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I can't seem to switch the flowers on the mantle in the dining room. I have all four and know the sequence to put them in but I can't move them out of the position they are in. When I click and select a flower, then click on where I want it to be, they just return to their old position and won't move. I tried moving them only one over, or two over, right the way over, and in between the other flowers to displace them, but it doesn't move. t tried selecting one, and trying to returning it to the Inventory bar, but it exits the play window and the flower moves back to the mantle. The hint and text only indicate that I need to rearrange the flowers. Help?

UPDATE: Ok, thanks to another poster I got the direction I needed. There are four squares beneath the flowers on the mantle, and you place the flowers into the correct order into the squares.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate™ on Nov 28, 13 5:16 PM
I'm so bummed to find out that I can't play the Mac version of MCF Madame Fate on my iMac. I have tried to get help with tech support but they couldn't fix it and gave me a free game coupon. I came here and see that many people are in the same boat. With the release of the new Madame Fate, I suspect that the original will enjoy a new popularity, but alas, if you have a Mac you may be out of luck.

I wonder why, with so many experiencing the same issue, the developers don't put some energy into a fix (my experience is the same as many - the game won't start, it just returns me to the game manager saying "Play again".)

 posted in Mystery Trackers: Raincliff on Oct 15, 11 10:00 PM
Great game - really liked this one. I couldn't believe it was SE. Some of the puzzles were tough but I did them all. I played the expert mode(?) so no hints and no skips, however I did have to check the forum and walkthrough a couple of times to get hints. I loved the video cut away scenes and that it wasn't over done with the **** play. I like blasting through the cafe door! Very engrossing and great play. Liked seeing the programmers playing the students (at least that's what I assume).

Loved it!
 posted in Dracula: Love Kills Collector's Edition on Jun 9, 11 9:39 PM
laraly wrote:I am agree with some fishes whom draw the lines to this type of game, it's not a matter of vampires itself, but certanly I don't feel to launch an arrow to a crucifix to open a cabinet in the London's location, that's going too far and it's offensive toward Jesus himself and those who believes in him, so I have closed the game and unloaded.
The game it's not that bad, but frankly, vampires or not, I didn't think it was worth it to buy it as C E, the voices talk with an accent not clearly well defined, a mix of indian and maybe estern something? (No offfense) Anyway

Don't worry about Jesus. He's just fine with it I'm sure. It's time to take him off the cross, don't cha think?
 posted in Dracula: Love Kills Collector's Edition on Jun 9, 11 9:32 PM
Yes, I’ll get this. This is just a perfect level of difficult to keep me engaged to the end. I always start with the challenging mode and I liked this game. First off it lived up to the promise not to give me hints and sparkly areas. I could just rely on the cursor changing (that's easy enough). Breezy where it needs to be, great graphics - the h.o. scenes are clear and well done and not too many. Fully and unobtrusively supportive so you can work the game the way you want, friendly and it tries hard with "enthusiastic" voice acting and a try-harder plot emphasis, plus it has the little awards for finding stuff fast, not using hints, etc. which I like. I always appreciate a map, a location completed notice, and hidden areas that autoclose once you have everything you need out of it. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, well not too seriously. I hate Igor but the play is pretty good – you can get a bit lost, but a little sleuthing turns up the clues, some things stay puzzling until some other part is done, so you just keep moving along and ‘trusting’ the game…hmm good philosophy of life! The puzzles were different and challenging enough, but not skippable so far. To me, skippable are when puzzles are a) stupid tough (not tough tough), b) dumb easy, c) time consuming, and that basically you can absolutely gauge the puzzle and its payoff before you play it…all skippable to me.). Good game. On my list to purchase for sure.

