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I also am of the same opinion, didersham. The reviews are mostly very positive, and I am happy that many found it so very good. I must be missing something though, because it is not an outstanding game for me. Mainly the storyline simply didn't hold my interest. I also found the game very simple. All has been said about both positive and the negative in the reviews, but I am like you and didn't get it. Thanks for posting!
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ader1954 wrote:
debdeb11 wrote:
I don't expect we'll see a fix to this. Or if there is, it will not fix for those for those of us who failed to get what we needed, we'll still need to start over.

We thrown all the forces to do the update, which will correct this glitch and allow to continue playing without starting new profile. We are very sorry that it happened, and we want to little compensate our guilt, so tomorrow on our official site "Color-Brush studio" - you can download wallpapers and sound tracks from Mountain Trap 2 - absolutely free.
Thank you for playing our games.

Thank you so very much. My apologies for being cynical about a fix in my original post. Often developers do not respond so quickly, nor personally to their gamers. I'm impressed. Nice. I look forward to the fix and continuing the journey in your game
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As per above post, there is a glitch in your game. See this thread for description:

I too am stuck, because I failed to collect ammonia prior to breaking through the wall with the pickax. Evidently I would have to start the game over to work around that glitch. In all honestly, I have no desire to do all of that again.

I don't expect we'll see a fix to this. Or if there is, it will not fix for those for those of us who failed to get what we needed, we'll still need to start over.

IMO, this is the problem with all the HO games - the auto save which overwrites previous saves. If we could go back to a previous save prior to hitting a tech glitch, we could work through rather than start all over. If on the otherhand developers would have the forethought to allow multiple saves, like adventure games, we wouldn't have so many frustrated gamers when we hit this kind of tech glitch.
I was working my way to being able to access Level 3 on the elevator. I still had to find the weight to put in the one room in the pod area. And still had to find the decipher code to get the code for Level 3 of the elevator. I decided to go back into the elevator and go to Level 1, in case I missed something there. For some reason it took me to a strange room I had never been to before - turns out it was level 3. At that point I didn't realize it, so backed up into the elevator, went up to level 2, then down to level 1, and this time ended up in the antechamber. Where I would have expected, being level 1. So I couldn't figure out how to access this new area. Tried a few routes, then clicked the map and it was there. So I went there... Still not realizing this turned out to be Level 3, and I worked on all the puzzles there and completed the game.

Not a really big deal, but feel a little "cheated" because I actually did not get to finish all the puzzles to figure out how to get to Level 3 on my own. Very strange. Wonder if anyone else encountered this glitch. And also a warning to those playing, if you do have this happen, don't go all the way to the end like I did, or you will miss out solving some stuff on your own.
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Fluffy_A wrote:Just back-to-front logic. HOS are more likely to give you the less-useful items (e.g. that wretched harpy's feather) so of course these accumulate in your inventory. Other myths: pets have preferred feeding places, pets have "tells", gifting an item makes it more likely HOS will give it, and leaving a HOS before completing it and then returning will make it give you a rarer item.

This ^^

We don't get more stuff because we have lots of the same stuff. We have lots of certain things, and get more, because the developers coded it that certain objects are more common to find in HOS than others.

Having said that, if you have an active quest that requires a particular item from that particular HOS, it will always give you what you need for one of your active quests. (That is my game experience 100% of the time). However if that HOS does not have any items needed in any one of your current active quests, it will randomly give you one of its items but as above, some are more commonly given than others.

I do believe the developers may change coding on how common or rare certain items may be in every new game update. They made the game to make money, after all, so I am sure they can and do adjust things like diamond drops etc based on their store activity.
Oh yes, and the other threads I miss out on now are those that gave people the opportunity to discuss their beta testing and what they thought about upcoming games. It was really exciting to share, and also see what others had tested. Made me really look forward to checking weekly to see when these games became available. I already had a good idea by comments of testers whether it was a game I wanted to buy or not once it went to market. Now, sometimes it takes a couple days to get enough comments and/or reviews for me to determine whether I even want to take the time to download the free preview of a game. Eliminating those forums has been a real buzz-kill, for me.
In response to bfgBellerophon moderator reply:

Now that I am used to where to find the game forums links, it is not so bad for me. Not sure if that holds true for everyone - can they find the forums. I do wonder if that has had any impact on what in my view appears to be less amount of people posting to the forums since the page changes.

