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 posted in Toy Defense on Jun 26, 12 8:42 PM
I am also having a lot of trouble with this level. I've tried a variety of tactics - buying a lot of things quickly and not upgrading until later, upgrading as quickly as possible. Focusing on getting flamethrowers as quickly as possible. I've tried saving a variety of different things on previous levels to make it cheaper to get on this level. Nothing seems to work. I haven't made it past the 18th or 19th wave so far - just get overrun. Any suggestions for tactics on this level would be great!
 posted in Dreamsdwell Stories on Feb 15, 09 10:47 AM
I'm curious as to what people actually think of the game.
Personally, I liked the variation on the typical marble popper game. Seems like fun. Kinda relaxing.
 posted in Mandragora on Feb 9, 09 8:56 AM
Hmm - I was going to ask if anyone saw any point to the game.
I started out planting all the available tree seeds. Randomly picked two and cross-bred. Took the resulting tree and scanned through to find the best match. Cross-bred that way. Took the resulting match and scanned through all the trees to find the best match. When I need more space, I cut down one of the original trees, or, if I've cut them all down, the lowest magic one. Wash, rinse, repeat. I've played 45 minutes and am in the lake area. Not had any trouble making the time on any level. Takes me an average of 6-8 crosses.
Really wasn't sure what the point was, since it doesn't seem to take much skill to pick the most recent tree and cross-breed it with whichever of the other trees offers the best match. Seemed pretty random as far as which tree it would be.
I'm glad there are people enjoying it. I'm just not getting it.
 posted in Satisfashion on Jan 2, 09 9:21 AM
(Chuckles) I found this game kinda fun in a zen kind of way. It wasn't that you actually made things that looked good - since many of my best selling items looked terrible IMO - it was the pattern recognition. Finding the things that fit the criteria - finding the patterns within things.
That being said I didn't find it difficult - on the other hand I tried it on the easiest level. It was enough that I wished I'd have caught that and tried it on a harder level so I could see what changed.
It wasn't something I was likely to buy and playing didn't change my mind, but I thought it was cute.
 posted in Amazing Finds on Dec 9, 08 8:19 AM
Just because they're available doesn't mean you have to use them! It does stop spinning quickly, and I'm guessing that means people were able to get done with the game fairly quickly. More of a challenge if you don't though.
 posted in Amazing Finds on Dec 8, 08 8:08 AM
I had been wondering if that was the case. I made it far enough along to feel as though there didn't seem to be that much left. I'd been hoping there was more to it than there appeared, but I see now there wasn't.
Looked kinda cute. Kinda silly.
But at least it gave a good reason for odd things to be all jumbled up with each other. That tends to be one of my biggest complaints with HO games. The mini-games were nice although relatively easy.
 posted in Farm Craft on Dec 6, 08 8:16 AM
This seems like a cute little game. I loved the graphics and interface on it. But with the main content being SO much like Alice Greenfingers, I just couldn't justify buying it, even though it looked better and a few things were different. And a little better.
 posted in Neptune's Secret on Dec 1, 08 8:38 AM
I had problems with this game. My biggest one was the complete moderization of Atlantis. With the outdoor, underwater scenes I could understand some items floating down and being present that would have been completely out of place for the time. But when you have a dressing room with photographs (thousands of years old but you can still see them clearly!) and lightbulbs and television. I can buy that Atlantis was advanced, but not in exactly the same way we are now. It looked like something from early last century.
I don't especially like object hunts that are shape only and that was a third of all scenes. I did like the aspect of all the things from all three hunts you do in a room being there all along so I found myself guessing what the 'hunt for 10' item was going to be, and what the items were going to be for the 'put these broken items together and then figure out how they work to go onto the next scene'.
For a hidden object game, it isn't bad, but I found the setting to be so far off as to be distracting in a bad way.
 posted in Lavender`s Botanicals on Nov 26, 08 6:53 AM
One of the things I have noticed (this isn't a new bug, just a clarification of an already mentioned one), is that once you sell one of the seven items it'll let you sell, you don't get the same seven items to sell when you go back. That may be a way to sell some of your other things. I don't know if that works if you only sell some of a product though, because usually, if it's the best price, I just sell everything I have of an item (except those rare times that I'm saving a few for a quest). Not an efficient method of "scrolling" through the things you want to sell, but it does help a little.
 posted in Lavender`s Botanicals on Nov 24, 08 8:58 PM
Shower gel is something you make. I believe it is under the aroma tab (middle one). Hope this helps!
 posted in Lavender`s Botanicals on Nov 24, 08 10:18 AM
I'm wondering what peoples opinions are between the Lavender's Botanicals game in the two Chocolatier games. They've both got a very similar feel to them.
