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 posted in Midnight Castle on Sep 11, 15 2:14 PM
If you are looking for a new friend, my ID is 374258 and I am on level 56. ^_^

 posted in Midnight Castle on Sep 11, 15 2:03 PM
kitty4545 wrote:Hi PetraN54.
If you open up the games app it's on the left hand side where the list is stating "Find New Games" "Download Games" etc...
If you click on update, it will be added to your queue, so download from there.
Good luck

Thank you kitty, I did go back, but I had to manually look for the update. And this time it showed up!! YEAH!!!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Sep 11, 15 12:10 PM
I tried to open my Midnight Castle game and got an error message to upgrade the game. (I was waiting for that upgrade) But then is no upgrade to download. And I even tried the manual check for downloads. What gives?
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Apr 27, 14 2:01 PM
I cant play this game as it says my graphic device is not supported by this game.
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