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 posted in Secrets of Olympus 2: Gods among Us on Sep 12, 14 4:01 PM
Boorring and ugglly and no fun at all.

Big Fish would have us pay real money for this game? Unbelievable.....

 posted in Travel Riddles: Trip to India on Sep 12, 14 3:52 PM
This game if from the dark ages. No option to play without a timer; no option to turn hints off; boards so small, was a joke. Can't say enough about how disappointed I was - what a waste of time to even down load it.

Sorry - I'm a bit on the crabby side today. Didn't need this!
 posted in Campgrounds on Sep 3, 14 6:04 PM
Based on playing the demo only, I kind of like this game. So hard to find a good building time management game, I'm on the verge of buying this one.

I like the story line, the eco-camp vs. money camp. Of course, I am an awfully old tree hugger hippie from way back - what can I say?

It's not too hard, and that is just what I need right now. I am playing on relaxed mode and have made all 3 gold stars in 8 levels so far. I don't mind the clicking as much as in other games - the constant talking of the workers. This game, the workers are really quiet while they work, and stand up and clap and cheer when the level is complete. I can play this game with the muzac and the sounds on, no problem. Just turned down a little.

Definitely worth a free credit, and I think I may end up spending the full $6.99 on it. Have others to try out this week, too.

Thanks for letting me put my 2 cents in on this game. May not be the best building TM game, but it's not the worst, either, by far.

Enjoy it if you get it.
 posted in Pickers on Aug 6, 14 5:08 PM


Hands down, this is the best game I have bought from BF. Just wanted to stop back here and tell you that. You can play the game solo against the computer, with another picker, or go for the grand prize.

There will never be any two games alike. The replay value is off the wall. If you buy this game, you can play it any way you like and in any mode. The items are placed in different places in different locations with every game. I have never seen a game like this, and hope there are many more to come.

I thought about this game for a few days, and it never left my mind. I have never seen this game on TV before, but the instructions and your own way of playing it is very clear.

HOS's are in some places dark and in some places bright. This is the only part of the game I don't like as I dislike HOS's in any way or form. With this game, this is the only way to find prime picks, combine objects, and move forward with the game. So, only one lonely in an otherwise outstanding game.

I can play this game in multitudes of ways, but it is always the first game I play. I bought it full price on a whim. If there is ever a sale, please "pick" it up. I cannot say enough about this game.

Had to post this because it is my "go to" game every night and I play for hours and never get bored. It is absolutely the best game out there. Please don't confuse this game with "American Picker" as it is not at all the same.

Enjoy if you buy - I'm positive you will.

 posted in Rise of Dynasty on Aug 1, 14 7:38 PM

I could not even finish the demo. I think the word for that is b-o-r-i-n-g.

Let's start with the Pros. You can make matches while other tiles are falling. The board was big enough and tiles easy to see. Some bit of strategy here in order to fill up the powerups, but no clear-cut instructions as to how to use them. (Used to that, anyway). All the usual frozen, webbed, and generally stuck tiles. It does have a bit of a challenge to it as it is important to get those tiles in the corners out of the way first. Nice "tinkling" sound as tiles drop. Both timed and relaxed mode.

Cons: The layout is very, very simple. You don't get a read-out of the number of coins you have. Building is just plain lackluster. There is no choice of what to build, style, upgrades, etc. When you get to the building scene, you have one choice: A choice to build or not. If you choose build, there is no actual building, just the house or whatever appears. The colors of the landscape and buildings are dull. The music was just horrible. You get a little story in the beginning, not long, and you are left to play the game, it seemed to me, alone.

My opinion (and I feel like I'm leaving out something on the Pro side) is that the game is lacking in something. There's no fun in playing this. People have said "same old, same old." Although I don't agree entirely on this statement because of the strategy involved, it really is the "same old, same old," only worse. Where is the pizzazz? Where are the beautiful graphics? Where are all the people cheering you on, or at least telling you the goals you have to strive for? In other words, the game was just "blah" IMHO. May be a good game for beginners with the relaxed mode and to try an M3 and get the hang of powerups, etc. For me, it was just humdrum.

