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I didn't realize we have re ! in those reviews like our threads, just helpful or not. said No, just finished demo and didn't see that as dev, maybe former publisher? I guess we shouldn't discuss it. Had one other post on a game a week or so ago

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That one and only first review w/5 stars is by a dev I thought we were not to use name. But odd, said they had done beta in 2011, don't know who the dev is. Maybe should give it a red ! Mod???

Walkthrough isn't even posted yet.
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Had the 12 pcs, liked the many HOS, interactive til I got to the jigsaw puzzle on the tomb. The cursor seemed to try to change from a hand to pick up a piece to a fist to rotate, but it would spin a piece so swiftly or not at all then back to the hand. When I'd finally grab one in the right form it would not set down in place but start rotating in circles again to fast to stop, then back to its original upside down only to try again. I used up half my trial time on it and finally had to hit skip. Too frustrating since jigsaws are my fav puzzles. Uninstalling.

(also, as in tech thread, long lags for cursor to deploy changing scenes, and can't play on sys cursor, no changes for hints icons)
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Game downloaded fine for me, and with lots of HOS in the walkthrough (which did not link for an hour or more later) I thought I'd love it as a hogger. My fav minis are jigsaws, but that was the downfall. I could not rotate pieces to fall into place with the cursor. It kept switching itself back from a hand to fist or some icon just as I tried to set a piece down. I used up most my trial time trying to work that puzzle, finally had to hit Skip. Thought it may be my cordless mouse or their custom cursor that won't allow rotation. But reading how others too had long waits to activate the cursor in each scene, no need to change batteries, just lags in response and no way to turn jigsaw pieces.

Enjoyed the interactive HOS but uninstalled trial since I can't do the jigsaw and may be more ahead.

Anyone else able to set the pieces in that slate?
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oops, there may have been a voice over narration, I was reading it, but hey it's an hour ago so I don't remember one. I was too busy trying to remember the names. Not a memorable game then, aging short term memory. I DO remember a matching mini flipping tiles to match 2 related. I do good in those so I enjoy them.

Yes, that elaborate one moving tiles to make a picture stymied me as far as the game play, made to sense to me how to move them. I saw no SKIP button but you have HINT and when you click it asks if you want to skip it. Why not? Time is ticking away on a demo so I usually skip anything to get back to the HOS and see as much of the game as I can to decide to buy or not.

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The graphics are very nice, especially the HOS. Those aren't interactive as far as I got in the demo, but some objects were a bit of a challenge. Not tiny, but the placement. I had to use a hint a couple times and it does not direct you to the target but shows a closeup of the environment where it may be found. I think they were shown in black and white, at least the first one I tried.

Nothing different as far as story, a kingdom taken over by presumably the prince and some evil magician (?) or gargoyles or whatever. King has disappeared, an aide assassinated, and our usual princess returning to set things straight.

Appears to be "easy" for the well seasoned, short by the walkthrough (thanks for that anyway). The HOS probably aren't random for replay because my screens matched the WT screens. If I didn't have such a backlog of unplayed similar games I'd probably go for it for a card filler with a pcc. But wait!!! anyone freak out at the sight of a spider then don't even go there. They usually don't bother me, they aren't real of course, but for the obligatory scareyness to live up to the game title, SPOILER ALERT highlight to read you'll bump into a giant one near full screen.

With just 7 minutes left to play I really lost interest seeing nothing in inventory to deal with that menace so quit the game and uninstalled.

There are some puzzles, nothing new, and one of my unfavorite kind where lights go on/off in some sequence known only to the dev, or with logic taking notes. And the rings that skip out of place once you get the other lines aligned. Don't waste my time, hard enough to follow the story with characters' names hard to pronounce or remember who is who.

