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 posted in Floating Kingdoms ™ on Dec 18, 08 12:31 PM
The game is cute - but VERY short - only 15 total levels, including the first 3 or 4 where you don't do much. My 9 year old granddaughter loves it. I was disappointed. There is no challenge for an adult, but it beats twiddling your thumbs, lol. Happy holidays everyone! God bless you.
 posted in 7 Wonders: Treasures of Seven on Dec 15, 08 1:38 PM
A LOT of people have reported having trouble controlling the cursor. It was sluggish and blinked all the time and that was the main reason I chose not to buy this game. I have the first two 7 Wonders games and loved them. This one falls short in a lot of ways, including having to tilt your board. How silly.
 posted in Floating Kingdoms ™ on Dec 14, 08 9:55 PM
I bought this game and sort of wish I hadn't. I like it, but it only has 15 levels - very few for games any more. I thought it would have more levels, considering the size of the download. Make sure you like games that a 9 year old can finish in no time. My granddaughter played for 3 hours this afternoon and had 9 of the 15 levels completed. Well, I guess I'll find out how many levels the sequel has before buying it. (And I'm sure they will make a sequel from the dialogue at the end of the game.)
 posted in Farm Mania on Nov 23, 08 8:59 PM
1. I, too, would love for Grandpa to do some things on his own - like refilling the water when he's standing by the pumps - things like that would help a lot in the timed stage.

2. I'd also like to see more difficult levels in the casual mode. Instead of having 1 or 2 things to accomplish, make it 4 or 5.

3. The timed mode is great the way it is. If you add more tasks, you'd have to add more time, so it defeats the purpose. But, more tasks with more time sounds fine.

Loved this game - not as much as Farm 51, though! (hint, hint)
 posted in Build-a-lot 3: Passport to Europe on Nov 19, 08 12:21 AM
Maybe you could edit your post by telling us what you are supposed to accomplish on that level. I've passed it, but can't remember. Adding those details will make it easier to help you. Hope you pass it quickly!
 posted in Build-a-lot 3: Passport to Europe on Nov 19, 08 12:20 AM
The first time the fire alarm went off in the game it freaked me out! I thought our electric fire alarms had gone off because they sound exactly the same lol. Once I realized what it was, though, I loved it. My rating: 1. BAL 2 2. BAL 3 3. BAL 1
 posted in Build-a-lot 3: Passport to Europe on Nov 19, 08 12:16 AM
I can empathize as I've had that problem with games before - not this one, though. Make sure your anti-virus software is set to 'accept' this game as a game and not a virus. You should be able to access that yourself. If not, contact customer support for the anti-virus you own. That usually takes care of the problem, but also make sure all your 'junk' is cleaned out - internet clutter and what-not. Hope this helps a little.
 posted in Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena on Oct 8, 08 9:10 PM
This game is full of bugs! I have never seen the likes in my life. I have had to start this game over for the 3rd time. The first time it didn't put down the statues in the game where you insert the states and a piece in the middle and rotate it, so I ended up having to start over because I couldn't hold enough things to finish anything. Then, the 2nd time around, in the second country, where you have to dig, it wouldn't show the dig as being finished, even though I had all the objects. What a waste of time and money!
 posted in Mystery Chronicles: Murder Among Friends on Sep 12, 08 3:48 PM
Or a microscope lens, lol. Some of the objects are very small!
 posted in Mystery Chronicles: Murder Among Friends on Sep 12, 08 3:46 PM
Thanks! I was going nuts on one of the levels - always running out of time!
 posted in Sunshine Acres on Aug 30, 08 8:09 PM
It wouldn't even finish downloading on my computer. It showed it had finished downloading and then got stuck while it was installing. What a rip. Had to manually restart my computer and then I uninstalled the game. Good thing, from what I'm reading here.
 posted in Farmer Jane on Aug 28, 08 4:28 PM
If you reset your screen resolution the game should play on the resolution you set. If not, do a 'search' for anything 'farmer jane' and delete it. Other than that, all I know to tell you is make sure you reset the video card itself. This is not much, but all I can think of right now. (Oh, you might also turn off your antivirus when you're downloading. Mine caused me a LOT of trouble with this game. That sounds like the problem with the second person who posted. You may have to go into your antivirus and make sure farmer jane is allowed. You usually have to post the entire path to do this.)
 posted in Azada ™: Ancient Magic on Aug 28, 08 4:23 PM
Was really disappointed in this game, compared to the first one. The first one made you think, this one is easy enough for my 9 year old granddaughter to do without much help from me. I can't see anyone needing a strategy guide for this one - even if you mess up over and over you still have time to finish the puzzles before time runs out.
 posted in Azada ™: Ancient Magic on Aug 28, 08 3:53 PM
Does anyone remember the 'word' at the end of the first Azada? I don't want to have to play the entire game over just to find it. Hope someone remembers. And, FYI, don't buy the strategy guide. This azada is tooo easy!!! I was sort of disappointed.
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