I do not recommend this game. Please try before you buy - may be just right for you.

 posted in Pickers on Aug 1, 14 10:31 AM
brookings wrote:This game is somewhat like the game Antiques Roadshow, only not nearly as good. The pros of the game is that you have 3 modes to choose from. The con is that the HOG scene is not crisp, but muted, and it's a junk pile, so finding objects not easy. Because of that, it's a no buy for me. It could have been a fun game, but just isn't,

Was looking for a TM game and tried this one. As brookings said above, the HOG scenes were too dark and hidden away. I would have liked to see what else you could do with the objects you buy, though. I'll keep this one on the back burner. Right now, it's a no buy for me because of the HOS.

But please give it a try - it's worth that at least. It's very different, if you are into antiques and having a store of your own. If not, well

 posted in Next Stop on Jul 30, 14 4:54 PM

Since it is becoming more and more expensive to buy CE's, and the choices we have lately are so dark and gloomy, I have been trying out new types of games. Bought a lot of M3 games a while ago, but then they all seemed to turn into games for 5 year olds. So have bought a couple time management games and liked them.

Next Stop is a lot of fun to play. It is not your usual repair, get resources, repair, get resources game. Although there are those aspects to this game, they come in different "packages."

Your goal is to repair your father's railroad before the big, bad mayor takes it and all its land for back taxes. He gives you a certain number of days to make the repairs, and I assume if you don't get the job done in those days, you lose. The only thing I would wish for is more levels. They do the graphics so beautifully. There are no Vikings involved. There are no monsters to kill. The game is different, clever, and a joy to play. There are the 2 modes of playing - timed and untimed. The goals you have to accomplish are clear and written at the top of the screen. You need only to hoover over something and you will see what you need to fix the situation. The main characters are more realistic looking than cartoonish, and only talk at the beginning of a level. (In other words, they are not a constant interruption.)

It is definitely worth the trial to see how the game plays. I hope you like it as much as I do. I bought it right after the trial and am anxious to get back to playing. Of course, I have done great on the first 4 levels - now I'll have to see how hard the rest of them are.

I recommend this game highly.

 posted in Ominous Objects: Family Portrait Collector's Edition on Jul 27, 14 1:50 PM
Date: July 27, 2014
Based on full Demo

We have another sale this weekend - 2 CE's for the price of 1. Unbelievable BF as I can never even buy one CE at regular price! Thank you!

This game is rated #1 in the most PC downloads, and I have noticed it there for a while. I am not a big fan of hidden object games, especially those that are so dark you can't see anything without bringing your own LED Maglite. How could I have gone so wrong? This appeared to be a bright game, easy to see hidden objects, beautiful (repeat - beautiful) graphics, and the "painting" SE games I have played never failed to entertain and fascinate.

Kudos to all developers, mainly because I have no clue how they produce such beautiful and entertaining games. s and more for your outstanding talents.

Ominous (great word for a title to a game, huh?) started out great. Cut scene was beautiful, voiceovers fine, although no lip movement - better than non-synced lip movement! And what a beautiful castle. I was all set to get inside and start playing. That is where the magic of expectation ended for me. 1st, the dull voiceovers telling your husband your children have been taken by - what, I don't know yet.

But this is where the story should have grabbed you and not let you go until the end. Instead, it left you in a free-fall. Yes, yes, the hidden object scenes were "fun" and the puzzles were a bit of a "challenge," but is that what we play games for? Do we not play games to lose ourselves in a gripping story that does not let you off the hook until the end? Is that not even why we buy CE's - so we get the full and complete story that is lacking in so many SE's?

This story was painful to hold on to. Even the scary dogs, slamming doors, empty childrens' rooms were lackluster and stuffy. IMHO, it was a 60-minute chore to try to find anything even inspiring or - at the very least - polished. I'm sorry I wasted an hour at least trying. I don't care about the cat, the collectibles, etc. They make no difference to me. I wanted something to hang on to, something to pull me along and at the very least thrill me. This didn't.

I always say to try before you buy as it may be the game for you. These are just my impressions.

 posted in Floria on Jul 27, 14 10:47 AM

Which I must say I could not tolerate playing the full demo. Another M3 for a child. Guess I'll have to look for another favorite genre altogether. I have so many beautiful, challenging, adult-themed M3's already bought and played over and over. Maybe "the times, they are a changin'" and I'm not up to fighting anymore.

The gameplay has been explained here in previous posts. Tiles are large (super-large) so no problem seeing them, that's for sure. And yes, you can make matches while tiles are falling, but you make more mistakes than if you just leave it alone. The gameplay is a little different and does take some minor thought to complete a board (stress "minor").

