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 posted in Rainblood: Town of Death on Oct 28, 11 7:11 AM
Sigh... Wonder what happened with this. There's a trailer out there, but I've yet to find City of Flame anywhere, even in a dusty, forgotten corner of the internet.

Waiting not so patiently for the sequel here, Rainblood devs and translators.
 posted in Drawn™: Trail of Shadows Collector's Edition on Oct 27, 11 9:01 AM
For me, Trail of Shadows was a really good game when I looked it as a single entity. However, when I held it up against the other two games in the Drawn series, it was kind of a letdown.

Some of the puzzles were a bit harder than previous Drawn installations, but there were definitely less of them. The first Drawn (The Painted Tower) took me several days to beat on my own (I don't skip puzzles). ToS took me about four hours. Part of that can possibly be attributed to the fact that by now, I'm more used to the style of Drawn puzzles, but even still, the time difference is enough for me to be disappointed.

The screen movement has been a bit of a controversial item, and I can understand why. While I'd have liked it if it had actually had a point, in the way it was utilized - slightly manipulating the view every time the mouse was moved - it just became irritating after about ten minutes. I can also see why it made some people motion sick. The option to turn off this feature was nice, and the fact that turning it off was announced at every loading screen made it virtually foolproof that customers would see that option... right? Overall, putting in a pointless "moving screen" just to say you had one more feature, not the best move (ha ha).

The last real complaint I have is the whole "collector's edition" label. To me, a collector's edition comes with enough to justify spending three times the cost for the same game - concept art, multiple bonus levels that maybe were considered but originally cut for the standard game, and of course, a built-in strategy guide. And while some games could have put a little more effort in making that guide user friendly while playing the game, it's always been there. With this latest edition of Drawn, there is no strategy guide, and as far as I can tell, the only "bonus level" is the chalk board guessing game thing. At least, that's the only bit that's actually referred to as "bonus content".

And now for the good stuff. The soundtrack was gorgeous, definitely on par with what we've come to expect from Big Fish. The artwork is stunning, and there is not a thing I can say against the storyline.

Collecting pigs, and the references to popular childhood storybooks were definitely cute extras.

Like I said, overall, Drawn 3 is a pretty good game, maybe even a really good game. But unlike the previous two, I cannot honestly say it's a great game, or even that the CE price is worth it - especially when compared to its predecessors.
 posted in Rainblood: Town of Death on Nov 3, 10 1:56 AM
I've now finished Rainblood since purchasing, and I love it even more than I did when I originally reviewed. I will point out that this is clearly not the entirety of the original game, and I am very much looking forward to future installments.

This is an RPG that leans a little darker than most available here, but it's quite well done. The translations were done very well, and the story is absolutely fascinating to watch develop. With the addition of a couple side quests and several accomplishments to achieve, this is also a game with great replay value - something of a rarity in casual games these days.

Should anyone have questions before buying, or need help, please feel free to PM me. I'm here more often than my posts indicate.

 posted in Reincarnations: Uncover the Past on Nov 3, 10 1:09 AM
Erhem.... Quietly entering to point out that the pentagram was once used by Christians to describe the five wounds Jesus suffered on the cross....

And has been used by pagans for centuries alongside the pentacle as an expression of religion. Not a "satanic" symbol in the least... I haven't a problem with your beliefs, but if you are going to get wound up over symbols, it might not be a bad idea to read the title, and descriptions of the game... "Reincarnations" may tip you off that this game will be exploring subject matter with which you may be uncomfortable.

That being said, I'm leaving with a . I hope you find a game you enjoy.

ETA: I wonder what the response would be if a pagan were to complain as loudly in regards to a Christian reference. Maybe if we put more energy in trying to understand one another, rather than judging or criticizing, the world would be a more pleasant place in which to reside.
 posted in Rainblood: Town of Death on Oct 12, 10 12:53 AM
So based on some of the reviews in the C&R thread, I was very much expecting to be thoroughly disgusted and done with this game within just a few minutes of playing. There are a few that describe little else to Rainblood other than blood and guts. However - and this is a BIG however, that's not at all what I actually found.

While this one definitely is more violent than say, Aveyond (only because this one does, during cut scenes, show some blood), Rainblood is a compelling story to watch unfold. In my hour demo, I was quite literally sucked into a tale of love, deceit, disillusionment, and betrayal. It's complicated and messy, and beautiful in its own way. While at first the backgrounds and character pictures may seem rudimentary or basic, they are actually drawn true to anime-style, and it's quite gorgeous.

