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 posted in Sunken Secrets on Oct 16, 16 6:34 AM
I agree it is very mondain and boring no new areas no new shops no new items to manage no new quests to accomplish once castle sections are complete you literally are stuck in limbo on this game every new update seams to change things that do not help out players on higher levels
All the coming soon. Areas still do not open up
All the items that say coming soon remain locked
The changes tend to only help or deter newer players like the latest using soo much Amber to do upgrades less need for balloons now more need for an item that is very hard to find in market takes long time to abtian through dives and is very much needed to build castle so eight her players will end up holding off on castle till all main buildings are upgraded to fullest or they will just quit
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Oct 16, 16 6:24 AM
Yes I realized my typo with date after I posted but I do not know how to change the title of post and these request are not unhelpful I think they would be helpful to game who wants to play something that does not offer new constant or fun change ups once and awhile new look to game board ect just for holiday times at least where is every ones imagination gone are we just expected to except the mondain as normal as if we are all robots
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Oct 15, 16 7:51 PM
Nothing left to do no incentive to level up and I can see where others are complaining about new requirements for building upgrades my son who hPpens to be on level 23 yet cause he lost interest got back on today as I asked him to just so I could see these changes and they are rediculous
Bring back the old upgrades or reduce dive times or give us a new fountain quest where the fountain offers us Amber bits for magic or coins
BRING BACK THE LEVELING UP INCENTIVE ( give us more then one pearl when we level up give us something useful maybe stop asking for us to gather rope and stuff and instead give us the 20 slots for leveling up after level 60)
There by loosing a huge potential for new gamers
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Oct 15, 16 1:39 PM
I would love to see changes that actually help all players not just new comers to the game
1) Such changes as a warning asking us if we are sure we want to spend our pearls to fast forward something instead of it just taking pearls just because we accidentally hit the speed up
2) Or more buildings that can have upgrades done to increase our magic holding storage meter
3) Or a use for the pumpkins
4) Or more holiday themed missions that give us stuff we can actually use unlike last quest that produced only a pile of junk give us quest like that that give us fountains that offer exp or magic or blueprints or baskets these things can come in handy to all players
5) More fountains and shops available that can be purchased with coins not pearls as I have way too many coins which has made selling or doing request board redundant
6) Storage space for holding items for use in game play increased and the items needed to increase that space I.e. The blueprints, the rope, and tool box can have its own storage so as not to take up space in main storage they can even take and split the storage upgrade to cover both storage units with the upgrade just as long as they separate the upgrade items from the main items freeing up that excess space cause right now I am at 820 next upgrade requires I hold onto these items till I have 38 of each thing which means I loose till I have enough for upgrade up to 114 spaces
7) if they do not at least give more slots with each upgrade or split items off into a different storage then maybe the an reduce the number of items the request board seams t be asking for when you get into higher levels right now I am on level 98 and and only 706 actual storage slots and trying to maintain at least 8 of every item for use that leaves no space for request that ask for 16 milk and 10 logs for one request it means I have to sell off enough stuff to make room for those items before I can fill request putting me in jeperdy of not having a certain item I may need for another request that comes up while I am gathering for the one request
8) before level 58 we had incentives to level up cause it seamed every ten levels was another quest that would come up and give us a fountain which produced magic for us but after level 58 NO MORE QUEST the inventive to level up was gone bring back the incentive please give us something more then one pearl for leveling up new fountain or new area ,a charitors (acubats or juggler we pay to perform)
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Oct 15, 16 8:06 AM
I especially am getting bored I know many others are too after level 58 no new quests for special fountains
I am on level 98 now and I know several players are on levels as high as 125 we have all areas opened up all castle areas that are available to us built and all building upgrades done there really is nothing left to do I have storage up to 860 and have managed to maintain 8-10 of every item we were given to work with
