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 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 5, 15 3:31 AM
Good morning from me in the UK.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 4, 15 10:58 AM
KayteCat wrote:Congratulations! Way to go!

I'm still working on mine. Need 50 (!) irises still.


I've still got a lot of flowers but sorry can't help you I'm a pc player UK
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 4, 15 10:56 AM
That's a brill idea Take the hint Big fish lol
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 4, 15 10:50 AM
jrbutcher wrote:Did anyone achieved the craft 10 items in 30 minutes achievement? Is this even possible? If so caould you say how you have done this? thank you

Yes I completed part 2 this morning and got 3 diamond but it taken me personal months to build up enough stock and gold to do it. Failed a few times trying too lol

Good luck when you go for it.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 4, 15 5:45 AM
Thank you so much every one who has helped me get my BUTTERFLY she's sweet.

I've just fed her for the first time in the grotto and I got a gold chest I'm thrilled.

I also completed the second part of the master crafter and got my 3 diamonds.

Also have a spare piggy egg now from the wheel and would like to set up a trade for crafted item please so if interested please pm me.

Also now in level 32 just.

Thank you so very much for helping me.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 3, 15 4:18 AM
I'm still very behind with gifting back folks but please and hang in there. you will get some thing from from me at some point in the next week or so I promise.

I'm sending out 12 flowers a day, keeping 3 slots back till the last min b4 change over for Egg trades that are being set up over the next few days.

I'm now running low on air ship stuff so I can only gift back the flowers now.
And maybe the odd item here and there.

I still have all 4 colours. please let me know what colour you need and how many.Via this thread or a pm

Thankyou for the help every one
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 2, 15 8:12 PM
I'm Happy because I've completed another 3 acheviements 67/80. And got my new atavar for feeding the pets. And I've had 80 gold chests.
Still on level 31 and will be for a while I think. As I've been crafting loads. Will have to build up for the double, and triple dreaded ZZ b4 moving on.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 2, 15 7:27 PM
Destinye wrote:Hi Code is 377936 - Destinye thanks! PM me if you want to trade though! Thanks!

I need the following eggs:


Have to trade:


I've sent you a pm
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 2, 15 7:07 PM
Oh no I sold 8 ages ago well b4 I started using the forum oh well never mind these things happen if you don't know lol.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 2, 15 7:07 PM
Oh no I sold 8 ages ago well b4 I started using the forum oh well never mind these things happen if you don't know lol.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 2, 15 6:35 PM
Hi Joan

"Your a card" I need 151.

I have 3 eggs to craft for that I need

28 blue 30 red 28 green

I have in stock 2 blue and 7 green 0 red

when I recive a red at the monment I'm passing it on to some.

I would also like to say I'm very behind gifting back to people
But I will make sure I catch up at some point once the christmas
and spring consortiums are out the way.

Thanks for all your help.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 2, 15 5:21 PM
The butterfly sound cool can't wait to get mine to see. But not sure if I'll be able to feed it, maybe I'd best start socking food lol yet again. more rounds to do yet again lol. gona be stuck in level 31 for ever I think lol
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 2, 15 4:57 PM
Don't have the Donkey either because I need smiles to craft him. The spring bunny has been great for mostly sliver a I think it's 5 gold chests without getting the book out to check lol. hope you get a good one.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 2, 15 3:20 PM
I'd like a squirrel egg to please have stuff to trade please pm me im in the the uk.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 2, 15 1:18 PM
Which food does the butterfly eat????

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 2, 15 10:12 AM
Jean/ Gwen

Thanks very very much for the gift of the egg. And the brill help.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 2, 15 10:08 AM
Nickimine wrote:
Nickimine wrote:I need three eggs - and I have extra eggs to trade.

What I NEED :
Emerald Dragon
Nimble Squirrel
Spotted-Winged Parrot

What I can GIVE TO YOU :
Flirty Hippo I have 3 extra eggs
Gold Bearing Turtle I have 2 extra eggs
Hopping Tiger I have 1 extra egg

I play on a laptop, my ID is: 368115

I'll be crossing my fingers and hoping for a reply!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ UPDATE ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Good morning all ! Well, it is approaching 1:30 a.m. (for me) on Monday morning June 1. I've received all the eggs I needed, but I have acquired eggs (pretty much through the spin of the wheel) .... and I do not need these eggs. Do you need them? I have :

1 Emerald Dragon
1 Hopping Tiger
1 Pink Piggy
1 Parrot
1 Penguin
2 Snowman
3 Pegasus

I would like the eggs to get in the hands of players still at lower levels. If you are a higher level player, and you know someone who might be interested, please have that "someone" contact me directly. I prefer to hand over the egg to them myself, and no - they do not need to worry about what to trade in return. Nothing is required.

If you are a higher level player interested in eggs, I will consider giving away an egg for some really great, pain in the neck items already crafted - so I don't have to craft them myself!

This post is really for players at a lower level, though. I hope to hear from them - and give away some eggs!

I play on a Laptop. My ID is : 368115 Player name is Gwen.

Thank you for helping to get the word out ....
Jean (my real name, just to confuse you lol )

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 2, 15 9:35 AM
Now I built up some better items to use for trading, by crafting and of course endless rounds lol.
I would like to get some more eggs please
Pets I have crafted are
Griffin, Chicken, bunnie, puppy, cat, raindeer & yeti

Eggs waiting to be crafted
piggy, panda, snowman, penquin and bear.

If you can help please pm me. so we can sort out the trade.

Ann{ampg} 389058

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 2, 15 8:27 AM
Can anyone tell when & if the completed wreath are used in the game please?

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 1, 15 5:56 PM
Hi Jackie your on my friends list I don't have any spare eggs sorry. But will let you know if and when I get any.

what else are looking for ??? Apart from eggs.

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