In addition to a great story and pretty artwork, this RPG has a pretty unique battle system. Fights are turn-based (which is pretty standard), but they actually require some forethought. Who's the best enemy to target first, what skills are most beneficial with this kind of adversary. I was quite impressed, as many RPGs' battles become tedious and almost obnoxious - hit Enter over and over until my finger hurts or the battle's over. Occasionally heal. Again and again. I found the thought behind Rainblood's system very refreshing.

This one's at the top of my list of games for October, and I'd highly recommend giving it a chance. If you only play 30 seconds of a game, you're never actually going to know whether the game was worthwhile, and you may just be passing up a real gem. While realistically Rainblood probably won't be for everyone, I think RPG fans and those who love a great story will really enjoy it.

 posted in Renovate & Relocate: Boston on Oct 10, 10 10:39 PM
For me, I was quite excited about this one - the concept has huge potential. Sadly, however, this one fell way short of expectations. Riddled with excessive typos, pretty poor-quality voice acting, and music that had me getting sleepy, Renovate & Relocate won't be a purchase for me, I'm afraid.

Personally, however, I think the area the developers really shot themselves in the foot was in the game play. They designed this game to only appeal to traditional HOG fans. The "renovation" part is so sparse as to be virtually nonexistent, and there isn't anything else to attract fans of other genres - not even mini-games to break up the monotony of straight HOG style scenes.

Unfortunately, R&R falls into a case of good concept, exceptionally poor execution. Back to the drawing board.
 posted in Incredible Adventures of my Mom on Oct 6, 10 2:12 AM
Couldn't help but notice... This mother obviously hadn't seen her son in quite some time, as she looked for a photo in his office... *Sigh* I tried this one, and even went through the entire 1 hr trial. The short version? This one's not for me.

The heroine, a mother of a cop, makes me uncomfortable. She reminds me of my best friend's mother-in-law - Poking around where she doesn't belong, and cleaning everything in sight, whether it's welcomed or not. It's quite apparent to me why she was unsure of what her son looked like... She's an excessive busybody, frankly.

The game's setup is fine, it's essentially a traditional HOG, with a few inventory items and a handful of simple mini-games thrown in for good measure. Really, the deal breaker for me was the main character. The few HOGs I've played in didn't feel quite so nosy or intrusive. I found the whole thing, as others have put it, a bit incredible, how this woman pokes around a safe in a police station, sullies a crime scene or two, and continues on her merry way, no problem.

Frankly, while others may very well enjoy this one, it's not a game I will be purchasing, unfortunately.
 posted in Voyage on Oct 4, 10 9:36 AM
I've adored Voyage for awhile now, but realized I'd never actually posted a review, so here goes, for anyone who HASN'T purchased this one.

Voyage is, IMO, by far and large still one of the best adventure games here on BFG. It's obviously not a brand spanking new game, but the graphics are absolutely gorgeous, the "world" you find yourself in is HUGE, and things to do are more than plentiful. For once, there isn't a bad thing I can say about the game, which is a rarity.

As a brief synopsis, you are Michele Ardan, and you find yourself in a small metal cabin with two other "sleeping" companions. You have no memory of how you got there, or what you are doing, and are determined to figure out what happened. This is just the first mission of several in Voyage, and as you realize where you are, and what possibilities you have, the game just gets better and better.

Now, I'll be the first to admit that the puzzles in this one are not the simplest, and in fact, some require quite a bit of thought, however, they are all logic-based, and I had hours and hours of fun playing, and really felt accomplished when I'd figure out how a puzzle worked. Voyage is still, and probably will be for some time, one of my absolute favorites here on BF, and a definite treasure to anyone who's bored.

Graphics: 5/5

If you'd like to try before buying, PM me and I'll send you the link to where I demoed.
After playing through the Dash series (yep, I own each and every one, lol... Plus Ave Flo) I'd expect to be a tad sick of Flo by now... But these games somehow step it up every single time. The minigames in this one were brilliant, it's nice to have a reprieve from preparing one dish each level.

And teenage Flo with pigtails is ADORABLE!! Overall, graphics continue to improve, the game is absolutely gorgeous. The music isn't TOO repetitive, at least it changes a bit each time you change locations. Gameplay is amazing, while the emphasis is mostly on TM (and what do you expect with a name like Dash? ), there's a bit of Match and HOG thrown in as well, which definitely appeals to me, as I like a little of everything. And I have to say, it's nice to see a new release with no bugs.

