying dragon and get the resources before they disappear has made me a nervous wreck! I'm left with a permanent twitching right hand now--well not REALLY but I feel like everything I do now has to be CLICK, CLICK, CLICK to get them to work! Sigh!

I do like this type of game though--minus that fast clicking---my hands are fine, no arthritis as some struggle with--it's my nerves more than anything!!! I hope I can adjust to this cause I already purchased it based on 10 mins. play and the rave reviews! I guess I was just too excited about another game like the others I love!
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess III on Sep 2, 11 2:49 PM
I really want to buy this game, while I can with some punch-card credits, (before they expire) but I wonder if I will regret the 'buy' if they possibly don't come up with the fixes? Anyone know of games where there seems to be permanent problems still unaddressed?
 posted in Cassandra's Journey: The Legacy of Nostradamus on Aug 20, 11 10:00 AM
I figured it out--when the deck clears, none of the previous cards are duplicated in the new deck displayed! Highlight the yellow font to see the answer!
The review at the link provided by akuma is excellent! I hope my copying a portion of it and posting it (for when the link is removed) will be allowed to remain as it gives us a very good idea of what to expect from this game:

[removed by moderator]

Are we allowed to quote things like this? I should have read the forum rules, first, admittedly! Gulp! I'm sorry mods if I am an offender in doing this!!!

eta: to correct spelling!
 posted in Rescue Team on May 9, 11 4:33 PM
I love it! I've become a fan of this type of Roads of Rome/My Kingdom for the Princess -type of games and this one is right up those alleys with a change of scenery I'm not unhappy with!

I've been having lots of fun going over each level till I get the gold trophies!! Highly recommend it if you are into this type of game!!

 posted in Fairy Jewels 2 on Mar 15, 11 7:17 PM
Thank you, Gimme! I read some comments on the Fairy Jewels (original) and a few folks found one level impossible to get around--something to do with the steel (?) so I've been thinking I might just keep this one. It has only crashed three times and the last time I played it I made it through 30 mins. before I quit to check this thread! I might be able to live with it if it only does the crashing thing a few times!

I really like it--so I hate to give it up!! Did it start crashing on you alot once it started doing it?
 posted in Fairy Jewels 2 on Mar 15, 11 6:11 PM
So---I took a chance and bought this game, having played it for the hour with no 'events' and now it closes down on me several times. I checked my Driver and it's updated.

So---is the first one enough like this one for me to try and get it instead? I loved this game--till it started crashing on me! Sigh!!!
 posted in My Tribe on Feb 6, 11 12:08 PM
Oh good--It's not 'just' me, then! I guess it's a good thing that we're all unique in some way, even to our taste in game-action and (the like) or else we'd REALLY have something to be bored about!!
 posted in My Tribe on Feb 4, 11 2:09 PM
What's so great about this game?? I've got my people situated on their island, they're fishing, gathering wood and stones, building their huts and the like, VERY SLOWLY, also picking up stars and the occasional moon that lands, and mostly walking around 'resting'! Some will get back to work if I put them on a project and some refuse to do it, walking away! I do have the science lab in place, food storage, wood storage, stone storage, 4 huts and 2 of my people have produced children that have now grown up!

Oh, and I've put in two gardens, too!

I'm rather bored! It's too 'real time' I suppose, for me. I guess I'm impatient and want some action. Does that ever happen--anything exciting or is it slow life on an island, with mostly dull walking around?

I really don't mean to offend those who just love it--I'm just trying to figure out if I'm not doing something right!

Otherwise, I'm rather sorry I spent a credit on this one! :o(
 posted in Jack of All Tribes on Jan 31, 11 6:02 AM
I don't KNOW if this will work, but it did for me on a level when everything went crazy, and I couldn't get anything to work-- try choosing 'restart' when you back out of the level or after trying to get into it. I, too, had uninstalled and reinstalled and my problem wasn't solved until I chose to completely 'restart' that level.

Hopefully, (like it did for my problem), it MIGHT work!
Again, hopefully I say!!

I hope you'll let us know if you find a 'fix' as I've not gotten to that point, because my 'try' has run out and I keep checking to see when BF will come up with a fix for so many folks' problems with level 28! I'd really love to have this game, but not if I can't complete it!!
 posted in Jack of All Tribes on Jan 28, 11 5:16 PM
I'm having a problem in Level 7 (too) with grabbing the bubble people to drag them to the bath. I did grab one, but could not let go when at the bath! Then, SOMEHOW it worked but then I couldn't grab another and yet the arrow kept pointing to the 'hire a worker' hut and the dialog kept telling me to grab a guy for a bath???

I think I'll love the game if I can figure this out or get help with it!

Update: I finally just restarted that level and everything went fine! I don't know what caused the problem but--the 'restarting' seemed to be the solution!
 posted in Be a King 2 on Jan 20, 11 12:53 PM
After the third try on this level, I was able to keep on top of the trolls as they came in waves, and I built evey building possible and upgraded them to the max.

Problem is despite having 4 workers and 5 heros I have minus 1 citizen??? I mean the town is maxed!!! 4 wizard towers, 2 mages, 2 barracks, 2 guard training grounds, 2 bakeries, 2 farms, 1 mill, 2 stone mills, two lumber mills etc. and still no citizens when I need 300! I've done all the extra ventures, too!!

What am I doing wrong?

eta: I closed down the game and reopened it to redo the level and it worked fine then!! Did all the same things but this time it worked!
 posted in The Perfect Tree on Jan 12, 11 9:44 AM
Really cute and I love the snow-scene backgrounds of the Match 3's! I'm enjoying it even with Christmas being over! We have lots of snow right now, so I'm finding it something sort of 'fitting' today! But, I love snow!

Super easy even in 'timed' mode! I suspect it will be more challenging as you go along--which I would enjoy!

Try it--you might love it--if you've time to kill and don't want to be stressed in playing a game!!


eta: I bought it, too!
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