I have more then enough grean stones I fact I have 200 the balloons have become unnessasary no point sending them out any more
The pumpkins still have not found a use except to take up space in storage
No new areas to open or building to build and upgrade to help increase our magic storage capability beyond the 9514 that we have now
Dives have become useless as we can not build up storage enough to hold all the stones we need to hold onto Incase you do finally give us another part of castle and selling them has become redundant to as I personally am up to 220,000 coins and have nothing left to buy with those coins NO NEW FOANTIANS NO NEW SHOPS very thing cost pearls now not coins
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Oct 15, 16 5:39 AM
Really devs what's with it not much of an update
I was really hoping you would have added some new content by now it's bean awhile since you gave us anything new
And being this is holloween why not pumpkin pie to make or a quest to earn a new fountain that gives us coin or experience point or pearls the quest to produce this fountain could have bean holloween related like a spooky looking visitor with a request for 90 pumpkin pies and would have bean fun to do
Also you could have given us another area to open with new building a party house that changes themes every holiday this month the spook house next mouth turkey house dec Christmas town and each holiday that house would have a quest for us to earn coin + exp points +baskets + blue prints like for holloween a holloween themed treasure gathering give 10 pumpkins, 10 pumpkin pies, 10 streamers, 10 straw dolls(dolls made with wheat instead of cotton that look like scarecrows)
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Oct 2, 16 8:52 AM
I am so happy they have updated dives for us in iOS who have bean stuck for sooo long on same dive
We now get two seahorses in every dive I have done so far (3)
And have notice something I think is quite funny here we are underwater and the diver even needs a dive suit to stay under with out dying yet we have in every dive one perdestrian who defies logic and walks with the fishes underwater
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Sep 29, 16 3:14 AM
The post you red must be really old posts as we no longer buy from Ollie in the balloon
The dives now give us what we use to have to pay Ollie the observer to do such as the Amber and Basalt bits
Now all Ollie does is hang out in his balloon reminding you how to fix castle
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Sep 28, 16 8:26 AM
If you decide to go for the tenticle make sure you build up things like
Grean leaf stones
Red star stones
Yellow Sun stones
Blue water stones
As you will need to upgrade the library nook almost as soon as it is done to final upgrades
And any other building decor you can
As you need 8000 magic and 4 elaring Ambers to rid the Tenticle and a lot of magic stones to open the path to last island for balloons
Hope this info helps
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Sep 23, 16 11:04 AM
Just went back in for another long boring dive cause needed the amber and basalt bits
And was greeted with the most wonderful of surprises as I now have a new dive showing and there is a sea horse on it
I finally get to do the sea horse trophy
And see new dive
Thank you thank you
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Sep 14, 16 6:28 AM
I too have really bean enjoying the game almost as much as I use to with Awakening kingdoms
Outside of a tech issue that has yet to be addressed for dives I really like this game and would love to see all the "coming soon" areas and more added and opened up, However I too am holding my enthusiasm as I too have bean burnt by BigFish before when they stopped updating games like Awakening Kingdoms and Midnight Castle......
Like Dori from Finding Nemo says just "keep swimming" and hope we do not get the water pulled away
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Sep 14, 16 5:51 AM
Snap_Dragon2 is quite correct those of us who play on IOS version of game can not just give up on a dive to move backwards not since they gave us the endless dives(where we no longer have to feed magic to diver to stay under) and as he also states it is wasteful to use up greanleafs stones and not finish.
It use to be before the endless dives I had seen this board (The one I am currently stuck on now ) three times and every time I finished it it took me back to several boards below and I would work my way back up to it again. Now it stays repeating the same dive board.
I really wish they would fix this TECHNACAL glitch in game so those of us stuck can finally see some of these new boards they supposedly added and the seahorse helper that was to come with those new dives.......
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Sep 14, 16 5:31 AM
bfgBellerophon wrote:Hi madrabbit,

