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 posted in Defense of Roman Britain on Oct 10, 17 12:31 PM
The third of the Defense series --- Greece, Egypt, and now Roman Britain. The graphics improved. Historical references and language issues have not improved. Had to mute the sound again. Game play is about the same. Easy enough to figure out. But, the weapons weren't always available. Upgrades required the gears. Too expensive for the money earned during battle so no joy there either. They still have the tree-clicking feature that never worked in the other two games and still doesn't. The side goals are still unobtainable. For example, they want you to upgrade the Scorpio Ballista but then it's not among the selection. When it finally showed up, I completed the goals but it didn't register. Another game I won't be buying.
 posted in Leaves 2: The Return on Aug 23, 17 7:16 AM
Not sure if this is technical or if I'm just not getting it? I tried to use the map to navigate by clicking on the little pictures. Nothing happened. I clicked on the green leaf assuming that was a finished location. Nothing. I tried to close the map. Zip. I had to exit the game and start over with a new game. When I tried to continue, I ended up back at the map where I got stuck before. I watched part of the utube video but they didn't use the map. Anyone know how to use the map? Or is it my system? I don't like starting over because I have to watch the tree sneeze. Again and again. Makes me wonder what else might not work right. Too bad. I liked the game otherwise. Have a win7 64 bit Acer Aspire laptop. Thanks.
Before I even started, the cursor was wobbling around the screen. Couldn't really control it. That hasn't happened in ages. So, I un-selected the game cursor. Didn't get the system cursor. The cursor appearance didn't change but it didn't wobble around as much. It's a deal-breaker for me. No way I could play with the timer. Relaxed mode doesn't give any stars. I didn't check to see if there were bonus levels but usually, you need stars to play a bonus level.
The icons for the resources were a tad confusing. The wood and the gold look very similar and I'd have to pay very close attention to what's needed to build and upgrade.
I found the music to be tinny and annoying. The voice-overs also annoying. So mute.
Seems like you really have to follow the developers' specific patterns or else you don't have the resources to finish the level. I restarted the level with the keys three times until I noticed you could build a gold mine. But then, I must have opened the wrong door with the key I had because it wouldn't let me open the next door that had a key in it. Didn't appreciate that. The keys all looked alike. I play for fun not to get a grade. I'm assuming that was a design issue an not a technical one.
A big plus was that you didn't have to send workers to buildings to collect resources. Just wave the cursor --- if it works -- over the items.
Also liked the theme and exploring caves, etc.
I would definitely not buy the collector's edition of this game. Maybe, if I'm desperate for time management I'd buy an SE, if it's released, as the deal of the day.
Win7 Home Premium 64 bit.
Same here. But I was only on the free trial. Thought maybe if I bought it, which I won't, the photo thing would work.
 posted in Moai IV: Terra Incognita on Aug 2, 16 12:10 PM
I still have Windows 7 on an Acer Aspire. The game downloaded and installed. But, when I used the game cursor, the game dragged so badly that I sometimes wasn't sure where I had clicked. The little workers just ran around. I unchecked the game cursor and it ran better. But there's still a lag when I build a field or whatever. Never had that on the past Moai games. It really breaks up the play rhythm. I'm disappointed because I really enjoyed and bought the past Moai games. Wonder what happened this time?
 posted in Moai IV: Terra Incognita Collector's Edition on Jul 5, 16 8:06 AM
Yes!!! I agree completely ! There are several games with artifacts and upgrades that are absolutely necessary for gold. No sense going crazy trying to get gold without them. Thanks for posting this.
 posted in Moai IV: Terra Incognita Collector's Edition on Jul 3, 16 7:16 AM
If the guy is talking at you in the lower left corner, that's why. The game makes you wait for the chatter then click where the arrow is pointing. It's a yellow arrow and not easy to see. If not, it might be a technical issue. You can send a report to Dr. Felix. Unless someone else has a good idea.
 posted in Moai IV: Terra Incognita Collector's Edition on Jul 3, 16 7:14 AM
I'm running the trial on Windows 7 on an Acer Aspire from 2011. I really enjoyed all the past Moai sequels. Love the little workers. But, the guy in the corner just doesn't shut up. He's driving me crazy. Am I missing something or is there a way to turn off the tutorials? Seems like the past sequels did. When I replay a level for gold, I have to wait for the tutorial again. It doesn't let me click on what I want to click. I have to do what he says first. Extremely annoying. I think I might wait for the SE if I have to do this all the way through.
 posted in Next Stop 2 on Jun 21, 16 1:38 PM
RickF wrote:I've completed building the bank, go back and play a few more levels and when I go back the bank is gone and I have to rebuild it.