Very colorful to the point of being obnoxious. The characters are cartoon characters and must be the ugliest characters ever drawn. Who wants to even look at them between boards?

The other games included (waaayyyy too many times) are too stupid for words.

I suppose you can guess my impression of this game. Enough said. Don't waste your money if you are looking for a half-way decent M3, IMHO. Please try before you buy.

 posted in Artifacts of Eternity on Jun 25, 14 1:19 AM

This little M3 game can be deceiving. Yes, the boards are small. No, you can't make matches until the boards are finished making their matches. But there is a reason behind both of these (what we used to call) flaws. It makes the challenge in this M3 game.

In the first board, you were looking for parts of a garden shears, and to get them you had to bring them to the bottom so they would be released. Hey, no problemo. Got that one right away. The second board, following the story, was to cut the vines so you could get in the basement doorway. The instructions said "make matches over all the tiles on the board to clear the vines." I think I had my dumb hat on , or else didn't really read the instructions because they were soooo simple. I matched all the "vine" tiles; there were none left on this board, so I waited to go on to board 3. What I really had to do was make matches over every tile on the board (seems I'd heard that before somewhere). When you did that, the tiles turned white and board was done. Duh! 3rd or 4th level, I had to clear a path so the lamp could get to the generator on the other side of this big board. The board and lamp moved along as you cleared the path, but there was a point at the end where the board was small again, partially covered with your score box, and I could not see any more matches. Didn't look like I had any power-ups, but clicked on the shuffle button anyway, and that shuffled the tiles and I was able to continue.

That was the only "big" board I ran into. The rest were small - making your matching choices very limited, so you actually need all the tiles to drop and make their own matches before you look at the board again and think what is the best move to make now? What move will not put me in a corner and will give me the most matches to chose from? For me, therein lied the challenge.

The graphics were clean and crisp, the story was non-intrusive and not made for 8-year olds. I will complain about the coloring chosen for the tiles and the pictures on the tiles. They were not primary colors and were dark. So if your objective is to make matches over all the tiles, and they all turn from dark red to navy, how do you know there is a kelly green underneath the navy background? Too much squinting at that point. I am on the fence about this game, but try it and maybe it's better in the light of day.

 posted in Jewel Match IV on Jun 19, 14 2:04 AM

One of my favorite games is Jewel Match II. It was perfect in every way, challenging, no timer, large - really large - boards that fit the entire screen, and a very simple side story/building part to it. Instructions were clear, stones big enough and not at all flashy. Just a good challenge, even untimed.

Where or where are these new M3 games taking us? Jewel Match III was a definite no buy for me because the boards were large enough, but the jewels were even larger, and matches were accompanied by lightning flashes that would have given anyone a migraine. I did not get past the boards or into the story of Jewel Match III because of this.

Now Jewel Match IV comes out with even bigger screen, bigger gems, bigger flashes, combined with a story that is written in such small type, I would need a magnifying glass to tell you what it said. There are way too many cut scenes that interfere with playing the game, plus the side games of hidden objects - again could not read the name of the object I was looking for because the type was so small, say nothing about finding anything.

The soothing sound of the gems dropping is really a wind chime that plays in the background - and not a pretty one at that. A tinny sound that grates on my nerves.

Wow, I guess everything about this game grated on my nerves, except the untimed mode. M3 devs - please return to your roots and provide us with a smooth playing game, no flashing lights, and minimal back story. I just want to play the match 3 games, and be rewarded for winning.

This game is more than disappointing for me and a definite no buy. But please, try it before you buy it as it may be just your cup of tea.

Just finished Cadenza, and I want to change my name and play it all over again! I have to agree with most reviewers that this will be the game of the year for 2014. If it's not, then I will be sorely disappointed in those that found the tiniest faults with this game.

First and foremost, you are entirely swept away by the music. I love all kinds of music, and in fact just bought Hugh Laurie's last 2 albums. Jazz and the blues require a soul along with enormous talent to pull it off just right, and this game provided both.

What a refreshing game to be set in New Orleans! And with the heroine being a black woman of incredible courage. I have to say, I have never played a game like this before, and it was wonderful!

The devs pulled off this "comic-book" style with such a sense of reality, I honestly don't know how they did it. After an hour into the game, I felt I was looking at real people. However they did it, it worked brilliantly. Kudos to them for such a wonderful game.

