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 posted in Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy on Aug 17, 09 1:37 PM
and I pm'd you a link to a site that has a bunch more tips as well as these just in case
 posted in Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy on Aug 17, 09 1:26 PM
Okay here's something I found, so let me know if it helps or not and we'll go from there okay?

Walk around until you get near a sheep, then blow your whistle. (Click the icon on the upper left corner next to your purse.) If you're close enough to a sheep when you blow your whistle, it will make a "baaah" noise and disappear. The sheep counter (located in the upper left corner of your screen as well) adds one more sheep to the total in the pen. The sheep will escape when you put them into the pen. To prevent this from happening, do this:

Go to the paddock and walk inside so the screen is facing the shearing equipment. Exit the building, and now Nancy will shut the door. Now, when you gather sheep, they won't escape.

When you have collected all ten sheep, walk over to the paddock and go all the way in again. Now go out, and Nancy will lock the door. Tah-dah!

 posted in Virtual Villagers: The Secret City on Aug 17, 09 12:37 PM
Hi imyours87 and welcome to the pond! Well, have you solved the statue puzzle? Because I DO know you can't complete this puzzle unless you have finished the statue puzzle first.
 posted in Dream Chronicles ™ 2: The Eternal Maze on Aug 17, 09 12:34 PM
Hi matt4783 and welcome to the pond! I sent you a PM hope that it helps.
 posted in Autumn's Treasures: The Jade Coin on Aug 17, 09 12:15 PM
Hi VeronicaKay and welcome to the pond! Okay, now when you say you can't get past the hammer do you mean...the game freezes? or some other type of glitchy behavior? Are you sure you have done all of the necessary steps up until that point?

And I am almost 100% positive that buying the game wouldn't make a difference.
 posted in Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy on Aug 17, 09 12:10 PM
Hi momma707, first you are NOT stupid and you are definitely not the only one who has had trouble with the sheep...I nearly lost what little mind I had left with those silly things LOL

I'm so sorry that no one has been able to help you yet, but the threads move really fast and although it s-u-x sometimes the game questions get pushed to the back before anyone has a chance to respond, but if you still would like some help, I'd be happy to do all that I can to try ok?

 posted in Hidden Mysteries: Buckingham Palace ™ on Aug 17, 09 3:28 AM
Hi dustyroze and welcome to the pond! Here's what I manged to dig up for ya, and I hope it works out!

* Take the sword and place it on the red chair that is on the lower right corner and you will see a tear on the seat,
* Click on the hole and you will get a cotton batting and it will go into inventory.
* From the inventory box combine the glass of wine and the cotton batting and you will then get a wine-soaked cotton batting.
* From the inventory box combine the wine-soaked cotton batting with the clean slate and you will get a wine-dabbed slate.
* On the slate it will say "Take a matched pair of swords."
* Click on the sword that is on the left side of the wall and the curtains will open up.
* Click on the letter that appears in between the 2 chairs that are in the middle of the room to end this round.

 posted in Azada ™ on Aug 17, 09 2:55 AM
Ok take a deeeeeeeep breath LOL We'll figure it out alright? I promise, I'm a chronic insomniac and have nothing else to do! LOL
 posted in Escape the Museum on Aug 17, 09 2:50 AM
Hi herc44 and welcome to the pond!

The crop is in the middle of the floor, on top of the bricks.

Good Luck!
 posted in Azada ™: Ancient Magic on Aug 17, 09 2:45 AM
Hi horrob and welcome to the pond! I sent you a PM
 posted in Azada ™ on Aug 17, 09 1:12 AM
Hi and welcome to the pond!

This one took me a while because I wasn't paying close attention to the coordinates. You have to make sure that the number that appears on the left is either positive or negative. If it has a negative sign make sure that the coordinate on the map says negative or you will be looking for a while. The coordinate on the right make sure if it says North or South. For the longest time I thought the "s" was a number
 posted in Chicken Attack Deluxe on Aug 16, 09 6:51 PM
Hi AlexFabian and welcome to the pond!

I found out just yesterday that you can write to the developer's (e=-mail) or visit their site and see if there is a patch available and if it is even a bug or a setting on your pc!

I have no idea who the developer is but I'm sure if you google the game name it will show you something. Good Luck!
 posted in The Omega Stone: Riddle of the Sphinx II on Aug 16, 09 6:49 PM
Hi kechia and welcome to the pond!

If you could tell me exactly what it is you need help with, I'll see what I can do for you alright?
 posted in Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy on Aug 16, 09 6:47 PM
Hi JUDYMAXINE here's all I could hunt down for ya, it should help, the first few steps I included just to give you an idea of how you get to the astrological test sheets area.

* Go down into the kitchen, and read the recipe for jam above the fire pit.
* Place the squash and the apples from your inventory in the cooking pot.
* Now turn around and take a spoon and put sugar in the cooking pot, 3 times.
* Finally also use the spoon to add cinnamon and ginger to the cooking pot.
* Turn to your left, take a log, and put it under the cooking pot.

When the jam is finished, use recipients of all sorts to get 2 jars of jam.

Queen Catherine's birth chart – astrological test

* Go back to Nostradamus and talk to him.
* He will advice you to get some jam for the Queen, and gives you the Queen's birth chart, along with an astrological test sheet. Place the sheet in your journal, and take the test.
 posted in Diamon Jones: Eye of the Dragon on Aug 16, 09 6:44 PM
* Talk to Yung-Ix. He will tell you more about the token.
* Give him the pocket watch. He will give you a promissory note.
* Go back out to the street, and then into the tavern.

Shanghai, Scene 7, In the Tavern

* Give the promissory note to Win-doh, and he will give you a drink.
* Give the drink to the sailor, and he will give you the token.
* Go back to the street, then down the wharf again.

I assume this is what you meant, if it's not please let me know alright?
 posted in Mr Jones' Graveyard Shift on Aug 16, 09 6:12 PM
Hi again

I know what you're referring to about the "find solutions here" thingie LOL

When it does that there should be a link at the bottom of the page that says something like continue to submit or submit request...I know because it got me too once LOL...No worries I completely understand being frustrated that much
 posted in Hidden Expedition: Titanic™ on Aug 16, 09 3:12 AM
Hi TopazMystique, I actually just finished playing this game for the third time last week, and the second time I played, it was in windowed mode. But I had no problems like those you described. If anything I preferred it in windowed mode, as some things were not as hard for me to find. I'll keep my "fin"gers crossed that you find a solution for the problem quickly as it is a wonderful game
 posted in Mr Jones' Graveyard Shift on Aug 16, 09 2:22 AM
Hi Elusive DJ, I'm so sorry you were unhappy with your game purchase, but you CAN still email CS, if you look to the right of your screen you will see the green envelope to click and that will take you directly to the submission page, and I believe if you're a game club member that you can use the live chat function.

Welcome to the pond, and I am sure that all will be fixed soon!

And if you're still having trouble, I suppose you could contact a moderator who would most certainly point you in the right direction!
 posted in Hotel Mogul on Aug 12, 09 10:32 PM
Hello Jaybird (love that name) and welcome welcome welcome to the pond!

If you could maybe tell me what level specifically you are struggling with, I'm sure that I can help (or at least give it one heck of a try)
 posted in Aveyond on Aug 12, 09 10:27 PM
Hi skeet1 and welcome to the pond! If you still need help feel free to send me a Pm.

Oh and I almost forgot, congratulations on becoming a jellyfish, next is the seahorse, then a starfish, then a squid, then a lobster and I have no idea what comes after those, but I'm sure you will find it just as exciting as many others have
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