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 posted in Antique Mysteries: Secrets of Howard's Mansion on Jul 26, 12 9:01 AM
Thank you, ajibiji, for the message you sent me with the suggestion to try BFG's demo of the game.

As soon as I had read the plot, I immediately thought of Sarah Winchester... her apparent guilt over how the Winchester fortune was made, and her attempt to " run and hide" from " evil" in her house of mazes and dead ends.

I would LOVE to visit the Winchester house! I live halfway across the country, but hope to go to see it, and the haunted aircraft carrier, also in CA, ( Alameda, CA) The USS Hornet.

I would dearly cherish a great game built around the fascinating history of the USS Hornet. Not insignificantly, my late father served aboard her when she was newly commissioned. He never saw any ghosts, as the ship was brand new.. The men killed in war are the ghosts.. Many with interesting names and apparitions.

Now she is known as " The Grey Ghost". An Internet search will provide you with a wealth of information about the paranormal activity and those who have studied and recorded it.
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Haunted Houdini Deluxe on Jan 28, 12 1:50 AM
SD very glad for this option!!!
Thank you BFG, and thank you for allowing us to use a game coupon.
( I forgot to use mine, I was so excited- DUH).

This is exactly what I have been wanting. Don't care a bit about the " pretty" wallpaper or deleted scenes or art work, just the integrated Strategy Guide.

I am one happy fish!
Bought it after I realized the very firt game I bought as a BFG Club member was the Midnight Mysteries: Edgar Allen Poe edition.
I loved it so much!

I haven't played long enough to post a review, but I love the atmosphere already.
If I like a game, it doesn't matter to me WHO the dev. is.

[b]A comment about the Bonus Game- I'm not giving away HOW or WHY or WHAT, so this is not a spoiler[-/b]

I totally loved this game-- and IMO, when I finally got the bonus game to play ( there are some glitches), it's not REALLY bonus play, it's simply the ending of the game!!
I don't think I've ever encountered a situation in a game where the " ending" was totally incomplete and it took the " bonus game' to make sense of it all.

I'm not giving away HOW or WHY or WHAT, so this is not a spoiler..

Did anyone else think that the so-called Bonus Game was a necessary part of the whole game?
I'm glad I bought the CE though, because I really loved the SG in this game!!!
This is the only game from BFG I have ever had a tech. issue with. I loved what I played of the game.. but I kept getting MS exception violation errors.

It's not my PC. I update every 24 hours, and have a fully loaded QOSMIO gaming system. It's way ahead of the curve spec. and performance wise.
There's nothing I have configured contrary to the required specs. for the game. There's a bug, IMO.
I rarely post about the plethora of usually excellent and occasionally disappointing games I purchase from BFG, so you probably don't know me yet.
I am a 30-something year old psychologist married to an executive. Pets, no children. Great deal of leisure time.
Since 2009, I buy an avg. of 12-15 BFG/ mth,. If a game doesn't draw me in and keep my interest, I'd rather go do something else than slog through it. Also, I am more of a " Gardenscapes" and " Dream Day Wedding series" lover than I am of anything dark and occult. Some games can manipulate my emotions in ways that I do not like. I thought this game would be fraught with darkness and occult, and there is a sm. measure of it, but the demo convinced me that there was a great story within the game. What I really liked was the HOPE and the beauty of the music and scenes.. I never felt gloom and doom surrounding me in an oppressive way. Never felt stuck! I've rarely encountered a game with as much leeway on the hint system as this game has.

I played in full screen mode. Excellent quality. I never experienced any lack of quality in graphics, sound, anything. I have a new top of the line laptop made for gaming. I didn't play the first game " Time Mysteries: The Inheritance" ( I don't think- I also have a tendency to play and promptly forget the name of the game regardless of how great it was).
With that said, this game is a stand- alone game, IMO. I may go back and buy the first one now that I know there is another by the same developers-- not sure. I am definitely going to be extremely upset if there is not a sequel to this one forthcoming SOON!!!!

