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Running game as Administrator does NOT correct the issue. As with Chase for Adventure 2, the Developer needs to fix the Glitch and issue an update.

Until they do this, again - as they did for the 2nd Game, it will not work correctly.

Honestly, don't you guys keep track of this sort of thing. Telling someone to run the game as Administrator is such a ridiculous answer. You should be ashamed. I'm surprised because in my experience over the years, Big Fish has always provided excellent Customer and Technical Service.

 posted in Sally's Salon: Beauty Secrets Collector's Edition on Feb 2, 18 2:28 PM
Check out Challenge 11. It's at the bottom center of the screen in the 4th Location. I missed it the first time round.
 posted in Wedding Salon 2 on Feb 26, 17 2:59 PM
murr21 wrote: Windows tells me it is incompatible

Which Windows version are you running?
 posted in Wedding Salon 2 on Feb 25, 17 10:08 PM
OMG. This "patch" has messed things up soooo badly, I'm stunned.

For those of us who weren't having MAJOR issues (I'm playing on Windows 7), we are NOW!!! Now, the game crashes in France (the second location) and after the crash, the speed of EVERYTHING has increased to super-sonic.

Prior to the Update/Patch, the only two (2) issues I had were 1) not seeing the faces for the straws mini-game in India and 2) no Gold Bars or Smiley Faces in Russia. Neither of which prevented me from playing and finishing the Game.

That is not the case now!!

Guys, this is ridiculous. How about some quality control. Does anyone test the patches on MULTIPLE systems, such as Windows 7, 8, & 10, prior to issuing a "fix"??

Might want to revert back to the original program until the Update is truly a correction.


UPDATE: Just got to Russia again. Still no Gold Bars or Smiley Faces. The supersonic speed issue seems to have resolved itself for now; however, the sound goes out occassionally on a level and then comes back within 2 or 3 levels.

UPDATE 2: Can now see the Straws in Africa in the Beverage Mini-game. However, the last "Super Buying Scene" in the Continent before getting to Africa, doesn't allow you to play it. It automatically "completes successfully". i believe someone else mentioned this previously.

At least progress is being made!!

I'm with you guys. Have tried multiple ways and always end up waiting for a significant amount of 2 resources at the end. First I was short Stone. Then Gems and Wood, then Iron and Wood.

Hopefully, someone will have the solution. I did follow the Strategy Guide and that did NOT work for me.
Ok - here's what I found out by accident. You want to build the Gold Mine first (instead of the Lumber Mill, which is what I usually do).

Clear to the Blue Crystal in upper right to get the food going. While that is going on, have other worker clear down to Gold Mine. It's on the right side of the screen below Home Base. You will need Hercules to clear the large Boulder to get to it. You will need to get some gold from the lower right hand Dice too.

Then . . ., clear the purple crystal that is at the top of the screen, left of Home Base. The one that takes you to free the frozen worker, not the other one . . . yet. You will also want to get the Sapling in the center bottom of screen for extra food.

Keep grabbing Food any chance you get, while you mine gold from the Dice and Mine. Continue opening paths.

Get other Gold Mines up asap. Use Speed Workers Power Up as often as it comes up.

Towards the end, you can Upgrade the Lumber Mill, as I believe this counts towards points.

From there, keep mining until you get 40 Gold

Funny how a mistake can lead to the solution.
 posted in Weather Lord: In Pursuit of the Shaman on Jul 6, 16 7:03 PM
One is at the top center to the right of the mountain. it's blue I think.

The other is to the right of the Gold Mine
 posted in Weather Lord: In Pursuit of the Shaman on Jul 6, 16 7:00 PM
You can build it on any one of the three buildings sites. If you built a Worker House on one of them you can't demo that, but . . . you can demo any of the others and build the Tower there. Might want to make sure you have enough gold, wood, and food before you do.

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Don't destroy any Houses. This stops the freezing on level glitch

This is really quite buggy. Shame on the Developers for not Beta Testing this properly!!
 posted in Weather Lord: In Pursuit of the Shaman on Jul 6, 16 6:12 AM
This is ridiculous. This IS a glitch. You have to use this exact order. If you destroy all the Houses, the "Talk to the Iron Doll" requirement doesn't go away.

Get the first two dolls fixed first. Destroy the rightmost House
Go talk to Iron Doll
NOTE: Do NOT destroy the 2 lower left Houses
Fix the Iron Doll
THEN, the "Talk to the Iron Doll" requirement will go away and you can get the Chest and finish the level
 posted in Delicious: Emily's Home Sweet Home Collector's Edition on Jul 19, 15 12:33 PM

The Developers corrected the glitch in Level 57. Tips were lowered to 1250. You can download the new version from the website.

I was told to delete the file FIRST, then download. I notice here it says not to. Hmm?

I deleted the App File ONLY, from the Developers instructions, then redownloaded the game. Played with my original "player" selected. All trophies obtained.