How was the game play? How many HOS's and mini-puzzles were there? I honestly don't know and don't care. The game and its story line did it all for me. Any HOS scene or puzzles just got in my way, and IMHO could have been completely left out of the game and I wouldn't have missed either one. I was that spell-bound.

Sorry if the cars were not of the period, or tape recorders were not around at that time, etc., etc. Some things are just not important enough to even write about when reviewing a game of this calibre.

A must buy for everyone, whether it be the CE with bling, or the SE without. This is a game that should not be missed. Get down with it. Turn those speakers up. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy the story and the soul behind it. I have a feeling we won't see a game this well put together for a very long time.

 posted in Phenomenon: Outcome on Jun 4, 14 8:11 PM

Thought I would post a review here for the sale today. I have the 2 previous Phenomenon games which I did not delete from my game manager, so that must say something about them. It's been quite a while since I've played them, so demoing the Outcome in the series was a challenge.

If you want more detailed reviews, please check the CE page, a link is provided in the menu items of this game. There were as many favorable reviews for the CE as there were unfavorable ones. One thing I did learn by reading the CE reviews is that this game is not CE material. There is a bonus chapter, but totally unnecessary to provide a complete ending to the SE. Most felt it should not have even been offered as a CE, and some said they would wait for the SE to come out.

The basics: As far as the graphics and voiceovers are concerned, I thought they were perfectly fine. Clean and crisp graphics with music that was soothing, rather than agitating. This is truly an adventure game. There are a few HOS scenes that are done in a unique manner, as they were done in the previous games. A lot of mini-puzzles that did peek your interest as they were so different than any I have come across - and I am not good at puzzles, but had no problem with any of these. There is a map, journal, and a directional hint.

As soon as I got into the demo, the scenes were very familiar to me. The castle, the ocean, the gardens, etc. And I began to remember why I liked the other 2 games in this series. The story was intriguing, and you really felt you were on an adventure. This game, in the hour I played, seemed to be very lacking in the story part. You do not, however, need to have played the other games in the series to play this one.

The mechanics of this game are great! (Love adventure games). It has been said on the CE reviews that the story becomes more evident further into the game. I look forward to that. But for now, there is a lot of running around, finding objects that fit into other objects so you get a new object that belongs somewhere else! Your inventory fills up quickly. But you don't have to have a photographic memory to remember where the object you just found belongs, plus there is the help of the jump map. And although this is a sci-fi game, you start out on a beach and progress to an "English" castle with stone artifacts and statues all around. You get to interact with people along your journey, and they help point you in the right direction.
 posted in Old Clockmaker's Riddle on May 24, 14 7:58 PM
Had the same pop-up appear when downloading this game. I didn't know where it came from or who was generating it, so when the pop-up appeared, I hit cancel, but it went ahead and attempted to download anyway. Then I got an error message that it could not download the C++ Redistributable thingy because I had a newer version of the .dll already on my computer.

It's simply not worth taking the risk of ruining my new(ish) computer for a game. I uninstalled and will check for any traces left over from the installation.

Sorry, this type of thing is just not acceptable to many, and the poor person who had a Mac totally destroyed because of it should be compensated in full either by Big Fish or by the Manufacturers of this game.

 posted in Mystika 2: The Sanctuary on May 24, 14 7:16 PM

After reading all the reviews and playing the demo, I think the way this game looks has been well-covered. I will add that the cursor is very smooth and the tiles fall just as smoothly. Also, it is not a "childish" looking game.

I guess I am looking at this game from a whole other angle than others before me. The game is about the M3 play and the ability to earn enough money to restore the land. Yes, the HOS scenes were boring and annoying, but there are not too many and they do earn you money.

A number of reviews are under the impression that you can only earn $100 after playing a board, but if you look at the statistics they show you when you finish a board, it is $100 + the number of coins you collected while playing that board. This will be reflected at the top left where you can see the amount of money you have in order to buy repairs. I made upwards of $700+ on one board. And therein lies the challenge. I suppose you could play this timed and find a challenge there, but even on the timed mode, I see no way you would have trouble clearing a small board with the many, many bombs and rockets and other power-ups that fall onto the board after you make certain combos.

