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 posted in Virtual Families on Sep 7, 11 2:31 PM
Nana519 wrote:How do I get the shed open?
check your messages, I sent you a reply
nawlinslady35 wrote:I am a little slow today due to a bad headache, but is our clue voodoo or Florida?By the way, you fishies rock.

Edit to say:or is it haiti?I am so lost right now
I would have to go with voodoo, since the favorite practice of this woman was voodoo.
Found a news report Ms. Severe arrived in a Fort lauderale Airport with a severed human head. Title for the report, Voodoo head found in in air luggage. Her favorite practice is voodoo.

eta: the head was to be used in her voodoo beliefs to ward off evil spirits.
weissvonnix wrote: No idea yet. Not sure if the first E counts at all, as it is probably just the normal first capital letter in every sentence.

Could it be a sentence?

E? On?? The? First? Of? E? B? R? R?

I looked at it this way too. I could come up with nothing for the BRR, but for the other letters I came up with Expected Entrance On The First Of Equinox. But the winter Equinox is not until December 21. I hope we don't have to wait that long.
Kimmy1971 wrote:Free booter??

anyone else ???

I came up with freebooter as well, it is derived from a dutch word. It means pirate or plunderer.
 posted in Nancy Drew: The Final Scene on Jan 2, 10 4:58 AM
it is definitely an adventure game
tat2s wrote:
hilyer25 wrote:Awesome new video on FB!

where on FB? I didn't see it on Paul's site
It's on the BFG page
 posted in Lost Realms: The Curse of Babylon on Nov 9, 09 11:17 AM
There is a blog link from the home page that you can just click on, its about midway down on the left, under the today's new release and the daily deal. There is also a direct link if you have the toolbar it's in the drop down menu.
 posted in Virtual Families on Jul 10, 09 8:06 AM
check his likes and dislike. It is probably just that he doesn't like to run. That can be fixed with the desensinization (sp?) kit.
 posted in Nancy Drew: Secret of the Scarlet Hand on Jul 6, 09 12:05 PM
LaZgram wrote: Is this game going to be like Lights,Cameras, Curses or Castle Malloy??? Lovin the LCA haven't gotten to the Cas Malloy yet. What other Nancy Drews are HOG's I like the concept of it. These new ones I've been down loading are going to send me to the poor house. Just bought Enlitenus and have about 3 others I'm itchin to buy. AARRRGGH! Geez I'm in the middle of 3 or is it 4 now. Well Toodles.

This one is more like Castle Malloy, it's from the original Nancy Drew Series. There will be more of the HOG ones, I saw they are working on the second one for the Dossier series, it's called Resorting to Danger. I don't know what the release date is on it, yet.
 posted in Nancy Drew: Secret of the Scarlet Hand on Jul 6, 09 10:22 AM
I did finally get mine to download this morning. It was running fine after the less then 30 minute download and installation. thanks all for the input over the last couple of days.
 posted in Nancy Drew: Secret of the Scarlet Hand on Jul 5, 09 10:52 AM
thanks Rose, I figure I'll just wait until tomorrow, and if it still refuses to download, then I will contact CS and have them help me.
 posted in Nancy Drew: Secret of the Scarlet Hand on Jul 5, 09 10:36 AM
It's on my toolbar as the release for tomorrow, does that mean I will be able to download my purchase tomorrow. it still won't download.
 posted in Nancy Drew: Secret of the Scarlet Hand on Jul 4, 09 9:01 PM
Rose427 wrote:Thanks for the info Margie! Went and bought it!
Did you get it to download? I tried but it keeps saying that "we are unable to find the requested file. We may be experiencing technical difficulties." So I bought it but cannot download it. It does show up in my purchase history, and i did get a confirmation e-mail. So I figure I will try again tomorrow.

 posted in The Magician's Handbook II: BlackLore on Jun 30, 09 8:09 AM
sylvia99 wrote:I bought it and like it very much. Is there a walkthrough or game-guide available ?

there is one available in the blog here. the link is:
 posted in Virtual Families on Jun 27, 09 3:30 PM
It shows up on the bathroom sink. It's hard to miss. Just pickup a peep and drop them on it, like you do a spot or trash. But you do have to get it just so. I had to wait several generations in one of my families for it to show up.
 posted in Unwell Mel™ on Jun 27, 09 11:54 AM
My game asks me the moment I start a new player if I want timed or relaxed mode. That may be the only time in the game you get to choose the timer off option. I hate to suggest it, but you may have to start a new game in relaxed mode.

 posted in Virtual Families on Jun 10, 09 11:05 AM
check their likes and dislikes. If they walk slow, it is usually because they dislike running.
 posted in Escape From Paradise on Jun 10, 09 9:35 AM

Mudrock's Massive Merrymakers
posted in Chit-Chat Corner on Jun 8, 09 10:52 AM
Hope the weekend went well for all of you fishies! Make sure to lather your fins up with sunblock, as I don't want to see any fried fish in the pond!

First, I'm sure you noticed our Escape From Paradise sale. For only 99 cents, you can get caught up just in time for our realease of Escape from Paradise 2: A Kingdom's Quest. This game is perfect for you if you're a fan of Virtual Villagers or My Tribe.

this was posted on monday by mudrock in his picks for the week. So Escape from paradise 2 should be coming soon.
 posted in Virtual Families on Jun 9, 09 7:05 AM
check her likes and dislikes. when my people move slowly, its usually because they dislike running.
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