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this worked without changing difficulty level

banshee10 wrote:I managed to solve it, thanks to all fishies who posted in this thread.

First I changed the difficulty to "regular", then I swapped the tiles the "Hint" pointed at. If this isn't a random solution, the following should work:

Take every key part as a number: upper row numbers 1 - 5, lower row numbers 6 - 10.
Swap 6 and 10, then 7 and 9, 7 and 8, 1 and 4, 3 and 5.
This should do the trick.

Too bad I'll have to replay the game some day to find out if this is the only solution.

Thanks, Caraface and CB_Mechanic!
 posted in Fairway Solitaire: Tee to Play on Jul 4, 13 12:47 PM

I haven't posted for a long time, but I wanted to let BGF that everyone is not unhappy with the free game, I have been enjoying it. Its a game I wouldn't have purchased myself and since I have been low on funds lately, this was a gift to me.
 posted in Shiver: Poltergeist on Apr 29, 12 7:27 PM
potraits stuck on side of screen, have collected all pieces but had to change mode from hardcore to casual, so i can use the skip button..
 posted in Steve the Sheriff 2: The Case of the Missing Thing ™ on Nov 18, 11 9:01 PM
i purchased this game and it will not load, just keeps going back to the play button. i have deleted and reinstalled it, stil no luck. will contact cust svcs
 posted in Hidden Expedition ® - Devil's Triangle on Nov 16, 11 8:11 PM
i wondering if they are going to fix it, i love the game but cannot play past this point
played the demo and loved the game, there is quite a bit of interacting which i enjoy. this game is the same list with RTR and Dire Grove. so i will be purchasing.
 posted in Escape from Frankenstein's Castle on Oct 12, 10 3:13 PM
I am being lazy, but Catghost stated everything i wanted to say about the game.
Catghost wrote:Wow, I get to be the first to review. Nice.

Well, here goes. I played the full hour of demotime and must admit I like the story.
The artwork in the cutscenes is cartoonish, but not bad. The game itself has nice and clear graphs, items can be located easily. At first it looks like you have to randomly click everywhere in the scene, but that is not the case. If you click on the objective in your taskbook (left) it shows you what you need, but, mind you, not always. This game askes a lot of thinking for yourself and I do like that a lot.
No penalty for random clicking, obviously . Hintsystem could be a bit more clear, but as I said, the game askes for thinking, so I didn't mind. Found my way around anyway.

What I didn't like is the endless loading between scenes. I couldn't move from one scene to another without the game having to load. That deserved some more attention in developping the game. Custom cursor was sluggish, but I didn't check if it could be turned off .

Recap: this is an adventuregame (not a HOG or even an iHOG) and I think it's nice enough to spend a credit on as soon as I get my mail from BFG with my punchcardcredits. (It's September 2nd. Come on, peeps!).

Happy gaming!

EDIT: While I was typing, two fishies got ahead of me, so ignore the comment of me being the first.
 posted in Mystery of Shark Island on Oct 12, 10 3:09 PM
I think this was the worst game i have played on big fish, it was too repetitive - keeping picking out shells and there really was no story line. i played about 20 mins hoping something else was going to happen once you get off the beach even though according to the map you on the island, you are still picking up shells off the beach.

 posted in The Fall Trilogy Chapter 2: Reconstruction on Oct 8, 10 6:37 PM
I just finished playing and was disappointed this was not as challenging as the first one, the mini-games to me were more involved in this it was basically fit items into an area, slide objects around to get one out and put pieces back together. i hope three will be more challenging like the first.
 posted in Dark Parables: Curse of Briar Rose Collector's Edition on Mar 13, 10 1:09 PM
i agree with previous comments regarding graphics and story line - love the Grimm Fairy tales but i dont agree with those that say its similar to RTR or Dire Grove. To me this is more a HOG than IHOG, you are just locating items in each section - and place them back in the story. I will purchase because its enjoyable but will wait for regular release, i am still waiting for something closer to RTR or Dire Grove.
 posted in Secret Mission: The Forgotten Island on Feb 27, 10 2:47 PM
First, i must say that i love the comments and reviews section - no more asking questions about what to do in the game

secondly, i enjoyed this game - it had the rigth mixture of HOG and adventure, the puzzles were not to hard to figure out, also like being able to chose between easy and hard. i played on hard - just the right amount of directions - didnt know you could collect quartz for hints but finally realized. i have not finished the game so can not comment on length.
 posted in Empress of the Deep: The Darkest Secret on Feb 24, 10 6:24 PM
I enjoyed this game, but some of the HOG Scenes were a little dark (for example - in the war vault). i also agree with the other fishes that an interactive map would work a lot better . The lenght was fine for me since i am slow and i dont play in one sitting....i am still waiting on another game like RTR or Drawn (this two have me spoiled).
 posted in Shutter Island on Feb 14, 10 11:56 AM
After playing the demo, i can not decide if i like the game or not. The story line is interesting and makes you want to keep playing to see what happened to the patients but its a straight HOG, thought it was IHOG since you were collecting tools but to just put them in circles and the game does the work was real disappointing. I didnt care for the flashing graphics in some of the scences and you have to click exactly on an item or its a mis-click. I will wait for game to be a daily deal or maybe a game coupon.
 posted in Penny Dreadfuls: Sweeney Todd Collector`s Edition on Feb 12, 10 5:03 PM
I dont normally respond to comments like these, because everyone is entitled to their opinion, but BFG has the best customer serivce by far. Whenever i have an issue, i email and w/in 48hrs i have a response (they either provide you with a credit or information on how to correct a situation). As for the CE's - no one has to purchase them if they dont want too! They offer a regular version of the CE's just for that reason - to give everybody the chance to own the game.
 posted in Epic Adventures: La Jangada on Feb 9, 10 8:10 PM
I didnt care for this game, the graphics were beautiful and the voice acting was clear but i find myself hitting the skip botton. The story was slow and after 45mins of hitting the skip button, i felt i had put myself through enough torture.
 posted in Nightfall Mysteries: Curse of the Opera on Feb 9, 10 5:26 PM
i loved this game, and i agree with other fishes that it reminds you of RTR and Dire Grove just not as intense. I am looking forward to playing it, but after reading other reviews and all the problems that were mentioned i am going to wait on another build
 posted in Mishap: An Accidental Haunting ™ on Feb 9, 10 5:19 PM
this was a cute game, i really enjoyed playing it - it was funny and liked the ghost popping out if you click too many times. the graphics were nicely done and the items were not to hard to locate. this is a good game to use for a break away from a more intense game.
 posted in Vampire Saga: Pandora's Box on Feb 6, 10 8:23 AM
Finally finished game, it was a good length (can not give total hours - because i played about an hour a day). I loved the storyline - it was very interesting, good graphics - some items hard to locate due to lighting or misnamed (example - a paintbrush was labeled a pen - think this was in bathroom scene), little interaction (would like for there to be more - am spoiled by RTR), the faster button needs to work a little better -even holding it down sometimes the story didnt move along. Overall, i enjoyed the game and am looking forward to the next one
 posted in Nick Chase: A Detective Story ™ on Jan 31, 10 7:33 PM
loved the voice and wished it was in the second one, hopefully if there's a third he will come back
 posted in Nick Chase and the Deadly Diamond on Jan 29, 10 6:16 PM
I enjoyed this game, i like the graphics , the HOG's were extremely easy as were the mini-games. I normally dont care for HOG's but it remained me of Sam Spade and i love those old shows.

I read previous post concerning the voice of NIck, so i demo'd the first one and have to agree , the developer made a mistake not using audio again. I loved the voice of Nick and totally reminds me of the serials from the radio.
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