Also, my initial concern when the pages were changed, was and still remains: since the links to the forums appear to be greatly minimized visually on the game pages, is that a movement to perhaps try to minimize the forums usage in general in future? The less people can see and find them, the less they are used, which in turn gives those in decision-making positions rationalization that since they have decreasing usage, they are not needed...

As for ChitChat corner, I had never used it for the purposes of socializing, certainly not for any conversation that was not game-related or customer-service related. However I do miss out on the threads that were related to future games, for instance the MCF games, among others. And also the opportunities to provide feedback on general customer service concerns, ideas, suggestions, etc. That, to me, was what made BFG a company that stood out in it's openness and desire to communicate with customers, you know, those people who actually impact the business' bottom line. Good customer service, which includes developing a real relationship with customers, also breeds loyalty. It was really smart. Additionally, the buzz-talking about new upcoming games was brilliant marketing, in my opinion. I think BFG has sort of missed the boat now, by eliminating that. They may be target marketing now more towards the younger iphone/ipad crowd, but I would guess the older demographic is still a huge chunk of their business...
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I can't remember the last time I have written any comment on any thread. I had to find somewhere to express my displeasure with the new lay-out. Can't stand it. Looks like the other game sites. Very disappointed to see no link from the game page directly to the game forum. The forum to allow general comments about games and tech issues was important to me to directly check out. Perhaps this is another small step towards eliminating the forums altogether? Unfortunately, that is what made BFG unique. I am not a contributor to the forums, but checking out others tech problems, hints when I get stuck in games, etc. is important to me. And that means easy access to those forums from the actual game page.

My question to Big Fish: If you don't stand out from your competitor, what makes you different enough that I should choose to buy from you as opposed to them?
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Came here for the same reason - hoping to find an answer. I feel like I just viewed a very long episode of the X Files! ;-) Part of the reason I enjoyed this game so much was that it is very story-driven. However, I am confused! I feel like I missed something along the way. Anyone who can help, would be kindly appreciated!
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I was really unsure about this game when I first tried it out, first few scenes did not grab me. However it really grew on me as it progressed, and I ended up very much enjoying it. Lots of going back & forth to accomplish objectives - for me this is a plus as I like that kind of game, for those who don't they might get frustrated. Storyline was rather hazy at beginning, but as the game progressed it fleshed out quite nicely and made sense. I found the ending perhaps a little abrupt, but then CE bonus play lengthened that out & tied up loose ends. The CE bonus was longer than average in my opinion, I believe I spent a good 1.5 hours on it. This was a different story than many of the usual of these games, and for that alone I appreciated the game. It also ran very smoothly on my computer, in widescreen on my laptop.

This offering was better than expected, and I would recommend it, but of course try before you buy. As a few others have stated, based on the early reviews of this game & my own initial impression of the game I thought I would not like it. But give it a longer try than usual and you may, like me, find that the game becomes more interesting. I will also be saving this game for replay later, and I would say I do this for only 30% of my games - most I know I will never replay. But this one I will. It was not difficult, but a really nice lighter game to spend some time on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
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Additionally there are four major collectibles to gather as the story progresses, and special collectibles to find throughout the game which are not essential to game completion but are part of the "achievements". There are approximately 25 achievement awards to earn. This is one of the very few games I will replay to attempt to get more (I enjoyed the game that much!)

Voiceovers are only during cutscenes. Nicely done. This would be my only niggle of a complaint - that I would have liked to see more voiceovers during the gameplay itself. Music was nice, and varied from scene to scene to match the ambiance of the particular area.

Custom cursor is small and not cumbersome to use. Felt a little awkward for first 10 minutes, then I easily adjusted to the flow of how the cursor adjusted to hot spots.

The storyline is very well-done. It is in the fantasy genre. I would say any "creepiness" factor would be similar to the Drawn games. The end of the game was set up very well for a sequel, and all I can say is I will be first in line to buy!