I loved the storyline. There is a part that is being left out of the reviews and it is not a spoiler, IMO, as it does NOT affect game play but is an integral part of the game play and the SL from the start..
This beautiful game has a peripheral tie in to the Arthurian legend.
I won't say what or who the characters are, but once I knew 2 character from Arthur's life story were featured, it was definitely an added incentive for me to purchase it!! Just as there are fans of oh, say, the Nancy Drew games, there are many devotees to the legend of Camelot. I think the game should have been promoted with an emphasis upon the Arhurian tie in.

Mainly, I want to add my voice to those who are asking for a sequel. This game begs for continuation past the ending.

Definitely a 5 out of a possible 5.
 posted in Scratches Director's Cut on Mar 4, 11 3:42 PM
The very first computer game I ever played was " The Longest Journey" many years ago.. Anyone remember that one?

I have no experience with BFG's Large File Games, but this one seems to have a lot of elements I like..

IF anyone remembers " The Longest Journey" and can recommend a newer game with similar interaction and storylines, please send me a Message.
I have never stopped missing that one game!!
 posted in Agatha Christie: 4:50 from Paddington on Jun 18, 10 4:03 PM
MEnr56 wrote:
briteredlips wrote:Beautiful game. Crystal clear graphics. Nice story. Fans of these games will be pleased. Timed or relaxed, puzzles can be skipped. Recharge hint system. A few more interactive aspects than the previous games, though I think this game is quite a bit easier than the others. All in all, a really nice game for anyone. This is a buy for me. I give it a big Thumbs Up

About that hint system -- am I doing something incorrectly? I clicked on it and the magnifying glass is so tiny, a person needs a magnifying glass to see the magnifying glass. In addition to that, the hints do NOT even show you where the item is that you're searching for and THEN in addition to that -- when a person does finally find the item, even with the hint magnifying glass over the object, the magnifying glass does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING -- it does not enlarge the item, it does not indicate that the object's been found, NOTHING -- it does NOT even decrease the #of hints you have left when you've clicked the item with the hint magnifying glass over the object!!! HUH??? Was thinking about purchasing this game but now I am not so sure.


The magnifying glass serves as a cursor of sorts only. Choose the glass to signify that you need a HINT, then click oin the item in the list which you can't find. It WILL be immediately visible on the game screen. The magnifying glass does not belong in the game playing field at all.
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials on Jun 14, 10 6:41 PM
Thank you, Steve!
To the other person, yes, I am completely finished with the house puzzles, etc. Thank you for asking, also.
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials on Jun 14, 10 11:29 AM
I guess I took a wrong turn somewhere in the unmarked pitiful excuse for a village after the " marriage".
I ended up BACK at the House of Seven Gables.

I can't get past this screen and need help.
I can go to the well, I can go back into the House of 7 Gables, which has no other function at this time, and then there is the eye which tells me that I cannot get to the English house across the road.

What can I do? I am on Chapter 9. I am not about to start all over and I can't find any way to do a rollback or a progression either.

Thank you for any help.
 posted in Deadtime Stories on May 16, 10 10:42 AM
by GloomySunday on Apr 30, 10 3:15 PM
Just finished the game. I also found it to be too short, I think I also needed about 2.5 hours. Still a great game and still good value, but if I compare it to Return to Ravenhurst, it's much shorter.

I also was a bit disappointed that they used so little of the actual LaLaurie story. There was basically only the vague summary in the end which doesn't even remotely cover the extent of what happened. The evil deeds of Mme LaLaurie would have provided so much more. But still, it's nice how they connected the actual fire to the events in the game.

I much enjoyed the different riddles - they were not too easy, but also very fair and logical. I needed a hint once in a while but that was more due to my forgetfulness with regard to items in other locations. The graphics remained fabulous and it's obvious that much thought and dedication was put into the game.