Add to that an extra TEN levels total with this baby and I'd definitely say this is a CE well worth its cost. Keep 'em coming, PF, 'cause I always get excited to see a new Flo!

Graphics: 8
Gameplay: 10
Music: 6
Story: 9
Length: 10
 posted in Finding Hope on Sep 16, 10 1:06 AM
I will start off by admitting I rarely find a hidden object game I like. However, there were definite elements I found appealing in Finding Hope. The story, while a bit off-putting at first - Hope does seem a bit whiney at first - gets quite good as she begins to find herself, and the determination to find her son was something I found admirable.

It takes a bit of patience, because to be honest, the story doesn't move along quite as quickly as I normally prefer, but Hope definitely seems like a character I'd enjoy reading about. The actual criticism I have for the game itself have more to do with the fact that I'm just not crazy about traditional HOGs - I'd like the hints to fill a bit faster (I tend to get frustrated easily when I can't find something, lol), and in a future game, I'd like to maybe see a hybrid style, rather than just straight HOG (well, and reverse HOG, when you are finding where objects go).

Other than that, I enjoyed the demo period, and Finding Hope is definitely going on my list of possible choices for games this month. Michael, I encourage you to keep developing - the game's graphics were absolutely gorgeous, and while the story may not be everyone's style, it truly has a grace and subtle strength all on its own. I look forward to seeing future efforts from you.
 posted in Blooming Daisies on Sep 7, 10 6:40 PM
Glitches I noticed:

1) The second set of bricks I bought for paths worked fine until I set it down... Then I couldn't select it again. It just sat there, totally unclickable. Then, a bit later, I bought ANOTHER set of bricks that did this. After I had two inactive, unselectable brick piles, I could no longer repair any holes in the path, regardless of what I tried.

2) Upon exiting the game, I received an Error: Access Violation message.

Unfortunately, while I enjoyed the trial of this game, until the brick bug is fixed, I don't think I'll buy. It drove me crazy to have ugly brick piles lying around, and then suddenly I was getting unsatisfied customers because I couldn't fix the holes. This essentially meant I'd have to start all over with a new garden and hope and pray that I don't get the brick glitch again.
 posted in Settlement: Colossus on Sep 5, 10 5:57 PM
Ga - I demoed this game when it first came out and only managed to get 30 mins through. I could not STAND how the gameplay worked. Collecting twigs, berries, and mushrooms, then going back, "researching" and going out to gather more of the same isn't my idea of "relaxing.," it's my definition of dull.

Frankly, I probably would not have come here to review, but I've seen the developers' snarky comments toward those who didn't like the game enough. To be brutally honest (which is how I hope my customers would be, were I a developer,) I only got 30 mins through before I had a major urge to take a nap. The game was over-simplified, and while yes, the pictures were lovely, and the music ok, I was bored.

I enjoy TMs, and I enjoy relaxing games, but if the game isn't going to make me WORK, I would like some form of challenge, please. Make me think, sweat a bit, puzzle, contemplate, or something. Keep me interested in more than the pretty pictures. I don't play games to shut down, I play them to wind down. That doesn't mean I want to fall asleep while playing, or that I want to feel like I've wasted time I couldn't get back by demoing your game.

And please, for the love of all things fishy, stop with the shameless advertising. I get it. You're proud of your game. I'm sure it took a lot of work, and you should be proud. Like I said, pretty pictures, ok music. But aspire to be better. You can't please us all, but rather than being obnoxious about it, you could actually TRY. The work speaks for itself. Be confident in it and let people tell you what they really think. Then YOU can decide where you need to improve on. Please remember, no matter how great you think you are, there is always room for improvement.
 posted in Azada ™: Ancient Magic on Sep 3, 10 11:50 AM
And, August has come and gone, and still no word... *Sigh*
 posted in Snark Busters: Welcome to the Club on Aug 20, 10 12:04 PM
Welcome to the pond, Slowtoo!

