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 posted in Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 7 on Mar 23, 18 1:17 PM
I love these games and couldn't wait to play it - but have to agree with the ones who said this was incredibly short! I thought the last one was too... very disappointing! Usually I can play for several hours - not this time. Hope they keep these coming, but longer next time.
 posted in Seven Seas Solitaire on Jan 19, 18 6:37 PM
I have played and replayed this game ever since I bought it. It is one of my favorites - thought Fairway was the best but this one tops it.
 posted in Viking Brothers 3 on Jan 18, 18 12:47 PM
I am a happy camper! Two of my favorite TM series games in one week! (I did wait for this to come out in SE) I'm set for awhile - looking forward to hours of fun play! So far (just through the demo) this one hasn't disappointed.
While I played the entire 1 hour trial, I knew I would buy this game. I LOVE this series! One of my favorites! It's silly and fun and can be very difficult to get 3 stars. Right now am trying to do so on level 10 without much luck.

Normally I wait for the CE, but in this case I just had to buy! Am enjoying the Escher-like pathways and the graphics seem to be right on - not sure what the fuss is about. These games make you think, unlike some TM games. I am a happy camper!
 posted in Seven Seas Solitaire on Dec 31, 17 7:29 PM
Think this game is terrific! Have played and replayed it. Why it didn't make the top game of the year for solitaire games leaves me confused - it deserved it. please keep these types of games coming developers - this one was great!
 posted in Rose Riddle: The Fairy Tale Detective on Dec 31, 17 2:09 PM
I love this game! It becomes very difficult to make 3 stars - I have replayed level 38 about 10 times now and still can't figure it out. Each level does not play the same - if you needed to get more soda on one level, on another it's something else. I like that it takes time to figure each level out - gives lots of play. Sure, you can buzz through this with two stars, but where's the fun in that? I still have three gold stars to go before I will call this finished. Now I see why the Collector's Edition might be useful - for the strategy guide. I haven't had this much fun since the Dracula series, which also was tough. Thank you developers for making these games! I love time management games and the ones that make you think are the best!
 posted in Roads of Rome: New Generation 2 on Nov 2, 17 3:00 PM
Yay! You all listened! Love this series - bought right off the bat. Thank you developers!
 posted in 4 Aztec Skulls on Aug 21, 17 6:52 PM
Am now on my second time through these games - on the 4th book - and I must beg the developers to make more of these! I loved all of the ROR games - did not care for the Adelantado series - and am so craving more of this kind of game! Thought I didn't like it because of the hidden caches, but have grown to really enjoy hunting for them. Miss ROR and MKFTP (but not the last one) - but this works. Thanks and forgive me for my first negative post. I'll buy them if you make them - tired of playing my old ones over and over again....
 posted in Fables of the Kingdom II on Jun 25, 17 1:01 PM
I love these games too. I didn't find them all that easy - especially the aforementioned 39 and 45. 45 is my only non-three star, and I've played it through many times. Just can't get it. But I finally got 39 after many tries, so I know I will.

I prefer these to the cookie cutter Hercules series, which is more clicky. This is more like the older, more fun games where you need to have a strategy. Let's hope for a third!
 posted in 4 Aztec Skulls on Jun 20, 17 6:45 PM
I owe the developers a pardon - finally caught on to the arrival of the lizard or troll as a signal of where the hidden cache was. Once that fell into place the rest was fun. Before that I was searching everywhere for the hidden caches and it kind of ruined the game for me. Now that I get that, I hope there are more games like this!
 posted in Fables of the Kingdom on May 19, 17 7:40 PM
I just discovered this series - what fun!
 posted in 4 Aztec Skulls on May 2, 17 7:05 PM
As a huge ROR fan - and not of the last game in the series - I was disappointed in this one. Same hidden caches which drove me wild on the last game. But the rest is fine. Just wish they would come out with something like the old ROR or MKFTP games. I don't buy many new games - just keep replaying these - why can't you all come out with another one of the original games??? Ready for a new challenge, but this was not what I'd waited for. Did buy it though because there is nothing else.
 posted in Elven Legend 3: The New Menace on Mar 24, 17 12:43 PM
Me too! I have played it over and over and cannot get 3 stars. I think I've played it every way you can. HELP!!!
 posted in Bluebeard's Castle: Son of the Heartless on Dec 13, 16 3:09 PM
This is my kind of game! Love the graphics and, well, all of it! Ship puzzle a bit confusing - had to skip and still don't know how to do it - only got one. But love the game! I'm so tired of all the cookie cutter HO games - haven't bought more than a couple all year - but glad I got this one due to the reviews. Thanks for the early Christmas present Big Fish!
 posted in Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 5 on Nov 18, 16 3:47 PM
I was finally able to put the puzzle together only to discover that 2 pieces were missing. This has happened before to me with the other games. They just vanish up at the top left and I can't retrieve them! Very frustrating to work on that puzzle for an hour and not be able to complete it! I said this before on another game and hoped they would have fixed this problem. Maybe my screen isn't wide enough?
Thank you!
I went back and started over to find the jugs - so far haven't seen one. When and where do I look? In the guide? Or on the actual scene itself?
 posted in Chase for Adventure: The Lost City on Oct 5, 16 2:19 PM
I agree - almost want to buy because there are no new TM games - but this one has so many faults that I'm not sure I can even though I desperately want to like it. First of all the English is deplorable! Makes me cringe every time I see new dialogue. Secondly, the tasks are so repetitive there isn't much thinking involved, just clicking. Also there is the halo effect - not sure why, I remember another game that did that - like seeing double, but one lighter than the other. Just kind of a clunky game that irritated me more than providing enjoyment or challenge.
Why can't the developers come out with more Roads to Rome or MKFTP? Not the last one, which I hated, but the old, well-thought out, well drawn games I keep playing over and over because nothing new comes out? Incredible Dracula has been a treasure - but hard! Northern Tales, Viking Saga, Gardens Inc - why don't they make these instead of endless HO games with the same themes? I guess those are easier to make...
Sorry - I think I'm going to pass even though I'd like to reward the developers for trying. But they really didn't succeed with this one.
 posted in Settlement: Colossus on Sep 24, 16 7:56 PM
 posted in Settlement: Colossus on Sep 24, 16 7:41 PM
Me too!!!

PLEASE make a sequel!!!
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