If you want to collect the money to finish rebuilding the land, you almost have to play in untimed mode. This way you can put off finishing the board until you have collected (matched 3,4,5 gold coins in a row) the most gold coins as you could. The challenge in this is the boards are small, and because the power-ups quickly fill the board, you have to find matches to be made so as not to clear the board, and yet keep those coins coming down from the top so you can match them up and collect your money. # of coins collected is shown in the top left corner when you are playing the board, plus you get $100 for completing the board.

At least that is the way I was playing the game. I may be completely wrong (certainly not the first time!). In any event, the way I was playing was opposite the way I would play any other M3. Now, is that a good thing? I'm not sure, but leaning toward no - it's not a good thing. (But I really am hungry for a new M3)

Of course, please try it yourself before you buy. Play it the way you think is best for you, and see what you think.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend, and enjoy this BOGO sale. TY Big Fish.
 posted in Nightmares from the Deep: The Siren's Call on May 24, 14 9:07 AM

Well, everyone seems to have loved this game - am I the only one dissenting? Maybe it was the style of the game that turned me completely off. I did not play the first installment of Nightmares from the Deep, so maybe I wasn't as hooked (pardon the pun) as everyone else.

This game, I felt, was a little over the top. Yes, the graphics were fine, music fine, gameplay with hint and maps and all that stuff were fine. But the game itself was so overwhelming for me. Giant - and I mean giant - sea creatures that took up the whole screen was a bit much for my imagination. The special mermaid, the scaly fish creatures, the magical items you find along the way. I said the graphics were fine, as far as color and clarity were concerned, but they were comic-book graphics. In fact the whole story seemed to have been written for a comic-book series. Maybe there even was one when I was younger, but that was so long ago I cannot remember.

Not to say to anyone that your comments and accolades for this game were "misplaced." Just wanted to stop in and say this is not the type of game I like. Give me something a bit more realistic, that's all. I don't like to play a game that feels like I am at Disneyworld. I've been there more times than I can recall when my kids were little. Finally found a bench out of the main thoroughfare that was quiet and cool and you could bring food there and let the kids roam as they got older. LOL If you want to know where that secret bench of mine was, well, I'm not giving up that secret.

Alas - I'm glad you all enjoyed this game so much! And if this is your cup of tea, then this weekend's Memorial Day sale would be a good time to pick up this popular game. It's just not for me.

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day.
 posted in New York Mysteries: Secrets of the Mafia on May 24, 14 8:31 AM

Of course there are no reviews for the SE - that's because there was a CE, and even there the reviews are minimal and not very flattering.

I found the game somewhat fascinating, and of course my interest peeked just at the time the demo was over. It does seem to have a certain sci-fi element in it with the green slime and butterflies, but the story seems to be about solving the mystery behind disappearing mafia bosses and small children. Strange, yes - but at least it's different.

Thought the colors and graphics were of a high quality. No dark and dreary scenes. Ran into one HOP and 2 other puzzles that did test your little brain cells, but not so much as to turn you off about playing. I really like the characters in the game. The "museum director," the "guard," and of course the main detective - who is a woman. Intriguing. And she's very pretty, and does a lot of climbing around in her beautiful dress (reminds me of 1000 Doors series - are they all done with that I wonder?).

There wasn't really anything I didn't like about this game. The map was excellent and a necessity since there is a lot of running around to do. The diary/journal, the hints and skip times can be adjusted in options (never saw that before, but left them the way they were - I'm easily spoiled!). As I mentioned, the HOP's and the puzzles were a bit tricky, but nothing to cry to Mom about. Most of all, I like the story line, and that is because this is not a Hidden Object Game, it is all Adventure, with twists and turns around every corner.

With the sale going on this Memorial Day weekend, I think I will get this one. I'm not a big fan of these dark and ominous Hidden Object Games, nor am I fond of parting with a twice the price to play the CE with the Bling. Don't need it, didn't ask for it, and is usually disappointing. No one said, but I'm hoping that the SE game ends fully without the need for the extra chapter. I don't have an answer for that as no one here or at the CE reviews mentioned it.

I kinda liked this game a lot, so I'm gonna get it, and if you got anything to say about that, I may have to rough you up a bit. LOL

Have a safe and Happy Memorial Day
 posted in Jane Angel 2: Fallen Heaven on May 10, 14 12:41 AM
Eugene_Duranin wrote:Hi everyone!
I'm developer of Jane Angel 2 game.
It will be pleasure to answer your questions if there is some )
I'd like from the start to say thanks for first warm words and should note that Jane Angel 2 presented here differs a lot from survey version half-year old.