 posted in Enlightenus II: The Timeless Tower on Jan 1, 11 12:55 PM
Clocks, clocks, and more clocks – so many games revolve around clocks and clock-works. This does too – I loved Enlightenus, and this game also proved to be an absorbing story, great logic puzzles, generous hints and clicks, great graphics, different s&f for sure (Seek and Find). Love it. UPDATE: Just finished the entire game – it was pretty good, but I was a wee bit bored of the repetitive cycle by the end. It’s very involved, but the basis of the game progression is collecting these disks, and instead of the disks being on theme, they were boring old can openers, flash lights, gloves, etc. Why not make them interesting items unique to the story line? What I loved? The puzzles which consisted of a stick figure story/movie that progresses one way or another as you select cryptic actions for them to take to accomplish something, or die. UPDATE: For some reason I didn't even know there was a CE version of this. I purchased this game a while back (the SE version).
 posted in Redemption Cemetery: Curse of the Raven on Jan 1, 11 12:17 PM
I was excited when this came available in SE version!! The game is deep and challenging and I love the rich graphics – so eerie and good – kind of violent with dead bodies and real life werewolves and houses on fire, etc. but I felt ripped off because it was so SHORT!! You never get into the main gates! It’s all about the 3 or 4 little stories before you get in the main gate – as soon as you finish the 4 stories you find the key, open the gate, and it’s over. The “extra” play is only with the CE, so this felt like a rip because of how short it was. Good game otherwise.
 posted in Elixir of Immortality on Dec 4, 10 12:10 AM
Argh! I love this game and have been playing it over the last several days enjoying it very much. I got it on the $2.99 sale they just had. Well I'm deeply into the game when we just had a power outage, just out and right back on again, and when I got back in the game my Player was gone and all my progress erased. I had made it as far as getting the pollen for the poisoned botanist....It's a long game and now I have to start all over. I checked out the walkthrough only to see how much farther I have to go - A long way still to go. So I guess it will be worth replaying it - Question is, do I replay now when I know where everything is? Or later, when it's new again....?
Anyway, a very good game - if it had been another game I'd probably not bother at all.
 posted in Mystery Age: The Dark Priests on Nov 27, 10 1:17 AM
Perfectly good game for some perhaps, but for me there was something about it that bugged me. Whether it was the sloppy cursor, the languid loading of the game, the gothic choir music, or just the overall play which became predictable and tiresome very quickly. It was tricky and tough and I enjoyed solving the puzzles but not much. It would be a mid level involved game – if you walk out and go back in you have to remind yourself of all the unfinished sh*t you have to do. I played it for a few minutes and it seemed like hours. I played again (same demo) waiting to play it out and it didn’t end fast enough so I stepped out with STILL 13 minutes to go and I feel like I’ve had more than enough of the game. Pity - I loved The Imperial Staff. Deleting with time left on demo – it felt like a waste of time.
 posted in Journalistic Stories on Nov 27, 10 1:02 AM
Perfectly good game I suppose, but I should have been tipped by the awkward name. I tried it when it was being offered as a DD - It’s definitely being offered on the Daily Deal for a reason. It suffers from creators who have ESL issues. And it’s pretty gay (not that there's anything wrong with that). You can almost hear the lisp on the two male characters. You get 'clues’ like “The Lantern is On The Oil” – hmm, kind of hard to tell exactly what they are trying to say, and though you can guess it means one thing (and in this case my first guess was wrong, but I figured out clumsily what to do with it – dip my paintbrush in it – yes, you heard right), I’d rather have a clear objective before I put a lot effort into it – these games can have a way of robbing you of satisfaction when you realize you’ve just wasted an hour on aimless clicking – of course you don’t realize that until later. And so it goes. I chose the hard play and I got over-instructed, twinkle hints, and yet I almost never made it through the tutorial! Suddenly one of these games that overly guides you suddenly doesn’t seem to have any further intuitive play. Click and click and click, until you finally figure out you’ve been doing it wrong. For instance the hint points to something but if you click on it nothing happens. And the mini games looked good but I no idea how to play some of them. You can’t tell if it’s going to take involvement and to what degree. So because of all this I won't be getting it even on a DD.

I still say Madam Fate was the best.

Me too. Spoiled me since.
I'm downloading the demo now.
Too bad, because it’s got great potential – didn’t read the story or use my brain too much except in the S&F and I prefer a mystery and puzzle portion that challenges and stimulates me too. I don’t know if the story’s any good because I don’t bother with that in the demo, but you seem to jump all over the place, but you can’t really get lost (I found when I tried) – the game stops and takes you to the next place you need to be with the guy showing up to tell you what you are going to do next and why – so quite jerky transitions, even feeling like a ‘random making up of the story as it goes along’ although it’s based on E.A.P.’s story – then it loads the next place and the screen sparkles in the order of stuff you need to get – wow, that’s pretty difficult (sarcasm here). You don’t even get a chance to look at the scene before it’s bugging you to go here, go here. Like, ok! How about waiting for 4 flippin’ seconds while I take in the artwork, the room, and the potential mystery I have to solve – like get out of my face until it seems I’m floundering and I ask for help (by giving me a journal, or friends, guide, and or graduated hints.) In this game some screens I just went charging through to the next room just because I wanted to be contrary to being led around and see what it would do, and to make it more challenging frankly. It seems so many games creators don’t get it. I don’t want to go back and back and back and wander around lost, but let me look myself if the trunk can be opened (with the help of the changing cursor – that’s plenty of hint), or if the cabinet is locked and if I don’t ‘get it’, don’t let me leave the area, or progress, if doing so will not send me off complete. Let it say instead, “There’s something else to do before I go.” Or something. And if I don’t know what that is, let me read my journal which will give me a graduated hinting system for my task, like “That painting over the fireplace intrigues me.” Then if I don’t know what to do with the painting, “I’m an expert art appraiser – my grandfather taught me a quick trick.” And if I don’t get that, “Using a pen knife I can figure out the painting’s age.” Etc etc. etc. Quit dumbing the games down – give the option of No Hints not even sparkly ones. Until I ask for guidance, right? Rant over.