All in all, an excellent offering from this developer, and is being so well-received by gamers for good reason. They have listened to what their customers have wanted, and have most certainly delivered. Bravo! My experience in playing this game can be summed up in one word: Enchanting!

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My review based on completion of entire game + bonus:

What a sight for sore eyes! This game was eye candy from beginning to end. Outstanding, crisp clear graphics in lovely palette of colours. Wide screen support built in, to me it appeared as if the game were actually designed for wide screen.

Three modes of play: Casual, Advanced, & Expert. I played on Advanced, took me 6 hrs 12 minutes to complete main game, + approx 1 hour for bonus play, called "epilogue". The bonus play was more of a "prequel" which enhanced the storyline, but was not essential to a feeling of completion of the story. Just what bonus play should be IMO.

The game is very much a puzzle adventure, with hidden object scenes interspersed seamlessly. The H0 scenes are varied - most were find so many of such & such, there were a couple traditional H0 scenes, a couple FROG scenes (fragmented hidden objects), and some riddle hidden object scenes where the object is an answer to a question. I very much enjoy casual games, however my preference has always been to adventure so these types of H0s suited me very well. The only "junk piles" were scenes where junk piles actually made sense. Otherwise the H0 scenes were done in such a way as made sense - no random boots, bottles, wrenches, etc. in those scenes.

Puzzles were many & of wide variety. They are not difficult, although a couple made me think. However even though they were for the most part fairly easy, to me, the wide variety made this a very enjoyable romp.

Bonus material is accessed immediately, which include: wallpapers, soundtrack, concept art, and of course strategy guide. The strategy guide opens up to where you left off last.

Hint system: very reliable, and in non-H0 scenes points you to what you need to do next. I only had to consult the strategy guide a couple times due to the excellent hints.

There is a journal which keeps track of story progress/diary, plus it has a tab for current tasks, and another tab for character bios, which fleshes in once you meet the characters. This very much added to the storyline for me and I enjoyed reading it.

There is a map which is accessible in some, not all, chapters. It makes sense once you see how the map integrates with the storyline in those chapters. There is no real to-ing and fro-ing in this game, so will be a relief to those who don't like a lot of backtracking in adventure/puzzle games.

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I played in advanced mode, took me 6 hours 12 minutes to complete. I have not finished the bonus yet, hard to tell how long but I'm thinking it will be well over an hour.

I rarely replay H0Gs, this is one of the few games I am excited about to replay & try to get more achievements.
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Hi Valdy. This sure has so many of us stumped. My situation was exactly as yours - ERS games did not play in widescreen, most others also did not, but the odd game would. (Beauty & the Beast for instance). I was so pleased when I finally found the solution, I had played around with ATI settings for ages, but had not actually found that screen to Configure as it was easy to miss (the little laptop icon with the little triangle). I had hoped that would maybe solve others problem as well. And yes on mine, I now have "fullscreen" checked off in the scaling, that seemed to do the trick, but I guess that's not making any diff on your system.

In looking around online, I googled "ATI games don't play in widescreen" and got many hits of tech forums with some possible suggestions. I hope you are also able to find the solution. It was not such a big deal for me, as playing with the black bands on the sides was something I was used to. However, it just bugged me that I couldn't find that option on my system.

Good luck & happy gaming.
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Had the same problem with the widescreen option actually making it even narrower. I finally got around to looking around Google for possible suggestions, as all other suggestions on BFG in fiddling with desktop displays over last several months have not solved my problem. (BTW, I also could not get widescreen on ERS games, and realized very recently that other gamers were in fact getting widescreen - I just thought ERS didn't offer it! LOL).

I am running Win7 64 bit, HP laptop. Have ATI drivers, with Catalyst Control Centre. It appears to me from research that it is the ATI Catalyst Control Centre that was the problem, and offers the solution. Finally got it tweaked so that I get widescreen - and that is without the widescreen box checked in the options menu!

See my reply in this thread for what worked for me to fix this:
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@ cbtx: I wondered this too, had same problem with checking widescreen & it actually getting narrower. Have noticed other gamers indicate that ERS & Vogat games automatically play widescreen for them, but I have never been able to get mine to.