To be honest, I don't remember that puzzle, but the walkthrough is here

and the Snark Busters forum is here

I hope you find your answer!!
 posted in Echoes of the Past: The Castle of Shadows on Aug 17, 10 6:04 PM
Welcome to the pond Coralcreeper!!! The river crossing had me stuck for awhile too. Depending on which part you're at, there are several things you need to do. To give you the best answer, there are a few posts here

in the Castle of Shadows forum, and MargieB did a fantastic walkthrough which is here:

Hope this helps!
 posted in Gwen the Magic Nanny on Aug 2, 10 8:02 PM
In their defense, this is an OLD game. I played through it almost a year ago I think, and I'm pretty sure it was old then. This is the one problem I have with the "tgt" - "new" games to BF aren't necessarily new. Sadly, this is often the case with TM games. That being said, I actually liked Gwen the first time I played. It's a great starter game for TM "newbies" and kids.

The story's a bit cutesie for my taste, but this definitely caters to a need in the market - casual games that are kid appropriate available here on BF, so for that I'll give Gwen a
 posted in Gwen the Magic Nanny on Aug 2, 10 7:14 PM
krasniikot wrote:My favorite games are also Time Management/Strategy (& no, it's not because I don't have enough going on in my life already, as someone intimated). I travel for a living; I am never in one country for more than two weeks so Time Management games give me (maybe, if I'm lucky) some control over something. Or maybe I just like having 80 things going on at the same time (it certainly helps at airports).

Everyone is different! That's why the world is so interesting.
Personally, I don't get HOGs (though I did LOVE MCF: Madame Fate, because it was so gorgeous) but to each their own. If YOU love HOGs, please have fun.

I am still unclear why the first poster posted here. And why so many people defended that person.

I'm not a "teenager", nor do I have a lack of other stuff to do either, but I tend to prefer TM and strategy games as well. There aren't many HOGs I enjoy, and I've often wondered how anyone could like them.

It's for this reason that I generally avoid HOGs, and their forums, other than to occasionally post my thoughts about the GAME, after I've at least tried it. As Kras (abbreviating your name, lazy here. ) so eloquently put it, "Everyone is different... to each their own."

Putting down others or intimating rude opinions simply because they prefer a different game genre than you is not only completely uncalled for, it's unfair. Very rarely does one see (or do I see, anyway) a TM fan going into a HOG forum and, essentially, trying to pick a fight by putting down the HOG fans. But there never fails to be at least a few HOG fans in TM forums putting down TM fans.

18 and over is in the TOS, so it's safe to assume that we are all adults here. Let's act like it, shall we? My mother used to say "If you can't say anything nice, don;t say anything at all." I am now passing that adage on here.

If you try a game and like it, review so others know. If you try a game and DON'T like it, review for much the same reason. If you haven't tried the game, posting that you don't like that genre, or that the genre must stink because there aren't any posts in the forum doesn't do anything other than waste everyone else's time when they go to that forum to get others' thoughts on the game.

 posted in The Three Musketeers: Milady's Vengeance on Jul 16, 10 1:45 PM
govegril wrote:Now - after waiting for what seemed like months for this second installment, 2 days ago I went and purchased the full version from the developer- oh well now I have the full game in one piece

I did too, Gove, otherwise, I would have noticed Part 2 yesterday, as opposed to today, lol. The game did definitely follow the storyline, and I love the replay value - especially with the second half of the game, but both parts have achievements that can be completed at any time, which adds hours (if not days for some of us, lol) to the gameplay.

It was well worth the $20 I spent for the whole game, so any fishies who are considering this one, I'd definitely recommend trying it, as it's only $14 here for both halves.
 posted in The Three Musketeers: Queen Anne's Diamonds on Jun 8, 10 11:54 PM
rlh_na wrote:So how do you get to the second half of the bloody game? Is the version from here the first half only, & we have to go elsewhere for the rest of it?

You wait patiently for it to be released...

Sorry, had to throw that in. We're all waiting anxiously for the second half, as it's no secret that this is two parts of a once whole and unabridged game. I suspect the developers decided to split in half because no one was paying $20 for the whole game (and I wouldn't either, sight unseen... There's no way to demo that I could find on their site), but they wanted to recoup some of their loss. However, that being said, it's not really BF's fault. They don't hold out the games intentionally. The developer's probably beta-ing the 2nd part now to ensure there were no bugs caused by splitting.

PS: The "second half" isn't available anywhere that I've found (excluding the full game on dev's site, that is...), if you have, and it's a better price than here.... Go for it.
 posted in The Three Musketeers: Queen Anne's Diamonds on Jun 8, 10 11:48 PM
* Sigh *... Still not here... I've decided to save a month's game credit for the second part... C'mon, Big Fish!!!
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