With a name like this I knew it had the potential to be my favourite kind of game. And this would have been a great game if it hadn’t been quite so obvious and easy. It was big and beautiful and lush and the characters were static and you just read their story – I like that better than voices sometimes. It gave me Difficulty options, and even when I selected ‘no hints’ it still stated that Areas of Importance would sparkle (so what is ‘no hints’ then?) Well, I find then you just don’t bother looking at the room at all, you just get “sparkled” and go there. And in this game you get comments like, “Good! You’ve discovered the door handle!” Then there’d be a door with a missing handle and it would say, “Hey! It seems this door is missing a handle!!” And this is the advanced difficulty? I’d rather, “Hmm ok got a door handle here. And there’s a door I’m supposed to go to – maybe if I use the handle here.” You know? That’s not rocket science. So the game just gives it to you and although I liked the S&F portions very much in this game, and had to use hints there, and loved that it was just starting to get more challenging where you could leave rooms in the middle of an S&F because you didn’t have a key to open a lock to get the last item, etc. overall, I don’t think I like this game in any passionate way.
(Continued in Next Post)
OMG I loved it and was totally into it when the demo ended. I LOVE s&fs that give you little awards for doing something like, perfect accuracy, fast finding, no hints used, etc. It makes the somewhat repetitive s&f parts of a game extra interesting, and I find I’m more motivated to look longer, harder. Put that together with an outstanding game and this could be the best CE yet. I agree, this one is worth the CE price but I have to wait unitl next month b/c my punch card is full this month. BF - please offer more than one PC a month.
 posted in Bloodline of the Fallen: Anna's Sacrifice on Nov 16, 10 7:57 PM
I didn’t care for this game. Dull as a bag of nails, and after only 15 minutes I had to get out – it seemed like I’d been playing for hours. Don’t think I’ll play out the demo, just delete it. Ok I’ll open it and then delete it.
This was a good if sickie kind of game – torture and suffering isn’t really my bag. It is an involved and steady building game with lots to do and all that and yet it didn’t grab me.
 posted in Mystery Valley on Nov 16, 10 7:52 PM
this was good – better than some I’d just played. It was entertaining, quite absorbing and somewhat tough – mostly in the s&f portion – the puzzles where some what ‘puzzling’ but figureoutable however the story is really disjointed and jumps all over the place and no reason or flow.
 posted in Victorian Mysteries: Woman in White on Oct 9, 10 9:01 PM
Just gotta step out of the demo to comment. Some gripes: A lion isn't a 'mane' (although I found it despite the lame clue. And if you mean 'mane', then take the mane, not the whole lion.). Also when I click twice in a row on successful finds, I want a sound for both, not just the first one, and silence for the next. Also when I ask for a hint and it points to something that I know isn’t the answer, so I randomly click above where the hint is pointing and find it, that doesn’t instill a lot of faith that this game is not going to be frustrating! UPDATE: Ok you know what? It’s a great game despite my initial critique. I went “Oh no!” when it was over. Good get! Puzzles where challenging enough without being ridiculous. They made sense but still required logical thinking and intuition. I'm buying it.
 posted in Haunted Hotel: Lonely Dream on Oct 9, 10 8:47 PM
A good game - the kind I like, minimal s&f/****, but lots of investigation. It’s good – I like it. It’s got a Keeanu-style FBI guy who’s investigating this hotel that’s actually a time machine, but now it’s been a time machine so long that the people inside can now time travel themselves. Uh-huh. The graphics and playout are good. Had a good time playing out the demo- was just working out a totally puzzling puzzle. Good value game playing! Unexpected, dramatic, adventurous, challenging, interactive, changeable, humorous. Got it all. Going to buy right now.
 posted in Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy on Sep 16, 10 10:03 PM
In my play of this game this didn't even happen. I set the alarm for 1 am, got up and went down the stairs adjacent to my room, down to the classroom and got in, did the puzzles and got out. Problem is I didn't take a darn picture of the map, so I've got to break back in. Rachel's stopped talking to me and I can't set the alarm to night - I get a message saying "No time for napping! We must save the twins" or something. So I'm killing time playing out the mini games (played OUT now). When it gets night I'm going back in to take a picture so I can finish the game. Wonder if I'll get caught then?
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