It is a nice looking production, just not a wing dinger like the games I've already lined up to play. Lite adventure (if you can get past the spider, been there done that in Beauty and the Beast). Maybe right game on another day, wrong mood tonight, sorry. Try it out yourself.
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Just a second thought tip, for those who do like this style graphics, have you tried Mishap: An Accidental Haunting, or Sonya? I have the 2nd Mishap but haven't actually played it since I bought it back a year or so, so can't vouch for it. I will attempt that one too now that I have a bigger screen (and cataract surgery helps LOL) To me, like Tim Burton influence, it adds a surrealistic feel to a story that may not work with total photo realism. Maybe the whole concept of voodooism is "distorted" as are superstitions in our minds. Anyway, works for me

I did beta of Voodoo Whisperer and got the CE on a bogo sale, but never could get into it, just didn't seem to catch the flavor like Deadtime. Not really into voodoo themes myself, so why this game so impressed me not sure except the voices, storytelling, music, artwork and gameplay as a total package.
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Of over 500 casual games in my collection, this is one of the FEW games that is memorable and has been in my Keepers folder for replay (someday). I have a bigger laptop screen now, so HOS objects shouldn't be so hard to see as before. But that didn't deter me the first time I got so sucked into the story. So very atmospheric I felt like I had just come out of the bayous to get plunged into the happenings in the big city, New Orleans.

Based on partly truth/myth if one can sort it out historically, the characters are so believeable and story a propos for the times. It's dark, and beautiful, and I'm one who admires this style of original art. Sometimes what makes a game memorable is some indelible scenes that stand out from others. Certainly I don't have to check my BF History to see if I've bought/played it. These days that is rare.

I too have waited for another Deadtime Story as I assumed this would be a series like MC Files, one story to a game. It took me a long time to finish it at the time, more adventure than I was used to but the carriage saved my day jumping a ride to locations. And Hints also asked me what more I may want to know as I recall so if I went to the wrong location I could just "ride" to another. I had not noticed the carriage at the bottom left corner for awhile.

I don't recall any game with the extensive list of teams putting this classic together, and it was a long time coming to BF. I am still waiting for the next installment of this very professional, polished product. Hoping that since it is a DD it may be an omen that another DS is coming.

It is a must to experience IMO and as a DD, at least taste it, nothing to lose but a bit of your time. I feel my long put off Replay is now, should renew my faith in what really good devs can do when they are creative enough to make a one of a kind, original gem like this offering.
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Oh yes, my wallpaper is from first game, Crazy Factory guy saying OUT Out Out NO VISITORS! I'm the only one who can be here!!. Very funny for my private laptop with nothing but MY games, do not touch my treasure trove. I rarely use wallpapers, too busy with so many game icons (the not played yet or finished)

Now, back to play the bonus and find all those HOS mentioned in reviews. That is as much thinking energy I care to expend on entertainment, make me feel smart working them out. But most puzzles, hold up the flow of story for me, lose pacing, tension, forget what I was doing when so "rudely interrupted' with a brain drain. Why a timer on skip at all?? As for SG help, if I see 1 or 2 whole lines of numbers and letters x3 R, L2, 43829 forget it, to long to write notes and more than 4 numbers leave my brain the minute I resume game. Huh? What did that say? And worst are random clicks keeping in order to light something. Not much logic.

That's my cons but pros beats all of my petty disappointments.

btw I didn't get the mention of the uncle passing. Did I miss something further on or a story hole? And executing someone already dead...I pondered that one. So whose dream was I in then, or did I just try to understand a Fellini flick LOL.

re lip sync, doesn't bother me because the original may not be in English like a dubbed foreign movie with or without subtitles. What I don't like is speed reading, I'm slow or trying to watch a cut scene and miss plot points in some games. I never understand players who skip all cuts and dialogue in a story driven game then complain it's boring or didn't understand. Same with rushing past original artful scenes. I don't rollerskate through art museums with one eye on the Exit.
Different strokes?

Wishing you much properity in the New Year with new endeavors. Thanks for being here and checking us out. I'll be back to buy your next game, even if it isn't my kind of game.

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That was an overview of first installment NR. I had read that the Bonus Chapter took on a different, or extended ending so later bought the CE and own both. Many other new games got in the way so when I saw the sequel was on BF week I dropped Nutcracker to play the whole CE to refresh, get up to speed. Enjoyed it more the second time then to the end. But, I also read that this one was mostly Adv/Puz and I'm an old hogger. These hybrids are hard on most of us who came into games from different schools, never was a point and clicker, my first were MCF Huntsville and Prime Suspects. Hooked, and enjoy the lite relief between HOS, word games, picture puzzles etc. Then later MCF turned to the dark side, brain bashing puzzles, at least they finally took out the timers!!

