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Snaffled wrote:need to enlarge opening in pie... dynamite from inventory just doesn't make sense...

Have you read Charles' journal about blowing his mother up? It's in the asylums office
XxShadowsxX wrote:
lynnypooh75 wrote:where do i get the tears


Try Victor's childhood home.

Charles, Charles' childhood home
gatortaterp wrote:
XxShadowsxX wrote:
bratbum wrote:The clock worked for the 4:25pm, but it will not work on the 7:40pm. What am I doing wrong??? I've been able to do other things and I go back to it, but it still will not work and I need to finish that step before i can go any further.
Please help.


Make sure you collected all ten toenails and put them in the jar before continuing with the clock.

Although it took me 2 tries to get all toenails, i still can't get the clock to work at 7:40 What am I doing wrong now?

Did you pick them all up and put them in the jar? (Charles, after all these years why did you keep that jar with you from your childhood?!)
Norman baits
There I said it
Let the crossover fanfics begin!
I'm convinced that Stephan king is on the Mcf project because ever since return the games have followed a pattern
Only children and 1 adult(never the detective) knows exactly what's going on
Animal guide who helps at least one character once
At least one character who thinks there's a scientific explanation (most obvious in escape with Dr. Lanswell)

A lot of Stephan king story's follow the same pattern, mostly cats eye
shorenuf wrote:This post was locked and the mod suggested we continue discussion in this tread, so you might want to take a look…

Subject: BFG Definitely Listened To The Gamers From Last Year
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Escape from Ravenhearst™ on Apr 15, 12 12:16 AM
Snaffled wrote:If they were real pictures that's off the charts.... I don't believe it.

Well in 13th skull they DROWNED a little one complained then, in fact people didn't think it was graphic enough I don't care either way I'm just waiting till next fall for what I assume to be dire grove 2
applegel wrote:
stressedoutinde wrote:The first four acts were of nice length, but act 5 & 6 were too short to even be called a whole act, even put together they took less time than 1/4 of any of the other 4 acts, imo. The fact that there is no bonus chapter is just WRONG!!!!!!! That is why a lot of us purchase the CE instead of waiting for the SE. I don't consider going through your journal looking for more morphing objects any kind of bonus.

I post almost never, this is only my 5th one, I have been a member for a long time. Bought my first BF game way back in '06. So needless to say I have played many games, but I was so dissapointed in this game I just had to say what I thought.

I don't regret buying this game at all but yes I agree with you. I couldn't help but feel rather cheated by Act 5 - it was literally go in and straight out. The whole set up for it could've been awesome. Can you imagine, you enter this beautiful tranquil place (I guess it would be showing us the 'happier' part of Charles Dalimar's life when he was courting Emma) that's such a contrast to his other nightmare reconstructions. Of course being the person he is, he would've put in all these creepy, disturbing elements which you discover upon your explorations.

I read a lot of comments on this forum about too many game developers using the predictable dark backgrounds & scenarios to create eerieness or spookiness in their games. This was such a wasted opportunity for the MCF team imho, especially after the first 3 acts

Actually this wasn't suppose to be contrast it was suppose to be one of the creepiest parts of the game because Charles is known to kill those he loved
Which is creepier
Your worst enemy trying to kill you
Your enemy gettin down on one knee and popping the question
Menacer267 wrote:Just thought of another observation I had toward the end of the game; possibly another tie-in with "Escape" and "Dire Grove."


I swear the second drawing of the mystery man (i.e Charles' father?) looks like the drawing of the banshee entering our world from the "icy world of the dead" from Dire Grove. That could be a second connection for the 2 games, since both involve the idea of the dead coming back to life, or something like that.

What do you think?

good point! one problem:
a banshee is typically a female
the game made me VERY nervous in act 2, i was crying with act 3, act 4, yes can scare people/make VERY VERY nervous/Anxious
act 5 Will rape your mind, and scare you of it happening in real life to you
act 6 will freak you out./maybe scare easily scared people
i've been hearing rumors that they'res a bonus clip once you finish finding the extra mho and finish the 2 bonus games is it true?
i heard that you can unlock a specil Clip about Charles' father is this true!?!!?!?!?!??
Well i know we're not going back to ravenhearst, BUT! I never heard anything about the story ending, alot of fans want to see a game about Charles' father,
The Raven has been in pretty much every Ravenhearst game, is it possiable that the raven is the reancarnation of Charles' father!? I wouldn't be suprized is he was just using charles the whole time in order to get revenge on the outside world, so could they're be a game where he gets his revenge on Master Detective!? What drove Charles' father to such a state of MADNESS!? Did charles inherite his magic powers from his father!? Could Charles' father have originally had a job as a freak side show at Madame fate's carnival like his son!? Or Charles' father BE a skinwalker who just happens to stay in Raven form!? Does he have a name!?
cstdenis wrote:I didn't read all the posts here, so it may have been said before... but is no one else disappointed and upset that ...
SPOILER (highlight to read if you have finished the game):

...We did not save all those people that Charles abducted! I mean, that was the whole point right? Great, the ghosts are all back to life, but what about the poor people that were strung up to the house. I think it was calloused of the MD to state that "Oh, well, we couldn't save them all..." What horsepucky! They should have allowed us to do something (maybe a bonus puzzle) to save all those people.

Don't get me wrong, I really LOVED this game, but was not happy with the ending. I really don't care if we go back to Ravenhearst again, I think the ending was suitable for that. I hope that we DO go to different locations. Just don't give us hokey live actors like in 13th Skull please. More Dire Grove -esque games would be my preference.

Good point! During the game I didn't feel as if I was the character at all, bbut just playing the character, a short-tempered, impaitent, angry, hothead And for your saving the people thing, it was implyed that they were dead, and it still is a plot hole.......also who the **** thought having the ghosts come back to life was a good idea!?!? now we got people who are not Charles/Victor/Charles' dad from the 19th century running around england!? Wouldn't it have been better if they had like gone to the other side!?
1,2 Charles is coming for you
3,4 he's at the door
5,6 hide your kids
7,8 stay up late
9,10 play again


that after the 'thing' that happened in act 5 charles did NOT say:
"They didn't say i had a freaky tounge for nothing Detective, *laugh*"
my opion for charles has changed, He's an ugly duckling, all he wants is for someone to love and understand him, but nobody does

act 3's soundtract is heartbreaking

charles needs to invest in nonflamable material

will they're be more ravenhearst games?! And if so will they explain a little more about Charles' father the Raven?
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