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 posted in Fearful Tales: Hansel and Gretel Collector's Edition on Aug 25, 13 12:37 PM
I posted on a thread about the inn code and will here too.
I have let the awning down with the umbrella, which disappeared from my inventory, I collected the apple seeds and my information from the guide is that Mr. Gideon should offer me the code to get into the inn. However, he is just standing there with his ear trumpet.
The hint tells me there is nothing to do in all the areas of the game. The door to the inn tells me I should ask someone for the code.
Whom do I ask if not Mr. Gideon?
So far I have wasted much of the trial on wandering nowhere. Not a very fun game experience so far.
 posted in Fearful Tales: Hansel and Gretel Collector's Edition on Aug 25, 13 12:29 PM
No code. Says to ask someone. The awning is down, the umbrella has disappeared and I have collected the apple seeds. Mr. Gideon just stands there with his ear trumpet. I do not have the paper with the code (F in the guide).
Any clue as to what I am to do to get the code?
 posted in Fearful Tales: Hansel and Gretel Collector's Edition on Aug 25, 13 12:22 PM
I am having this issue too. I have the apple seeds and the guide says the code should be with the old deaf man, but no such luck. It tells me on the hint there is nothing to do here for each area except the door to the inn, where I am told I need to know the code. Sounds like a dead end.
 posted in Mystery Trackers: Four Aces Collector's Edition on Aug 2, 13 5:38 PM
I had the same issue. I thought I had assembled all 4 of the pieces scattered about to the dino head but it kept telling me I needed to complete the puzzle. Although it looked like a dinosaur to me, I couldn't select it, nor move the pieces into another configuration. My demo time ran out as I was trying to figure out what to do. Perhaps this game is way too complicated for me.
 posted in Nightmare Realm Collector's Edition on Jul 1, 11 2:44 AM
With 32 postings in the tech issues area, you know the problem is with the game software. Seriously, I have gotten to where I don't bother test running BFG games anymore as they always are either lame games or have tech issues, so I am finding the whole thing a waste of time and seriously money. How many unused credits do I need really?
Wonder if they will fix these issues? Wonder if I will still be a BF member by the time they do?
It's just disappointing that BFG has lost their magic and edge.
 posted in Akhra: The Treasures on Feb 28, 11 2:47 AM
The game never started, lost some trial time and reinstalled a few times. Each time Windows gave me a fatal exception error. So I gave up.
The good news is that as the reviews for the game haven't been too great, I guess I am fine with not getting to try this one out. Seems like I won't be missing anything.
It does bother me that BFG guarantees the games to work and then they don't.
 posted in Reading the Dead on Feb 15, 11 3:41 AM
jojo_the_joyful wrote:LOL what have I started.

I admit Edmee, the birdie thingy got me too a few games back.

Yourshannygirl, I am talking about ENGLAND EUROPE, just across the pond from the US, where the QUEEN lives & here we speak the Queens English & call a nappy a nappy LOL

LOL. These words!
According to the etymology I can find, "diaper" is Middle English (even used in Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew) from 1590. The word moved to and has stayed in usage in the colonies of North America but evolved in Britain to 'nappy' circa 1920, (it's suggested nappy as a shortening of 'napkin'). It seems both are good Queen's English and I suppose which is slang depends on one's experience with the word.
The site I used also refered to 'nappy' as a noun meaning liquor, esp ale or as a shallow dish, and as an adjective for a horse who's jumpy or irritable; (a nervy horse is nappy) or for meaning tipsy.
It's also has been used in describing something which has a nap or hair which is overly kinky, it has a pejorative racial application/history in America. I suppose there is a hold over from it's being used thusly which makes it unused here in any form.
As for a badminton "birdie", this term avoids the risque sounding **** in "shuttlecock". You know what puritans Americans can be.
And as for closet, a closet is still a closet in America UNLESS it's a water closet and then it's a room with just a toilet in it (as opposed to a full bathroom with toilet, sink and tub or a shower).