Me too. Twice. Just now when I left, I think the hotel wasn't built anymore either. I'll see when I go back in.
 posted in Weather Lord: Legendary Hero! Collector's Edition on Jun 16, 16 11:21 AM
Wee_Yorkies wrote:Along with getting all the Gold levels, you also have to complete all the Awards.

Yes. I had not completed the Thunder King where you had to use the thunder cloud 300X. I played level 32 at least 4 times to get the all gold award.
 posted in Weather Lord: Legendary Hero! Collector's Edition on Jun 16, 16 11:18 AM
Couldn't beat bronze so I moved ahead. I went back after I finished the game and had acquired all of the artifacts. Breezed right through it. Used the 3 top artifacts. The extend the bonus one made a big difference.
 posted in Weather Lord: Legendary Hero! Collector's Edition on Jun 15, 16 9:32 AM
One of the awards is for a Thunder King. The player has to use the thunderstorm 300 times. I replayed levels 28-34 until I got it up to 263 but it isn't adding thunderstorms anymore. Is there a trick to this award? Does it matter if I use the artifact? Do I have to play the level all the way through? It's the only one keeping me from all gold.
Got it ! Played level 32 4X until I made the 300 thunder clouds. That got me the final gold for all of the levels. Thanks anyways.
 posted in Prehistoric Tales on May 31, 16 1:15 PM
There have been several games that I try for free with one profile. Then, after I buy the game, I have to set up a new profile and start over. Happened with this one too. It's become routine for me to start with a fresh profile. I think it's something to do with the activation, maybe? With a fresh profile, I'm up to level 23 and it's still going. No problems or glitches. The battles use up a lot of resources to buy enough fighting characters so collecting gold, building gold mines, collecting skins, and feeding the population are necessary for battle quests. Having the most ancient serpents, shamans, hunters, and other fighters seems to work best in the battles. The later battles, there are over 300 gremlins (whatever they're called) so you have to max out your fighting character numbers by adding barracks, elder tents, and warrior houses. War is expensive.
 posted in Cadenza: Havana Nights Collector's Edition on Apr 25, 16 1:46 PM
I completed this on the free trial. Thought I did something wrong to end so quickly but I guess not. Glad I didn't buy it first.
 posted in 12 Labours of Hercules V: Kids of Hellas on Apr 16, 16 10:48 AM
Thanks. I wondered too. I'm so busy keeping up I couldn't figure out what I did. "Birds" show up in the score. Must be these birds.
 posted in Northern Tale 2 on Feb 9, 16 9:04 AM
Try this:
 posted in Northern Tale 2 on Feb 9, 16 9:03 AM
I know this is an old game but my thanks go out to Ricoblade for all of the great tips and walkthroughs !!!! I had given up on the game and just now went back to find Ricoblade's great posts !!! Thank You !!!
 posted in Northern Tale 3 on Feb 5, 16 12:52 PM
There aren't any warehouses in NT3. Just NT4, as far as I know. The achievement for filling the warehouses is that all three resources are up to 30 at the same time. Level 36 was a good level to get 10,000 points (banner) and 30 items for each resource at the same tims.
 posted in The Beardless Wizard on Jan 15, 16 11:58 AM
Glad you started a new thread. Same here. Gold on all levels. Picked up and created all artifacts. Even went back and used all the artifacts in case there was something I missed. Moused over each level in case something was there I needed to do. Still no champion achievement. This isn't the first TM game where this happened. Apparently there was no answer to the older thread either.
Skrdykat wrote: And finally....why are all TMs CEs now?!?! I'm about done's been a wonderful ride but I just can't afford everything, even my beloved TMs, being CEs now.

Absolutely loved the previous Weather Lord games. Planning was critical to success. But, I'll be waiting for the SE. No SE, no Weather Lord. I don't want strategy guides. I like to figure things out for myself. I don't use all the wallpapers and extras usually found in CEs. I had bought two CE's and rarely replay or use the extras. And, as I recall, I didn't care for the music or graphics in the last two WLs. Loved the graphics in the second WL. I appreciate that the developers want to get paid, but I'm not buying CEs.
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