So today I did a bunch of looking around net for possible solution, I had tried many of the suggestions here playing with display settings but to no avail.

I am running Win7 64 bit, on HP laptop computer, with ATI Catalyst Control Centre (I think it is the ATI thing that was the problem). Here is what I did to finally get all these games to run widescreen:
1. Right click desktop, click on Catalyst Control Centre.
2. If you are not already in Advanced settings, check the Advanced box on the opening screen.
3. Once in Advanced Welcome screen, from top left drop-down menu pick Desktops & Displays.
4. In bottom left corner you should see a little picture of a laptop with a little black triangle on top right of that icon. Click on that black triangle & select Configure...
5. Under Scaling Options, pick Full Screen.
6. Click OK at bottom.

If you have ATI on your computer, hopefully this might work for you. I checked all my games, including those from ERS, and they are now all running in full widescreen display.

ETA: I found the solution here: . I notice my description is a bit different, so try mine if you have the ATI driver, if not also try the very similar description on the link page.
ERS Games Studios has had a winning formula, and they have certainly stuck with it, for better or worse.

As far as HOG games are concerned, their graphics and interface are still top-notch compared to some other games in the genre. Certainly as an SE this game compares very favourably still towards others.

Having said that, I do feel like ERS will start needing to think outside of their box very shortly or will soon be left behind. I had several critiques of this game, which will cause me to reconsider whether I will purchase another ERS game at regular price the next time one hits the cyber-shelf:
- voice-overs were really quite horrible. Certainly not the voice standard that I feel they have had in past games, such as the Edgar Allan Poe series
- music has become so repetitive - game after game the same music with the same underlying motif. This used to be a very strong point to their games for me, but now I turn the music off I am so tired of listening to it
- there were several misnamed objects in this game, a first that I have ever noticed by this studio. Especially towards the end of the game & during the bonus play. There were also spelling mistakes in the objects which made it impossible to decipher what they wanted: for instance "bah" instead of "bag". Makes me wonder if in fact they are rushing these out a bit too fast.
- the storyline is not fleshed out the way I expect from this studio, again such as past awesome series such as PuppetShow or Edgar Allan Poe. I was not a particular fan of the storyline in the first Haunted Legends game. This one seemed to fall short even more. One is dropped in the story with really no idea as to what's going on. Of course these are games, but even in a game one should have some sense of believability even on a fantasy level, and for me this game did not at all.
- many scenes were were really quite dark. I always found ERS HOG scenes to be very good as they were not ridiculously difficult & objects were clear to find. Not so in this game, many I felt are getting too blended in, and combined with the darkness in many HOG scenes this just wasn't fun for me.

Taken on it's own, this game is okay & you still get decent value. However, I would certainly say if one had to choose between this and most all of the other CEs that have been released in last few months, this would be last on that list as far as overall game quality.
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I am confused about the plants too, finished the game & as you said plants were never collected & still had empty test tube. It felt like something got dropped from the game. I don't think there was a CE version of this game, only SE. So not sure what that was all about. Maybe they had another chapter somewhere that ended up being dropped before final production?
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Would have tried longer than 5 minutes, but graphics are so blurry on my machine that I couldn't even read the writing in the journal. Everything else was very blurry. Managed to find first letter, weirdly enough that was clear to read. Otherwise no go due to the blur, so deleted after that 5 minutes.

I have a one yr old laptop with far greater specs than any of these games require. Why it doesn't properly work on my machine, who knows. But it's not worth the trouble to contact tech support about, it does not appear worth the effort.

Apparently I am not the only user experiencing the blurry graphics problem. Would have thought the devs would have discovered that's an issue for many based on any beta test. As I said above, trying to fix tech problems on a game demo isn't something I can be bothered with on an average game, but for something that seems to be such a stinker, a very big no-go for me. Sorry devs, better luck next time, maybe do some more beta runs first before releasing.
Thank you for the mature debate on this issue. I have been finding it very interesting reading, and very much appreciate that it has stayed on the issue at hand instead of personal attacks against other posters' opinions.

I have only purchased about 4 or so CEs. Personally I have not found the content worth my extra money, and after initial excitement about CEs, now pretty much exclusively wait for the SE versions.
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