The one that gets me often is "pin" which can mean a straight pin, a saftey pin, a brooch pin, a rolling pin or a bowling pin.
But the translation in this game is odd, despite your side of the pond. My favorite was when the main character was asked, "How do you look today?" And she responded by saying, "Not too well; a little dizzy."
 posted in Reading the Dead on Feb 14, 11 2:35 AM
The premise is interesting. Psychic homocide detective. That said, there's where the association between the game and interesting stop. It's a tedious hunt for blurry objects, uninteresting tasks and odd word lists -- like nappy and biro. (Nappy is slang for a diaper but just what is a biro?) Even when I thought I had found the item, it sometimes took multiple clicks to select it. Which small, fuzzy white blob was the nappy anyhow? As there was no penalty for overclicking, those who are click happy will love this game. Start in the upper left corner and just click to the lower right. Fun? Not exactly. Mindless? Yes, but no reason or thought is needed here as most items are small and beige in their soul. Odd names and odd language. Endless and pointless busy work for those happiest when bored.
Sadly I didn't even care about any of the characters, the fulsome mysteries, whodunnit nor the dead. When some games finish their demo I think, "Thank God that's over". After this one, I was just non-plussed, feeling somewhat like the female detective after having awoken her trace. What just happened?
It plays like reading the cliffnotes of an old novel: irrelevant, wordy and hohum.
I imagine this game is offered in full version free by Satan to stupify new arrivals.
 posted in Murder Island: Secret of Tantalus on Jan 30, 11 6:21 AM
The entrance to the Plaza (the gate by the statues) should have another H0 scene for you now (assuming you have all the wood and the hammer).
Poutoule wrote:
Leanda1 wrote:
Poutoule wrote:Goofy, excellent review, as usual, but it's a préfet and not a pré offense ! I'm downloading and I'm in my starting blocks with my sneakers in a rucksack...

That's supposed to take place in Europe, in France as far as I could guess and we do have préfectures and préfets. I agree, in public schools (in England at least, don't know about America) there are prefects...and not only in H Potter's school ! Please do believe a french person belonging to a préfecture which is run by a préfet !!!!!!!!!!

The concept of prefecture & prefects is from the 1300's, European surely, but could mean one in Italy or France or a cardinal in charge of a congregation, or the dean of a Jesuit school. Even also the aforementioned British schoolchild appointed to a position of limited power over his fellows. (1865)
That Napoleon utilized 'prefet' in the 1800's is true but the term is broader than just that one application. The point being there are more than just French prefectures and prefects.
I don't argue you know how to speak French but since the game is in English, they use the English term for the office and officer. Had they chosen "burgomaster" you could argue that it takes place in Germany BUT they have those in Holland, Belgium and the United States too. I think ERS is just doing their best to create a feudal European feel, without specifically placing where the game takes place.
Notice there's no accent in the word ‘prefecture’ in the game? They aren't using a French word, they're using an English one. And speaking of the accents, had the characters spoken in French accents (or they used place names like Montmartre or titles like Madame or Monsieur, say) maybe I would think you have a point that the game takes place in France. But as the VOs sound Australian, English and American, it's probably just the case that the game takes place somewhere not-so-specific.
'Prefecture' and 'prefect' are English terms for the jurisdiction or office of a director or an overseer (also praefect) and the chief administrative official of said zone, derived from Latin. Since the game is in English, I would go with 'prefect' as the perfect term.
I don't know if the Countess' youth was part of the agreement with SG -- only her immortality or at best, her being revived. As often in a Faustian bargain, I do think she got cheated. But the inspector showing her the fake mirror is more to get the Queen of Spades from her for a full deck of 52 magic cards.
It's a little white lie and she's already been manipulated far worse. She isn't really the main villain anyhow, just a pawn of sorts. Don't feel too bad.