End Copy

I played the demo, may purchase, may not-- because the truth is that the La:Laurie house is NOT that gruesome. There have been " stories" told which do not co-incide with the truth. Please refer to Wikipedia for the less than lurid truth as we know it today.
Maltese Baby
 posted in Magic Encyclopedia: Illusions on May 6, 10 2:51 AM
I have a question-- The description for this game mentions the " Magic Academy".

Does anyone know if this is the same Magic Academy that was featured in 2 really good HOG games released by BFGs?

Thank you.
 posted in Mystery P.I.: The London Caper on Apr 23, 10 5:02 AM
The clue given is " Public transit". The HINT button lights up " AIRLINE" but when I click on the sign that says " AIRLINE" which was just highlighted, nothing happens.

I even clicked on the stupid plane on the tarmac but nothing there either. What are they wanting? Is this a game glitch or a player's dumbness at the very end of the game?

Thanks to anyone who can help
 posted in Mystery P.I.: The London Caper on Apr 21, 10 11:38 PM
I only play HOG, with a few adventure genre sprinkled in the mix.. Lately, there has been a severe shortage of really good interesting new HOG games or IHOGs released. I've played the good of what has been released in the past year. IDK why the pickings have been so slim, but to me, this game has been the best of the recent offerings.

This is my introduction to Spin Top's series of Mystery PI HOGs. Maybe if I was jaded from the previous ones, I wouldn't find this one interesting, but I like the way the hints aren't just a list of objects. I like the way things are combined, and I think the location drawings are interesting, often pretty, always sharply drawn and easy on the eyes.

Finding the key and crown in each scene is fun, and had I known about the handcuffs, I would have been all over them too. I've seen them, just like SpinTop puts a plethora of wooden spin tops in the game scenes too, but I didn't know that the handcuffs served a function. Thanks to the OP for the heads' up.

Overall, I think this is a good game, not a great game, and I used one of my game credits from last month's punch cards to get it. I think it's worth it in terms of game play and fun value, without any witches, vampires, sorcerers or evil spells.,

Thanks, BFG!!
 posted in Hidden Wonders of the Depths 3: Atlantis Adventures on Apr 18, 10 1:01 AM
Gosh, did we ALL beta test this game? LOL.

This was the first Match 3 game I ever played and although I found the excitement level rather low, I thought the graphics and music were great. I liked the cute touches with the crab moving around the board too.

I played over 35 rounds on Beta test mode without any errors or do overs, so I think it's probably an easy game.
I haven't played any of the other games in the series of course, and can only evaluate this one on its own merits, which I thought were very good for a simple matching game. I played on untimed but the gameplay advanced very quickly for me.
I bought it too. First of all, because the first game in the series, The Crystal Portal, has poignant personal memories for me. I played the game almost all night one night to keep from worrying so much about a family member's illness which I had no control over.
It is a very good game to keep me involved that long.

About the new release " Crystal Portal: Beyond the Horizon", specifically:
I love the graphics and the bubble multi- HOG interaction in this and the other Artogon games I have played- the Treasure Seeker series of to date. Sometimes, I try to see how many bubbles I can open in one scene just for the fun of it. Perverse, I know. .
I think that some people may be frustrated with the bubble multi-find approach in the newer " Crystal Portal: Beyond the Horizon" because so many more bubble HOGs are in the beginning of this game compared to the first one while the 1 hour trial period is being played. If most people are like me, they want to play as much on different game screens as possible, and I felt like the bubble muitl- HOGs were in the way. I wanted to rush through them in the trial period.

After I purchased the game, the multi item HOG bubbles are simply part of the gameplay. There is no rush to get from point A to point C. I appreciate that the main theme of the games are the separated daughter and father trying to find
each other, which began in the first game and is continued in this one..
 posted in Time Riddles: The Mansion on Mar 15, 10 2:54 PM
I think something may have not translated well tech. wise with the update. I played almost all of the game, then downloaded the new build as it was highlighted on my Game Manager.

