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To be sure on my fourth profile I let them finish speaking before clicking!!!! better safe than sorry
Have you anything left in your inventory at all?
I always have sound on but I don't think that would affect it. Make sure you click Ethan right at the end when he's at the glimmer tree, I missed doing that in 3 of my profiles.
No, you don't get them back after giving them to the hamster.
At the base of the tree there are odd seeds scattered to click on and then they go in the hold at the tree.
Not that I know of. How are you stuck?
You can do it LizzieK. Just don't miss a single page of the diary and make sure you collect those note type posters as they go into your diary too to read. Maybe that's what you missed.
I love the hardness of the achievements Best I've ever seen or played
You can do it I know
Just wanted to add a huge thanks to mad head games and BF
Best game I've played on here and certainly worthy of being a CE.
I got my money's worth too! Finally got ALL the achievements after playing for days and days! Took me five profiles but i enjoyed every moment.
Thanks again
YES!!! Finally got them ALL just now! So it is possible. it took me 5 profiles though and days of playing. At least I got my money's worth!


Chatty - Just make sure you talk to everyone until they repeat, it's very easy to miss a tiny conversation. Look out for magnifying glass and ? marks.

Careful reader - Make sure you look at every single diary page for more than 5 seconds.

In-game - Make sure you collect all the acorns, fruit and morphing objects of course.

Make sure you leave the hamster in the wheel for at least 5 minutes.

Most other achievements come naturally.

Getting 3 stars on the hidden objects can be done from the bonus area and after my second time of trying for this achievement it seemed fairly easy to do them in the time!

Now regarding the puzzles from the bonus area if you don't get them in-game. They CAN be achieved from there. The trick is to quit the game and then hit play again and try a puzzle. If you get it the first time then, the achievement will be awarded. If you miss, then quit and play it again until you do it first time. The achievements for these do say do the puzzle the first time so it's no good trying over unless you quit the game and try again. Took me ages to figure that out!!!

Good luck

 posted in PuppetShow: Destiny Undone on May 1, 13 4:17 AM
Anyone else having problems with this puzzle getting Stuck with the lower right ring?
I saw in the CE forum for the game that a few were.
Nothing will move in my bottom right ring, it's just jammed up and with no reset button nothing I can do but skip which I hate to do
 posted in Whispered Secrets: The Story of Tideville on Mar 30, 13 3:45 PM
This is the very last time I try to download a hidden object/adventure game on a weekend! I've been all day trying to download this and yet another game I downloaded did it really quickly. In the week everything downloads quickly.
 posted in Hallowed Legends: Ship of Bones on Mar 23, 13 10:18 AM
I think I'm with the above. I did buy the SE simply because it was from Elephant but now I've started playing it I'm a bit bored, just more of the same old. Yes, please slow down Elephant.
I'll try it again tomorrow, hopefully I'm just in the wrong mood!
 posted in Enchantia: Wrath of the Phoenix Queen on Mar 23, 13 7:23 AM
Mine was taking forever too. I have the same problem every weekend on UK morning time! As soon as the US wakes up then it speeds up. :o
 posted in The Gift on Mar 23, 13 1:47 AM
Phew! Did this puzzle at last! Took me a while but after a sleep it suddenly made sense. I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to put here on the forum but if anyone wants to message me I'll try to explain how it's done as long as I can remember it!
 posted in Amaranthine Voyage: The Tree of Life on Mar 4, 13 1:56 AM
Well I'm pleased after all that I persevered with the download because I've trialed it now and bought it. I like it a lot too
It's strange how the downloads vary!
 posted in Amaranthine Voyage: The Tree of Life on Mar 3, 13 11:52 AM
Phew! Downloaded at last! Will trial it tomorrow. I have noticed that at the weekends when the US is sleeping the download are SO slow.
 posted in Amaranthine Voyage: The Tree of Life on Mar 3, 13 8:36 AM
I think I'll give up too as I probably won't like it! All day and still only 26%!!!
 posted in Amaranthine Voyage: The Tree of Life on Mar 3, 13 3:01 AM
Same! Been downloading for over 2 hours and only at 73MB!!! :/
 posted in Surface: The Soaring City on Feb 22, 13 4:13 AM
I waited for the SE and it seems we cannot collect those flowers even though a message comes up in the tutorial that tells us to! Maybe I'm wrong as I've only just started but the philanthropy button isn't there either. I wouldn't have researched about them if that message hadn't have come up in the game so it's disappointed me!
 posted in Timeless: The Lost Castle on Feb 9, 13 9:52 AM
I agree with belamba Playing like a dream on my Mac.
Nice long game and I've not finished yet. Excellent puzzles which make you think but are doable. I find the few HOS possible without using a hint and I have old eyes!
Really worth giving it a try for yourselves

DragonLadyOz wrote:Hi there,

For those of you having difficulties with the Maze puzzle, you need to use the map you have in your journal. Click on the numbers (in the correct sequence) on the map and the entrances will open up. You do not actually "move" per se, but you will get through the tunnels.

As nintendomo stated in a different post about this
It is a very strange little puzzle. What happened for me was that I clicked on the 2 at the bottom of the map, then when I got the motion cursor, at entrance #2, I clicked. Bldg #3 faded away, and next I clicked on #4 on the page and clicked when I got the motion cursor, bldg. #2 showed up in #3 position, and I just kept going disappearing towers and all, and I got through it.

I hope this is helpful.


I thought I had a bug on this weird little puzzle, which I thought strange for these devs. So, came here, did as both of the above said and it worked. Just a case of clicking around the number 2 area and the scene kind of changes. So, thank you both of the above
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