Hi Eugene: Are you also the developer of Jane Angel, the first one? And are you also the developer of Paradise Quest? I don't remember if I read on Paradise Quest Reviews that your next game after that was Jane Angel. I'll have to go back and check that.

Just finished playing the demo of this. Overall, it was fun interacting with all the people you met aboard the Demon ship (I have not escaped quite yet). Love the voices and expressions, and the task list that tells you what you must do next.

I must say, the HOPA scenes were quite dark, some items impossible to find without a hint - and thank goodness the hint refills fairly quickly because you need that to find out where you have to go next. The game does, in its own way, lead you around, but a map would have been more helpful. Maybe a map is not necessary for the next place I would have to go after I leave this demon ship.

Honestly, I don't think I want this game. As one reviewer said, and I agree, I am lost. The story line is straight forward, but my hand and arm are throbbing from clicking on everything and getting a lucky hit once in a while. Most of the time, I was on the hint button, either asking for directions or asking for help in finding a horseshoe on the back wall that was totally impossible to see in the dark. Maybe a flashlight would have helped!

It is very nice to see you here. We always appreciate the developers stopping in to chat. We know that it takes a certain amount of "caring" and effort on your part to do so. So thank you.

Sorry, I do not recommend this game, but do recommend that my fellow ies try it first before you make a decision. It was worth the hour of my time.

 posted in Magic Heroes: Save Our Park on May 4, 14 10:10 PM

Of course, came to read the reviews on this before downloading the trial. With only 2 conflicting reviews, I gave it a whirl.

Yes, I agree it is not a smooth flowing game for a Match 3. It seems slow, and the game cursor is hard to control. But I did play the full hour, and was sorry when it ended. Go figure!

The game is made by "RetroGames" and that described the graphics to a tee. Clear, but definitely old-fashioned looking. The story is cute, and not too childish. The tiles are clear, and there are many bombs that appear out of nowhere and many powerups you earn as the game progresses. And progress it does, to harder and harder levels. More obstacles to destroy, larger game boards, and coins that appear and disappear if you do not click on them in time. These challenges as the game got going made you think more about playing than the about how clunky it was. In fact, it seemed to me that it smoothed out after a period of time.

My one-hour demo got me past the point of cleaning up the park to making my first purchase in the park's renovation.

I truly can't give this game much more than s. If that. I'm not even sure I would use a coupon to buy this game. There has been much better of late, and I'll just wait until something of equal calibre to Heroes from the Past: Joan of Arc, or Paradise Quest come along. (Don't laugh now - I know we will get a good Match 3 game again in the next few months, maybe ....).

Give it a try. I'm very much on the fence about it, and it might be just right for you. But play the whole hour and don't give up after 10 minutes because it does get better.

 posted in Tales of the Orient: The Rising Sun on Apr 29, 14 7:23 PM

This is such a coincidence. I just pulled up "Heroes from the Past: Joan of Arc" and was playing it for the last few days. It truly is one of my favorite Match-3 games, and Tales of the Orient: The Rising Sun is made by the same people.

The best part about these two games is how smoothly and quickly the tiles fall, how you can make matches while tiles are falling, and the sound the tiles make - a little tinkling sound. The boards are as perfect as the game play. I admit I am an M3 addict and have many of these games, but none play as smoothly as these two do.

I was not fond of the music that much, so turned that down in the options. I always play the relaxed mode as I'm a zen-kinda person. The graphics are exactly like Joan of Arc - in fact the girl looks just like Joan only with slanted eyes! lol. The only difference here is the ability to turn the game board to make moves you couldn't make otherwise. This adds a bit of interest to the game play, but does not totally overwhelm. I found that you could play a whole board without turning about as many times as you were forced to turn the board. So it is not constantly something you have to do. Tiles are clear once you get used to what the pictures are. Instructions - well, I didn't look for any. Sorry. But if there are instructions, they may be in the tutorial, or lacking in detail as so many M3's are. But we M3 addicts are used to the lack of instructions, aren't we???

For me, this is a definite buy, using a full credit to do so. I am so pleased to see this game today, so pleased that BF has a great M3 for a change. An unusual experience one must take advantage of immediately. You never know, they may run out of copies of this game!

I know all my M3 addicts will feel the same way. You know who you are, so you best better ante up the bucks and get this game before they run out! Enjoy, my friends.
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