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 posted in Phantasmat: The Endless Night Collector's Edition on Jan 14, 15 12:17 PM
Basketball: Lift the hood of the car to find it

Anchor: top of mayor's house click around the railing, statues, chimney area on the right side

Plate mayor's office: move the plants in front of it by clicking on them

Chain with hook, it worked for me to click toward the top of the chain rather than on the hook

I found that you may need to click around in the area. I had trouble finding one "hot spot" for some items.
 posted in Monument Builders: Cathedral Rising on Jan 14, 15 12:06 PM
mchamp wrote:on mystery 4, level 8 there is only one dog and one donkey, I fed them, but they did not move to the office. How do I get them to move. Thanks

They should move to the next crossroad toward office each time you feed them. You need to feed them more each time they move. If I remember correctly, they need fed 3 times before going to office.
 posted in Rescue Team 4 on Jan 14, 15 11:54 AM
holtzer wrote:I can't get enough hamburgers to get the big rock cleared to the police station.
there is no café. help

You need to send the boat for fish
Copy and paste this link into your browser to get there if you cannot find it
I finally made gold after many tries. I think getting the chalet built and upgraded early on helped me out. I build it with the 500 wood from the treasure and repaired the shaman next. Upgraded chalet before building the bridge and repairing trader.

I also upgraded the factory to 1 star so I could make wood faster and start the greenhouse earlier.

I made 200 seeds before upgrading greenhouse, so I could begin getting $$ from the trader right away.

The shaman also needs to help out at the right times. I tried to time it when I was building and upgrading buildings.
bettym wrote:Hi I did what you said in your first reply but that didn't work so I built 4 trees ant destroyed the greenhouse ant still needed 20 ego so I build another cabin with garden and still needed 10 ego

I had trouble making gold with cabins, so I build chalets.

Build factory, make wood -- upgrade to 1 star whenever you have money and workers
Scare bear and clear debris toward mine
Repair mine and send workers
Build chalet on left
Hire workers whenever enough money (I ended up with 9 or 10)
Upgrade factory to 2 stars
Build another chalet on left
Clear bear toward lower right lot
Build tennis court and run events continuously
Build greenhouse, upgrade to 2 stars and make seeds
Build bridge, clear debris and scare bear
When you have 1000 wood, salvage factory and build tennis court
Run events continuously, make seeds
Plant 1 tree, 3 ponds, put gardens on chalets.

I hope this helps you. Remember you must be running events at tennis courts to get happiness.

hez2011 wrote:Does the game save your place when you stop playing ? I find when I shut off the game and come back later, I have to completely re start the level? Just me or this happening to everyone? Thanks

Yes, it will save completed levels when you exit the game, but it will not save in the middle of a level. If you click on the menu button, it will pause play on that level and you can come back to resume and finish the level.

My experience with all games of this type is that you cannot exit the game entirely, restart and expect to resume playing in the middle of a level because it only saves to drive at the end of levels.

 posted in Campgrounds: The Endorus Expedition Collector's Edition on Nov 29, 13 12:16 AM
nekosteph wrote:Level 6 gives 12 days to accomplish the tasks. I do and still only get silver rather than gold. Have even done it 11 days. Everything on the task is crossed off including the Eco level but I have two areas unfilled with eco such as flowers, Does that make a difference in receiving the gold level?

Having the Eco areas unfilled shouldn't make a difference if you get the Eco points in some other way.

I got gold on this level and didn't fill any of the spaces for flowers, etc. I built the tents with gardens which was enough Eco with the tree.
 posted in Green City on Mar 22, 13 6:55 AM
JeanSki862 wrote:Anyone have help for this level? I can't get enough income with the population and eco needed. Help someone! What buildings do I need?

There is a Level 30 thread with walkthrough on the next page of this forum.

Copy and paste this link to get there if you can't find it
 posted in Sweet Kingdom: Enchanted Princess on Mar 19, 13 8:57 AM
Gwennoel wrote:Ok, I give up, what do I have to build to makes pies, I built a house for wheat, a confectionary, a windmill, a bakery, a dairy, & have the orchard.
No pies are being made.

For pies you need the wheat farm, windmill, bakery for crusts and a confectionary to bake pies, all found on the wheat tab, and an orchard. You don't need a dairy.

Are you clicking to collect wheat, make flour, make crusts, collect fruit, and make the pies when the 3 things appear on the confectionary?

My method of gold is hidden below..highlight to read:
I built the farm sold some wheat and fruit to finance the windmill and bakery.
Then I built the windmill and crust making bakery.
Upgrade once.
Collect crusts to feed troll while selling extra fruit to finance pie bakery
Saw 200 wood
Feed troll
Build pie bakery and upgrade
Collect pies and feed troll
Sell pie when you get to 4
Saw wood
Build tower
Sell pies
Saw wood
Build tower
Sell 2 pies
Saw wood
Build tower

 posted in Dreamscapes: The Sandman on Mar 16, 13 4:10 PM
Skrdykat wrote:Game played fine but NO achievements showed up at the end and were only sporadically awarded. It was one of the main reasons I bought the game, hope there is a fix in the works.....

On the Achievements page there are arrows on the left side. Click the arrows to see the Benny's you've earned and put them in the correct shadowed spot to see your award.
 posted in Outta This Kingdom on Mar 16, 13 12:50 PM
loriaudio wrote: i know they can be bought in the market but my market doesnt give me the option of buying gems its saying that i dont have enough of any thing to sell( or something like that) please help

There are a couple of buildings that give you gems depending on your population. One is a tavern, but I can't remember the other one. They are on the same tab as the market.
 posted in Dreamscapes: The Sandman on Mar 15, 13 7:33 PM
You need the feather to rescue Tim. It's found somewhere near the owl in the hole in the tree. If you freed Benny, they you should have found the feather.
 posted in Dreamscapes: The Sandman on Mar 15, 13 7:29 PM
Did you put all the stones in correctly and get the glowing staircase? This has to appear to be able to get the last piece of the dreamcatcher.
 posted in Amazing Adventures Riddle of the Two Knights ™ on Mar 14, 13 11:11 PM
Sometimes holding the command key (or control key) while clicking will act as a right click to allow you to rotate puzzles in games. I'm not familiar with this particular game so not sure if it works that way or not.
 posted in Dreamscapes: The Sandman on Mar 14, 13 11:04 PM
When you rescue Tim the cork should be on the ground in front of you.
 posted in Dreamscapes: The Sandman on Mar 14, 13 10:17 PM
You do have to complete the arcade game to get what you need to continue.

It took me several tries to do it.
 posted in Dreamscapes: The Sandman on Mar 14, 13 10:12 PM
Great news!

I found that you really have to search everything and everywhere in this game. Some of the things to find or do are not very obvious.
 posted in Dreamscapes: The Sandman on Mar 14, 13 10:11 PM
Can you move the parts of the dreamcatcher around? Maybe one piece is not put into the right place.
 posted in Dreamscapes: The Sandman on Mar 14, 13 10:06 PM
Is this the area where Benny is trapped behind the roots? Did you get the termites from the hollow tree to eat the roots and free him?

Sometimes the things you need to do are in a pop up area, so don't show on main screen.
 posted in Dreamscapes: The Sandman on Mar 14, 13 10:04 PM
Read the post above yours. It contains a clue and the answer.

Highlight the part between the ( ). The poster did that to hide the Spoiler with the correct answer.
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