I then created a new Player and played all the way through. As noted in other posts, NOW . . . I have unlocked all Items, but the game will not give me the "Unlocked All" Trophy and therefore I cannot get the "Collect Every Award" Trophy.

Seems they fixed one glitch and created another. It is interesting my original Player didn't have this issue. Only the new one. Hmm?

Aside: I too have noticed the two customers conflict at the counter later in the game. Usually sorts itself out though.

I have played all the Delicious games and have never run across all the issues in this latest one. I tend to agree with some of those who mentioned there might be a new Team in place at the Developers. They certainly did not thoroughly beta test this one. Tsk, tsk.
 posted in Monument Builders: Big Ben on Jul 11, 15 8:54 PM
Not really sure what the Developers were thinking with this one. I have all the others and so far, have enjoyed every one I've played.

This one has much smaller graphics, which strains my tired eyes

It has no bonus power ups, such as auto delivery

Virtually impossible to get 3 stars on many levels.

And the last big turn-off for me, is its' dark side theme. Really, what is the point of including a heinous murder and its' investigation? Adds absolutely NO value to the game IMHO. Quite the opposite.

Really tired of all the dark themes out there. There's enough horrible, twisted stuff going on in the real world. Don't need it included in my gaming experience.

I'm sorry I purchased this game.
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Another agreement. I have played all the other Monument Builders and really enjoyed them.

This one is NOT fun at all. I thought it was just me

It's horrible. Such a shame.
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I'm with GameLvr30. Can't find an HO game to play??!!! You must be joking!!! The better part of the games offered are HO games. Give us a break! Stop complaining and search the site

P.S. I rarely post a note like this one, but I just couldn't believe what I was reading. it's like pulling teeth trying to find anything other than an HO game or a Match 3
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I have had this problem on several of the Monument Builders series. The producers of the game do not seem to be able to correct this. In fairness to them, trying to account for everyone's personal preferences on their own systems would be a monumental task!! And . . . I tend to change my screen resolution so that items are bigger.

In the past, I have been able to change out of Full Screen Mode in the Options section and then move the Window up on my desktop.

As this game will not allow me to do that (I believe it is my system and not the game) and the non Full Screen Mode is waaaay too small to clearly see (for me), I downloaded a free Utility App named Sizer 3.4. It allows you to resize a program's screen to a custom size.

Because I believe we're not supposed to post links here regarding other websites and such, I haven't included the link. However, you can "search" for the Utility and find it that way.

It's easy to install and use. It states it is only a 32-bit version; however, it works fine on my 64-bit system.

Thought I'd share, as I read some others have been having this same issue. Not being able to see the info at the bottom of the screen really makes the game unplayable IMHO.

Hope it helps
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I believe you can mute the sounds in the Options Menu.

There are a couple of things I do first.

Play the level to find out what the requirements are. For example: If there are dogs or flutists, how much of what resource do they need to be paid.

Also play the Level one time to find out what items need to be built for the Level and how much of each resource is required for them. That will help you understand what buildings you need to build first and/or upgrade first. And . . . what materials you need to order first if the resource isn't available through a Farm, Quarry, or Bank. These are things like Iron and Wood, which sometimes the only way to get them is to Order them through Home Base (I forget what the game is calling Camp or Home)

Side Note: It isn't always a good thing to Upgrade a Workshop. Each time you upgrade the Workshop you can make more of a product at one time; however, that also means the quantity of resources needed is higher.

I've played the entire series and learned some of these through trial ad error and help from other players. I also keep a cheat sheet of what products require what resources and how much it costs to upgrade a building

Hope that helps
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I agree with everyone. The awkward clicking really was a buzz kill for me. I almost stopped playing, but since I purchased the game, decided to finish it.

I did enjoy Farm Frenzy 4 though, once I got used to the different format.

Again, the irritation factor with this one is the cumbersome, sluggish controls and . . . the lack of Level identifiers and the weird out of order numbering
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Figured out the Collections. A box appears above the level to let you know to replay it for a Sticker. Sometimes it comes up before you play the level
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Negatives: The game is very cumbersome picking up products. I have played ALL of the games in this series and the others were not like this. Not only do you have to click the products, but . . . if your factory makes 5 items, you have to click 5 separate times to pick them all up. Very slow and unresponsive. The time to take the product to get into the Warehouse so you can deploy it to a factory is also extremely slow. As soooo many players have noted this issue, even with high profile gaming computers, I believe it is a programming error.

Not sure what to do with the Stickers?? What triggers them to appear. Only found one. Perhaps that was because I was sooo busy clicking myself half to death trying to pick up products, that I couldn't look for them!!

Such a shame as it really does take away from the game. Makes getting Gold on some levels virtually impossible.

Perhaps **** should consider issuing a re-release with this corrected.

Graphics are fun, a little harder to see products animals drop
New animals and products are fun
Power Ups are a new twist that is interesting
Game does have good replay value
No comment on music, as I always mute it

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Can someone please tell me where the 5th Carbonite is? I got the 3 on the main floor and the one where you have to use the rope.

Cannot find the last one

Help please!
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