There are certainly different aspects to both. I love the fact that there are so many things you can look up with the laptop in LB. Having different minigames for the different factories is kind of neat too. I also like the fact that the cost of travel isn't overwhelming at the beginning.
That being said, I just loved the feel of the chocolatier games. The games to determine how many of something a factory makes make a little more sense, and I like the variation based on the kind of chocolate, rather than the factory itself. I also like the fact that you can actually chose whether you accept a task from someone or not.
I think - and to be fair, I haven't finished LB - if I had to pick only one of the 3 games, it would probably be Chocolatier 2. But they're all good
 posted in Lavender`s Botanicals on Nov 24, 08 10:10 AM
Interesting. I don't know the answer to that, but I've noticed that every once in a while my factory tab just stops scrolling. Not sure why, but it'll show me whatever the last view was and I can't see any of the rest. I hope the problem you mentioned is fixed - I haven't made it that far yet, but that would definitely be a problem!
 posted in Build-a-lot 3: Passport to Europe on Nov 20, 08 5:31 PM
Wow! Awesome advice folks!
I'll definitely be giving it a try - hadn't thought of it. I'd only gotten as far as trying lots of chateaus to get the money, but banks....
Very sneaky those game designers!
 posted in Build-a-lot 3: Passport to Europe on Nov 20, 08 5:27 PM
I must say I found that the case. Although I didn't yellow flag all the levels on Forgotten Colony - I did get through them all, then went back and worked on the flag color and figuring out how to beat them better. But the later levels of Build a Lot I found MUCH harder to get past.
They do have a very similar feel and I ended up buying both of them. Very well constructed games.
 posted in Build-a-lot 3: Passport to Europe on Nov 20, 08 5:25 PM
Hehe - I stopped trying to get to expert level a long time before this! I feel lucky to just be able to get through a level let alone get expert! Good luck though. I figure I'll go back and work on refining the levels.
 posted in Build-a-lot 3: Passport to Europe on Nov 20, 08 5:23 PM
I've been wondering the same thing. The first time, I just build the chalets and that got me less than 2 million. The second run through I tried building a workshop, building mostly chalets but also 4 chateaus and that got me to around 4 million, but not all 16 chalets (I think I was at 13 when it ended). I don't see how you get the funds to make it through, since you can't use the great fallback of selling chateaus, or, really, anything. There's nothing else you can build and keep there. The one nice thing about the previously mentioned strategy is that I could inspect houses and that inspection stayed even once the workshop was gone. Any advice would be great!
 posted in Diner Dash: Flo Through Time on Nov 12, 08 10:14 AM
I didn't mind the premise of this one, but the execution...
I found this similar to the last Diner Dash that was released - I could make it through two or three of the initial boards, but by #3 or 4 I was already having to repeat them 2 or 3 times to get through. If I'm having that much trouble early in the game, I don't see how I'm ever going to get very far. After 3 times trying the 5th stage and failing, I gave up.
I did think that the endless shift was a good idea and I felt like I didn't do a bad job my first time through (24K score), but it certainly wasn't enough to save the game for me.
These are definitely catering to the people who do REALLY well at the DD games and want a challenge. Not so good for casual players.
 posted in Hawaiian Explorer 2: Lost Island on Nov 3, 08 1:40 PM
*slight spoiler* It took me a few tries to find the PDA myself. If I remember correctly, it is a little to the right middle toward the bottom of the screen.
The tactics that people describe being needed are pretty much what I did too - find as much as I could, use the three hints, then click around until I either found everything or ran out of time then did it again. I don't think I had any that took me more than 2 tries, but I certainly found it annoying enough not to bother buying it. Seemed like an okay game but not worth buying.
 posted in FishCo on Nov 2, 08 8:38 AM
I definitely enjoyed the hour trial. I thought the game built logically and after the first few levels, expert was enough of a challenge that it wasn't boring, but it wasn't impossible either. The fish detail was great too and it was a neat opportunity to see some different stuff based on real fish rather than imaginary ones.
 posted in Pet Show Craze on Nov 1, 08 10:42 PM
In the end, that's all you can really ask for from a game.
I've found that the ones that I've played the most are often not the ones I would think I would end up playing a lot. There are some games that I've found that I enjoy but never end up playing that much if I buy them and even though I'm always tempted, have stopped buying because I feel I know what the end result would be. And occasionally I take a 'flier' on one and try it and I never know how that'll turn out. Some of 'em have been great and some turn out disappointing.
I love being able to try them though and buying one or two a month seems like a good rate for me. Much fun.
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