However I do think once the game is over, she's done for.
 posted in Kaptain Brawe - Episode II on Jan 18, 11 2:32 AM
So I put down the Titanium Box (on the Gavity Displacer, why? I dunno. I was hunting for solutions) but now I can't pick it up & I can't combine it with any other items (as it's not in my inventory anymore) & I can't get another one as I am told that I already have one. Seems like I am painted into a corner according to the walkthrough. Is this a "game over" situation where you just have to start again from Chapter One as a new player?
I am probably done as I am not enjoying the game anyhow, but it does seem an odd adventure if you can get locked out of any forward motion play like this. Why won't the game let me take the box back?
 posted in Hodgepodge Hollow on Jan 7, 11 3:25 AM
I don't agree that posting dissatisfaction with CEs is moot. Both BFG AND the developers should know that there are many disgruntled with this as the status quo. Sure, BFG didn't make the game maybe but they chose it as an offering. If they stopped chasing profit and rewarding CE development, perhaps some would find new ways to develop games other than spending all this time, packing it with useless stuff to then jack up the price. Truly, we as consumers have a lot to say in this as if we stop buying like lemmings, the terrain will change. I don't think it is wrong to insist on fair prices and for quality games.
Next they are probably gonna make hints a premium service too. Extra cost if you want hand holding.

BFG as the distributor has a lot of say and sway in this. Okay, they didn't grow the tomatoes, BUT aren't they responsible if the ones they use in their cooking are bad ? I am just not a fan of CEs -- I see them as inflated in price, padded with useless stuff and I don't play a game with a SG open anyhow. I use it occassionally when really stuck so I don't mind closing out to check a walkthrough. Bottomline is I guess I expect high-quality from ALL the games on BF. I don't like that we have to pay more for 'standards' and they IMO aren't better. Sigh.
I find it hard to believe that with hundreds of millions of dollars in profit, BFG can't cut some sort of a break to loyal fishies.
 posted in Hodgepodge Hollow on Jan 6, 11 4:25 AM
I thought this game was beautifully illustrated BUT not necessarily a challenge or engaging as much as busy work. I didn't think from the demo that I would play it again if I were to purchase the whole thing and finish.
Certainly a game like Return to Ravenhurst say which I have played numerous times and STILL can't get the mini-puzzle Peacock Lock on the chest! I have learned skills though on many of the other games and can apply the logic I have gained to do AND understand most of them now. I have journeyed "Around the World in 80 Days" twenty-seven times -- and some boards still have me sweating under the timer or taking a few tries to clear. But “80 Days” has taught me to apply some strategies surely!
That's how I determine a good game. Does it make my brain stronger, my skills sharper and teach me a method or does it just suck up the time?
I suppose HH is okay for those who want a pretty diversion and while I did appreciate its artistry, it didn't grab me as a pursuit, but I saw its appeal for others. Them gnomes is cute, verily.
That being said, I don't know if I buy into the membership cost justification. People hold that up often but I am not so sure it's the deal it once was. So you get a free game a month and you may chose one from a list of games that are inferior? That's like joining a club at a bakery where you can have a FREE day-old donut and stale coffee, once on a single day, once a month. I suppose even that works for some. I however see it as a diminishing of returns.
As BFG is changing their offerings and pricing strata, suitable & challenging games seem less and less frequent with high-priced CEs more common and THAT is a problem. Someone is making a lot of revenue (+$100 million in 2010 as stated here: [removed by moderator]) and I ask are we getting quality for what we pay?
 posted in Art of Murder: Cards of Destiny on Dec 16, 10 2:56 AM
Goodness! So awkward but I do see now there is an eye AND a hand on the mouse left/right click. I don't mind reasoning out what to do with an object but this game seems to have some jumps in logic that follow maybe once you know your objective, but I am not sure I would deduce them on my own. It's kinda daffy like you're MacGruber constructing devices from discarded items. How do you tell what's needed or which is relevant? Maybe that's what some people find interesting about this kind of game. Not me.