I trialed the CE and bought it anyway, play casual, keep the sparkles and hints going if not a jump map, I get lost easily. I come to be entertained or wowwed by artistry, lots of color late night after another day of problem solving to give the old brain a rest. At 76 loss of short term memory, stamina to play any game in one sitting. The SGs are helpful to review and remember where I dozed off I LOVED the IHOS and will stare at a scene long enough to find everything, rarely a hint, never a click penalty. I have good visual perception left. So these hybrid games can't please everyone for sure. Put a Skip on HOS if demanded but don't take out my most fun parts. So, 2 of the high points were left out of NRITE, equal IHOS and the fabulous characters, animated fantastical machines from the child's mind. But it made sense that they were gone but now POV college age. Symbols are powerful, more than words or dialog, so the dreams of that former world were gone. Her diary was so revealing, how she saw things maturing (kudos to artist on that one) and her values, empathy etc. Beautiful.

So no, I did not enjoy this one like the first, it was a struggle but I have the same appreciation for the product maturing. I left twice to forum so stuck on the liquid measure, no reset, no skip after that and picture swaps. Turned out my error, could not see arrows to get round tile to move and drop til I tilted laptop screen enhancing the other arrows with no Skip before. Another one had no skip til I switched ratio from wide, that line was off the top of screen and reappeared.

I'd still give 5*s for what it is as a package even though disappointing, best IHOS of any game and silly characters.
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What a happy New Year to get a sequel to a game in my top 5 favorites, maybe most Impressive game in my library over 500. Then to pop in here and see the dev Vlad enjoying the chat. I was about to start the bonus chapter of NRITE (NR2?) and came first to see how ratings were going. I could go on and on pages with my take starting with....

When I first played NR, the standard version I was so blown away by the creativity, imagination, "magic", illustrations, animations. I am story oriented and what an original concept for one, the profound transition at age 7 into the world of reality. Wondered if one on the team was a psychologist in child development. The movement from fantasy to reality is not an easy topic for a game, much less if we survived it. What? No Santa? Easter Bunny? no more figuring out how sleigh and deer fly through the sky? Balloon busted, magic gone out of our lives. Then if enough creative thinking and imagination is left after taught out of us by uh...extractors...who? parent, teacher, peers, hey grow up etc face the real world, just maybe talent is developed against many odds. The stuff of inventors who don't even know from where ideas are born to spark something into reality.

That in mind, I took both games as rather allegorical, mind of a child, mind of a parent, of all the characters. OK, think you are creating a project, alone or with a team and someone steals it or the energy. Wait for another inspiration. My point being, we can still encounter things that carry a WOW punch, mystical, magical feeling like seeing the hung stockings full in the morning. Grab all that mist and form it into a book, movie, game...incredible.

My highest regards for artists/illustrators who can translate words through the eyes of a child, and I'm very big on fantasy, fairy tales. Now the story develops through the mind of a mother concurrent, so many dynamics here. How seamless this creative team put it all together it flowed like silk, light hearted fun along with mourning, and how to help a child through a grief process while being there too, parallel universes. Whew, am I getting too heavy?? It's JUST a game. No, IMO a masterful work of art. I've work with many creative teams, art by committe, films, dubbing studios, story holes when scenes get nixed, tighten up we're over budget yada yada to know a winner when I see one.

If I talked you to death, hit scroll because I didn't even get to topic here NR2, cont
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EDIT-Now I'm past this mess, no need to read post. Turned out The arrows to switch tiles like the moon was not visible to me. Just the other to switch the other 2 back and forth .When I tilted laptop screen to lighten graphic at top I finally saw the arrows. Still, there should be Reset or Skip on all puzzles . Even reinstall took me to same spot and still player error. Sowwy.

I was stuck on this over an hour last night, porch p40 til I dozed off. Started back fresh today and no way can I make it work as per SG. First, I may have played out of sequence, I got the picture together on the right, then could not try those bottles any longer and I think I hit skip at that point. Now on resume the top is different as in ST, icecles or something but no skip meter. Now I cannot get the disks on top right to move down, like the moon to top column left. Same on other side, 2 disks keep switching spaces but what you need won't move to top of that arrow part up and down.

