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 posted in Road Trip USA on Apr 10, 18 3:31 PM
I'm playing using Win 10, and it plays flawlessly except for one aspect. In the "spot the differences" games, sometimes it's nearly impossible to click on the item. One has to go a fair amount to the right to get them. I just finished the dude ranch "spot the differences," and the heart on the far right is impossible to click. I think the trigger is off the screen and under the frame. I finally had to give up.
 posted in Dark City: London Collector's Edition on Dec 2, 17 3:00 PM
I use Windows 10 and had the exact same problem of not being able to get it into widescreen mode. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it, and I still had the same problem, being in wondowed mode only. This time, however, I checked all three choices in options, including the option of using the system, and not the program's, curser. It played in widescreen fine after that. I closed and reopened the game just now, and it still came up in widescreen, so I believe I'll buy it.
 posted in Zombie Solitaire 2: Chapter 2 on Oct 23, 17 1:50 PM
Thanks, Ker
 posted in Zombie Solitaire 2: Chapter 2 on Oct 19, 17 2:05 PM
Is there some way I can skip the match three elements of this game? I find it to be incredibly boring.
 posted in Cursed House 4 on Oct 4, 17 12:30 PM
FRHgames wrote:No, there's no way to turn off these hints.
Actually, every level is a sequence of actions you need to make in order to finish it.
Timings for these pop up hints are adjusted so that if you're doing right things in a right order you won't even see them.
Maybe timings should be more generous.
Can you complete some levels, check how much time it will take and send to me via PM:
the level number
time you've spent to finish it

Thanks, FRHgames, for replying. I love all of your games, and thanks to you developers for making them. I play in "relaxed" mode and don't play quickly. Sometimes I'll even take a break and make some lunch mid-game, so it would be hard for me to set a time on a game. I have no trouble yet getting through a game, though.
 posted in Cursed House 4 on Oct 4, 17 12:26 PM
FNeedles wrote:
"Windows 10
I changed the game into window mode to check something on the internet and when I went back to the game and clicked on full screen I could only use window mode.
Game will not open in full screen mode and I receive a message about a videoadapter driver that cannot be launched. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game 3 times with the same result.
I see others are having the same problem -- hope you can help. This is a great game. All my other Big Fish games work properly."

I have the same problem, as so many other Windows 10 users to. FRHgames said on September 30 "It was fixed, an update will be released soon ( maybe in a couple of weeks )."

If it's been fixed already, when will the fix be released??????? Big Fish, are you holding this up?

 posted in Cursed House 4 on Oct 4, 17 10:51 AM
I like to play these games in "relaxed" mode. However, I keep getting some type of hint that obscures most of the playing field and highlights something I'm supposed to work on, such as magnets or coins. This lasts until I click elsewhere in the playing field. Sometimes this happens every 3 to 5 minutes. I find this type of hint incredibly annoying. Is there any way I can turn it off?
 posted in Cursed House 4 on Oct 4, 17 10:46 AM
I have Windows 10, and the game wouldn't run correctly. I even had to do the "cont alt del" to get out of it. I switched to "system curser," and all of my problems went away. Great game!
 posted in Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 3 on Aug 7, 17 5:02 PM
The recyclable that gave me the most grief is a crushed plastic water bottle. I think it appeared when I had only 1 or 2 items left to find. It's right in front of the snowplow sitting on the snow, and it looks very much like snow piled up against the snowplow. Hope that helps.
 posted in Zombie Solitaire 2: Chapter 1 on Apr 14, 17 2:50 PM
It seems there are fewer wild cards as the game goes on. If you think you need more of them, you can always go back to Level 14 and get some more.
 posted in Zombie Solitaire 2: Chapter 1 on Apr 7, 17 7:02 PM
Is there some way to skip the Match 3 games? They're incredibly boring.
 posted in Zombie Solitaire 2: Chapter 1 on Apr 3, 17 1:54 PM
I've played Match 3 games for years and years, but I'm having trouble understanding this one. The instructions say you get a "sugar bomb" for every match 4, I think, but that doesn't happen for me. The candies taken out on the zombies seem more random than anything. And I don't understand the point of the "tiles" thing in the upper right. I'm only getting one star in normal mode, and that might be because I don't fully understand how to play this part. Loving the rest of the game, though.
 posted in Wedding Salon 2 on Feb 21, 17 3:36 PM
I just love this game, and I loved its predecessor. I'm an awfully slow TM player, and I can't get past gold on the "beginner" level of the later Delicious Emily games. That said, I have all games but two gold through the Bali salon. At first, I could hardly progress at all. Then I learned to click on the client after dragging him/her to the new position. That way the client is sure to get help in the fastest manner. Lately I'm also putting clients in new positions regardless of whether male or female, unless a position for that gender is already available. I like the sweets/treats that can be clicked on to improve mood. That helps a lot, though I often forget to use that aid. Finally, I've been playing through a location, not worrying about whether I've gotten gold or silver on each game until I come to the end of the location. Then I go back to the silver ones in order. Since I now have more purchases and aids, each game becomes a bit easier. And the whole thing becomes a bit easier after a sip or two of beer
 posted in Wedding Salon 2 on Feb 21, 17 3:25 PM
Click and hold down your mouse on one of the colored dots, then keep holding your mouse down and drag to the other dot of the same color. You don't have to be very precise on this. For example, connect the red dots this way, then release your mouse and connect the, say, blue dots the same way as fast as you can.
 posted in Wedding Salon 2 on Feb 16, 17 3:41 PM
I'm very much enjoying this game, as I did the last one, but I'm pretty sure I'll have to stop playing it soon, like I did the last one, as it's too hard. I wish these developers would take an idea from the later Delicious Emily games and let us choose between Beginner, Average, and Challenging levels. First off, the difficulty of this game has put people off buying it, so they're losing money. Secondly, when there are different levels, there is more value to the game. The purchaser can finish the Beginner level, then move on to the second, then the third level, giving the player three games in one.
 posted in Rat and Louie: Cook from the Heart on Jan 27, 17 1:13 PM
WierdCat45, when you first choose to play the game, there should be a little white screen coming up with black words asking you if you want to play fullscreen or in windowed mode. Click on windowed mode, then, when it loads choose fullscreen from the options.
 posted in Rat and Louie: Cook from the Heart on Jan 26, 17 10:19 PM
Oh, I see! If I use Win 10, I need to load it in windowed mode, then switch to full screen. Will see if I want to buy it now that I can get it in full screen.
 posted in Rat and Louie: Cook from the Heart on Jan 26, 17 3:20 PM
It looks to be a cute game, but I have Windows 10 and don't want to play it in windowed mode, the only way it will play on my computer. Will a bug fix for this be coming out?
 posted in Spring in Japan on Jun 20, 16 10:43 AM
Same with me. I use Windows 10.
 posted in Cadenza: Havana Nights Collector's Edition on Mar 21, 16 5:36 PM
UPDATE: I'm one who found that setting my display size to 150% corrected the problem with Windows 10. However, I checked for driver updates and found that there was one that needed to be done. I updated that, and now I can view the game at either 150%, 125%, or 100%. So indeed it was the driver update that fixed it, at least for me.

NEWER UPDATE: Actually, it's now back to having a black screen with anything other than 150%, so it wasn't the fix I thought it was <sigh>.
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