Although I don't mind looking for a needle in a haystack if I know which haystack, it's a bore to wander around trying to find missing elements not knowing what's essential.
But at least I made it out of the apartment and to Gentle Bob's.
Thanks for the NEEDED nudge. This is one clunky game.
 posted in Art of Murder: Cards of Destiny on Dec 16, 10 2:02 AM
I have the same issue: How do you get the items out of the box?
 posted in Haunted Halls: Green Hills Sanitarium on Nov 27, 10 4:39 AM
Had I checked out the CE Forum on this game I would have seen the 10+ pages of issues people have had getting the game to run and might have avoided purchasing the game. Sadly I did not and it seems after installing, uninstalling, installing, unstalling, rebooting, rebooting, rebooting and such (wasting an hour of time) the game STILL won't start. It seems to show two instances of the game running in my task manager. But the game NEVER starts -- then the Game manager says, "Thanks for playing". WTF ??
Maybe this is because the demo version I played is still considering me finished and is interfering with running the whole game. Not sure but these partial trials are a huge issue I have with BF. More often than not, I buy a game to find there is limited play left, and I have gotten distrustful of anything that plays as a demo as they don't install the complete game correctly afterward. So much for BF's guarantee that games are quality tested and virus free.
Added to this that I have waited a month for the SE to be released and BF is more an expensive headache and an annoying tease. It used to seem economoical to be a member, try out games and know that I could use a game credit for the one that I most enjoyed. Since the advent of CE, this is no longer the case, and worse yet, when I do get a game I find them unsatisfyingly short with little re-playability.
I will most likely be canceling my subscription. It's sad as I used to recommend the site.
Anyhow, as I said this game has a long list of tech issues (game bugs out or doesn't start/ cursor problems, etc.) on the CE forum and seems to have them with the SE version as well. You would think they would have fixed this before releasing it as a Game Club deal. I suppose losing one customer won't hurt their bottom line, but what happened to their quality guarantee ? You know I will be calling customer service.
All I can say about this game is BUYER BEWARE.
 posted in Hidden Mysteries: Salem Secrets on Nov 26, 10 8:09 PM
This game seems a little all over the map. Sometimes you need one oblect to continue your task sometimes more or a combination of items. I found I had a whole bunch of stuff for which I had no clue as to how or where to use. I missed having a hint as to what to do next -- for despite the sparkles, I never found the attic door on my own and needed a prompt from the postings in the forum. Naturally, until I opened the door with the latch, there was nothing else to do, just and endless town of nothingness. Yawn. I felt like I was playing that old non-objective game, Myst.
Another issue I had was that for a colony of hyper-religious puritans (as Salem was) it was interesting to find there odd things like a Native American dreamcatcher, tropical coconuts and a pagan statue of Pan. Would they really have had a Greek god in their cemetary?
 posted in Twisted Lands: Shadow Town Collector's Edition on Sep 23, 10 2:17 AM
I used to justify the monthly price as one free game from those I would get to demo. Now with the better games being CEs, there is no longer that econmy and I am amassing credits. Sadly it seems the next step will be to cancel my membership as the regular games the credits buy aren't being offered and/or aren't up to the same standards.
I hate the trial beta versions as well. Usually I am not hooked enough from the limited playtime to buy nor do I have much invested in finding out the rest of the "story". Sometimes even the special CE features are disabled! Giving me a few tasks as a demo doesn't inform well as to how the game plays or even how much of it is left.
Lastly, the few CE versions I have gotten have NOT been worth it. I still scratch my head at why I bought the CE of Dire Grove. For wallpaper and a first-play chance at a bonus scene if I found all the scattered morphing items ??
It does seem like a scam. Keep the membership dues the same but evacuate anything worth the game credit price and replace them with more expensive CEs.
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