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 posted in Interpol 2: Most Wanted on Oct 31, 09 12:29 AM
LilBit65 wrote:I am addicted to both the Intorpol games. They may be short but after a while, and after I have played other games, I go back and play them again and again. The graphics are great the the hidden objects are really great.

Hi, I notice you have finished Interpol 2. I usually don't do to bad at these games but for some reason I am stuck on lev 14 & can only find 9 of 10 hidden 2's. Can you help?
 posted in Interpol 2: Most Wanted on Oct 31, 09 12:11 AM
Hi, I don't know if you have since found the 2's or not. I have found 9 of them but have no hints & am stuck for the last one. Can you help if you have solved it by now. if not I took a photo of my screen & can tell you where 9 of them are...
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