After that, I was in my own version of "Groundhog Day". I was, like the other posters above me have said, doing the same rooms over and over, but without the gems to find, or the riddles to solve. I memorized where most of the hidden objects were in every room after a while.

I really believe something went terribly wrong with the rebuild as none of the early reviews of the game indicated this horribly repetitive gameplay. I feel sure they would have if it had been present in the game.

BOTTOM LINE:: I enjoyed the game as it was meant to be played. After it was " reconfigured" due to a glitch or something, it was total MISERY to play and BF needs to take another look at how the programming is configured for this game. Something is way off.
As it is playable currently, not even one More like a BIG

 posted in Epic Adventures: La Jangada on Feb 6, 10 11:05 AM
I've purchased the game based upon my own perception of the " interesting play factor" of the game and have decided a few things. The first and most elementary thing a player should know before they download a game IS the SIZE of the game. I am weary of reading " 20 mins and almost through, must be short" or " played for 8 hours and only got 27% done, must be a long game."
Fellow gamers, please LOOK at the size of the file download right under the TRY button . A SHORTER game is under 100MB,.
At 152 MB, this IS a larger download, thus it IS a longer game rather than a shorter game.

To this game specifically: I am loving it and stayed up until 3 AM this morning following the storyline. Beautiful game.

It seems obvious to me that this game is one of few geared to women. There is a beautiful shopping scene, and a luxe banquet both with game play. The boat " Jangada" is chock full of luxurious features and the SL features a young, beautiful female character.
Also, as many have mentioned the game play is leisurely with lots of dialogue. If someone objects to the pronounciation of "sceptor", there is written dialogue near the bottom of the screen which is identical to the spoken dialogue.

I am a very feminine woman and I am a serious game player too. I have bought over 60 games since I joined BFG in Octorber. To be honest, I was completely burned out with finding new or lost worlds,. tired of the time travel, tired of the spells and ghosts and blood and gore found in 99% of the other "really good "games..

This game is a distinct pleasure for me to play because it is true to the time period, has beautiful graphics and a heroine whom I really do care about.
IMO, there are plenty of " FAST PACED, ACTION" fIlled male-oriented and male designed -type competitive games but very few which are luxuries to enjoy..

"Jangada" has the feel of a movie within a game, reminding me in some ways of "Out Of Africa" in its epic retelling of the early 20th century trip down the Amazon in a most unusual luxurious ship named the Jangada. .There's much more than just " winning' or finishing a game in a hurry.

Thank you for letting me express my thoughts abiout a game which is very beautiful and which has been mostly discussed in the review section without consideration of the different types of players who join BFG. I hope we get more games like this in the near future!!!

Haopy playing to all,
 posted in Penny Dreadfuls™ Sweeney Todd on Feb 3, 10 2:27 PM
 posted in Penny Dreadfuls™ Sweeney Todd on Feb 3, 10 2:25 PM
Considering that the game has been on BFG as a CE with the same puzzles and so forth for weeks., why is there no walkthrough?

When will one be available? I am not buying until there's one available. Thank you.
 posted in Mary Kay Andrews: The Fixer Upper on Jan 12, 10 2:58 PM

Sea Anemone
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Re:The ending
by shamriockpog on January 12, 11:42 AM
Horrible ending! I think this game was a huge waste of money! You really never get any ending, Wish I would have saved my money. It's like a book ending in the middle

Bolded by me.
Funny you should use that phrase because I know Mary Kay Andrews from the amazingly funny books she writes. IMO, she wrote an ending but we had to have all of the cartoonish cut scenes in the beginning about the boss and the hookers and so forth.

Mary Kay Andrews doesn't write like this game played, judging from the comments on this thread. Buy her book Hissy Fit for a really good read.
Also her books set in Savannah GA are really good.
MK didn't write the ending you all are describing, IMO. Kind of makes me sick because she is one of my favorite Southern aurhors.
But you saved me $6.99!!!!!
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