It is understandable the concern regarding the content in your game. The Moderation Team isn't given advance notification of when an update will be available to the players. We will update the following announcement when any information is brought to our attention:

<a href="">NEW UPDATE available for Sunken Secrets (iOS) - July 25, 2016</a>

In the meantime, it is advised to continue to add inventory into your game. We also ask that this thread be specific to technical issues. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Really your a mediator do you even actually read the posts before you reply it has nothing to do with asking for a new update it is about a FIX TO A TECHNACAL ISSUE
So in regards to your request that this thread is left for tech issues this is a tech issue
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Sep 12, 16 7:17 PM
I too have yet to see the sea horse for the seahorse wrangler trophy I have bean stuck on the same dive since the day they announced the seahorse it is getting really boring
I am now at level 93 still the same dive just about to end of new castle section(1wall and 1tower yet to finish) if they do not fix this issue soon I will never get the seahorse wrangler trophy
And as for the pearl transforming trophy I agree I have turn formed 5 pearls in every case got the stupidist items in return 1 was 20 experience point another was 10 apples another was a baked apple another a plate of potatoes and the fifth was a box of blueprints So guess what I stopped wasted my pearls that is one I will never get
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Sep 12, 16 6:42 PM

Hello I am using an IPad IOS version 9.3.5(13G36)
Please help me out I am getting really really bored playing the same dive over and over again and never being able to get any of the dives for the Sea horse wrangler trophy
I have bean playing this same board over since the announcement of the seahorse and have yet to see that sea horse!
Game ID is flaringrabbit level 93 version 1.7.8
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Sep 12, 16 6:34 PM
Hello I am using an IPad IOS version 9.3.5(13G36)
Please help me out I am getting really really bored playing the same dive over and over again and never being able to get any of the dives for the Sea horse wrangler trophy
I have bean playing this same board over since the announcement of the seahorse and have yet to see that sea horse!
Game ID is flaringrabbit level 93 version 1.7.8
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Aug 11, 16 3:54 AM
rI have bean in this dive too but for me it has bean same dive since the announcement of the sea horses and no sea horse has appeared for me always same dive I have sent fix it tickets to big fish and getting nothing but automated response and have posted in forum many times it is very boring to repeat same dive over and over the only reason I keep diving is cause I need the amber bits and basalt bits all my fountains are maxed so I do not need the bottles anymore I am at level 83
And fear if they do not fix this glitch and allow us to have different dives I will never get the trophy for the sea horse wrangler
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Aug 2, 16 3:21 PM
I agree with 7 of these while 2 of them already exist
# 5 go to your "helped me" list it tells you last three players that helped you
#14 if top on market NOT spinning nothing left for sale move on

#2 would love a search bar to locate players it would be helpful finding friends who do not have face book accounts

#4 would love to follow more then 12 players

#6 yes would love to Be able to press on someone's icon in a market and visit that persons land

#8 yes it would be nice to know how long ago someone has played in order to know if it would be wise to remove that player from your watch list

#12 yes auto return after 48 hrs would be nice have so many that have asked for help and seam to have stopped player father I give them that help leaving them in my list for over months

#15 yes the fountain upgrades tend to be clashing increasing both the output and doubling the time tends to make upgrading seemingly useless as you can get same amount just by returning to that fountain 2 times in that same amount of time the upgrade puts it at
It should be upgrading should increase output but NOT double the time it takes
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Aug 2, 16 2:08 PM
That's not right I have done over ten since they announced the seahorses were coming and still do not see them am still stuck redoing the same area over and over again since that day too ( yes I always complete the dive in full) usually it moves you to next underwater island but since seahorses were anounced no more moving same dive resets every time and I have completed at least 14 times since then and still do not see the sea horses
The dive is 9 areas long two mines and 30 hrs continous time (no sleep) to open and 12 leaf stones to get all three bags =3 keys to open chest on the 9th area
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Jul 31, 16 2:47 PM
It is just a stupid decoration when I finished his quest it showed in the decoration list NOT The Chrystal (the magic fountains) list
And I left it there in that list rather then clutter up my island
It really is disappointing
I know some of you don,t agree but not all of us got the opportunities some of the older players had to recieve the ice fountain ect... We missed out cause they were seasonal one time events that we came in on after event was over
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