The liquid in tubes are not equal if that is the cause, I assumed since I skipped it they would adjust to what is right. All 3 arrows above them are lit green but not functional. Maybe that isn't why now I cannot move the right tiles up to match. I have a birthday cake and skull. I have the red girl button and it goes up and down but never a match. On the right I have a blue man but he just goes up and becomes a red outline of someone with baby, does not match the girl that appears when I raise the red girl tile.

I gave up after another hour. Closed game twice hoping it would Reset, no, now I am reinstalling it. Had no problems loading first time, less than 20 min, fast for my low speed connection. I just had replayed first Nightmare CE two nights to lead up to this sequel, 40 pages in and this lockup. I tried doing the vials again per SE sequence but they won't move. So for me the red girl wasn't the answere, I've sent her up and down so many times, but if I cannot move the moon and the required tile on otherside, locked up for good. I did change aspect ratio a few times, widescreen laptop because a previous puzzle had no skip meter until I changed ratio, it was off the top of page to see. No luck on this one, and the HInt just keeps saying I have to unlock it to get off the porch.

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Relaxing yes! Mesmerizing, hypnotic? I didn't think I'd like it, another bubble popper arcade type, but it is so beautiful - and widescreen on my llaptop. It has option for untimed and I'd think it would be frenetic playing timed. Supurb graphics.

Since it isn't a very long file I decided to download and try anyway, was fast on my slow connection. Something to do awhile anyway. Not sure even if I know how to play or how some of the boards work but before I knew it I had timed out my trial.

Have one more punch to fill on a card, and since it is bogo free why not get it. Will have a dangling one punch on a new card (hate that, don't want 5 more games) but at least I'd get a free game.

Gameplay is so interesting to watch (and pretty) I'll get the hang of it, and you can replay any level if going for perfect scores. Pearls of different colors drop down and trying to get them with 2 others for 3 match is fun as they bounce around not where you hoped, or hit 2 yippee. Minis between levels you try to catch bubbles rising and click on moving stars, and some are finding all the objects like shells, other sea life.

Great game for destressing (untimed) or watching TV or just zoning out between other games that demand focus, i.e. go to game, but I think it is highly addictive, went by so fast I want more.

Didi I say I love fairy tale stories, especially the "fractured" ones where they play off what we read as kids? Wonderful marriage of graphics and storytelling. Hey, isn't Christmas a good excuse to call out the inner child?

re the camera, I never skip the Tutorial on any games, even as I've bought around 500 in my years gaming. I think that is what pointed to the camera in inventory to use taking animal pictures. must be like collectibles to find (or miss) in other games. I never assume I will know by experience how to navigate games, so do yourself a favor if an expert player. It also helps get more play from a trial on timer so I allow myself to be teachable. Find some surprises that way to enhance playing the full, then I start over if not continuing at the full download. Not all the animals want their picture taken, click on them anyway for amusement.

I'm pleased that with all the professionalism and creativity in this team their later games are not just for expert hard core players. I've bought them all but some were over my head. I don't think CE worthy should be pinned on difficult challenges, after all, players of all ages should get offerings of high caliber, old, young, family style like these of 2012. My top 3 fav games this year are all Elephant. Good job trying to please us all
Merry Christmas to me from Elephant and Felix!! I didn't think anything would compete with Nutcracker, or pull me away from yesterday's sequel to one of my fav games of the past. I'm saving Nutcracker to play Christmas Eve and trying to finish yesterday's. Here I am, just had to peek at TGT (and xtra punch, my downfalls). This game is my 4th CE in 13 days, the gifts that keep on giving. I'm going in circles which to play now but demoed them all.

What can lift my spirits more than gazing at beauty!?!? And fun stuff to do and look for. And light hearted comments by the detective as we tour around incredible locations, fun animals, nothing dreary in this one either. I pray for jump maps and walkthroughs in games, color, artistry, but like their Lord of Statues I find myself wanting to go to and fro and forget there is a map. Each scene is memorable for me who gets lost easily in most adventure type games. And I get frustrated with most puzzles, skip and feel I'm not getting my $ worth. So, I really do appreciate a casual, easy mode and let the game flow, show stoppers here are stop and admire, not stop and seek help when stuck.

The extras are lookable in the demo, all but bonus Play, I like to see wallpapers and SG. And WIDESCREEN on my 17" lap makes it a buy. Love the placing objects where they belong or are used, about as much thinking as I can do or want to. Having some challenging enough major health issues this month, so VERY grateful for the fun, lite entertainment I can try to focus on. Elephant makes that easy for me, no boredom with these gifts, thanks artists and writers for giving me a wonderful Christmas and beyond when I'm sure to replay these toys over and over. on earth and cyberspace 2013.
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Oh My!! What a wonderful way to relax with so much beauty, color, soft music. It's like gettting to put together stained glass designs a la Tiffany. At least the glass levels I did on trial for 45 minutes, didn't get to the other media.

My favorite minis in other games are always the jigsaws, especially the occasional glass windows. Here I have my very own collection to work on thanks to this crew of artists at Big Fish. And wow what a list of credits for one puzzle game. I love all the details, even shadows when you pick up each piece.

No timed mode for me, but it's there for those who need a rush rather than destress. And you cn achieve scores if important. Can't wait to progress to the other levels for more pleasant surprises. The colors are wonderful, starting with geometrics, on to flowers, loved the fishie! Doesn't say how many designs to play with. I'm unaware of a previous Patchworkz game the ad said was new and improved, not in catalog so must be an oldie.

Most puzzling part was how to exit the game. I toggled options, no exit, hit Forum and got here, went back and unclicked Full Screen and in Windows hit the red X. Now with all those great options, even for left handers, how could there not be an exit asking multiple times if "I'm Sure?" i sure was sure, wanted to come here to buy the game. Much needed zen with all the season's sales, pressures and stormy weather here in California. Thanks Good job!!
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I've been getting emails from this dev to buy this game as a CE on their website. Special sale price $6.99, assume a CE would have a SG included. I didn't buy there because I have so many BF credits and pccs and waited. Now I see this version is a SE. Often BF deems a game not worthy or qualifying for a CE status/price, so it is really a DE I guess when buying from the dev. .

I think the whole issue is due to copyright permission to publish their WT, some contractual thing. I did not even d/l their trial to see if it includes a SG. This is the 3rd game in a week or so that had no WT, I bought 2 of them so far, so will hold off buying this one and getting royally stuck as well.

Just a guess, but I tend to believe that if BF had the legal right to publish it here they would.

For me now, no WT no buy. It's time wasted hanging out on all the threads looking for help, or to see if it's tech issues not player error.
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[Removed by Moderator]

Those having a problem with the window puzzle, don't try to think your way through a programming error. I had to ctr alt dele twice to get out of it when the skip button froze and Jessica kept saying over and over to do something I had just done. I found a tip in tech thread to leave game thru task mgr, return to main page Options, untick Aspect Ratio, return to window and it gets unfroze.
Not everyone had a glitch here, but maybe had not clicked ratio. No idea what that means but it worked on widescreen laptop (altho the ratio did not change to WS for me) Look for a patch to come to solve this tech issue.

The other puzzle I was stuck on was my misunderstanding of the scant instructions, another had no Reset button so had to skip.

On the third story now, thanks to Ginger, didn't expect her thread til tomorrow Sometimes all I need is a nudge after trying everything I can think of. Well, you know, like looking at a map when I'm going in circles in a new place. btw AAA does hand out maps if you're a member.
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Lucky you if the Skip button responded. After putting the window together Jessica just kept saying I had to move the pieces out of the way to pick up the inkwell. I had, twice starting over. HELP button was highlighted in orange, hand to go down just disappeared offscreen. Had to CAD and close from task manager. Went back and used a tip on tech thread, Options, unticked Aspect Ratio, went to puzzle and it was working, after the window repair the inkwell just flew down to inventory on its own without clicking on it (?). Have no idea what aspect ratio has to do with a puzzle or anything. Didn't give me widescreen, black bars, won't stretch in full screen, must not be my ratio 16/9.

I've spent 2 nights coming back here for tips on this mess, thought this game would be about 3 hours. One more glitch and I surrender, have so many fabulous trouble free games to play that were polished before prime time at BF.
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