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 posted in The Forgotten Fairy Tales: The Spectra World on Sep 26, 17 5:27 PM
I am playing on PC windows 10. Played the whole game with no problem. I got to the bonus game and I'm supposed to use the bracelet but it doesn't do anything when I click on it. I've noticed others have had this issue. Any fixes yet?
 posted in The Lost Labyrinth on Jul 26, 17 12:04 PM
How in the world do you beat level 61 when the skulls are not where you can make a ,match by them? Powers ups you get from 4 match are usually too far away to do any good, and the other ones don't get rid of all the skulls in one side so they continue to grow. I'm very frustrated. I love this game, but can't move past this level!!!! Never mind, I figured it out. Now I feel silly.
Same thing happened to me with the paw button. The back button didn't work and I had to use Task Manager to get out of the game. I had made it through the gate to the house when I tried. I use Windows 10. Please fix this! I was going to buy the game till that happened!
 posted in Occultus: Mediterranean Cabal on Sep 20, 16 3:14 PM
I can't go any further in the game. I have the sponge with something poured on it (I can't remember what) and I try to wipe the picture. I hear a wiping sound, but nothing happens. I'm real frustrated. Can anyone help?
 posted in Elves vs. Goblin Mahjongg World on Jun 7, 16 8:10 AM
I love the new mahjongg games, but this one is timed. I don't like to play timed. If it had an option to turn off time, I would have gotten it.
 posted in Invasion 2: Doomed on Jun 6, 16 9:04 AM
Black screen after I said no to tutorial. Also did it when I chose the tutorial. Windows 10
 posted in Save Halloween: City of Witches on Oct 20, 15 9:54 AM
I don't like the expanding spiders ( or expanding anythings in games) much either, but on untimed mode, they only spread one square after you make a move that is not a match by them. It gives you time to plot the 'kill' better, tho they have gotten away from me a few times and I started the level over. Don't forget to use power ups too.
I was so glad to see a game by Cateia games! You are one of my favorite developers.. I especially loved Myths of Orion! Your graphics are always amazing, and the characters are all unique. The music track to Tears is great! Subtle, not overpowering- no problem leaving it on.. it added to the game's atmosphere. I haven't gotten too far in the demo, but it runs fine for me on Window's 7. I will be buying this one, and anxiously await 'Eternity Lost'.
 posted in Beyond: Light Advent Collector's Edition on Jul 27, 15 8:08 AM
Maybe I've missed something, but for a little while now-(I'm fixing the airplane)- when I try to jump it says my bracelet is not charged enough for a blink. What do I have to do? I've been to all the places I've tried to 'jump' to. It's not hard to get around the old way, but I'm curious how to charge the bracelet again. (= Never mind.. I found the answer.
 posted in Avalon Legends Solitaire 2 on Jul 8, 15 8:23 AM
This is just a weird one.. I've played the game through totally and was up to about level 115 when all of a sudden the power up I bought that automatically collects your resources at the end of each level quit working and I have to click them all again. All else is fine.
I'm really enjoying this game! Don't know how I missed it when it first came out! I'm a big fan of HOS and there are a lot in the game. The minigames are fun for the most part. I am going nuts though with the game to make a measurement of 3 out of the two vials measuring 5 and 7. I just can't solve it, and have come across it 3 times now. Any hints? Otherwise, love the game- waiting for the next one. You do so well in the HOS to hide things- great job!...PS-Never mind with the puzzle- I figured it out.
I can't figure out how to get to 3 measures in the mini game where you have two vials measuring 7 and 5 , and you need an amount of 3. I am going nuts with this. Anyone know how to get to level of 3 to pour into container?
 posted in Myths of Orion: Light from the North on Dec 12, 14 8:43 AM
I absolutely love this game. I bought it before I finished the demo. I think the graphics are beautiful, so well drawn! This is my type of game, with fantasy and other magical creatures like Orcs, Goblins, etc. I love the characters you meet along the way, they each have their own unique personalities. Traveling to different realms to complete tasks is always a big plus for me. I love the HO scenes- again clear, beautiful graphics. You pick up items randomly also, so always be looking. I sure hope Cateia games comes out with more of these. Again, this game is really a joy to play and look at!! LOVE the graphics!! I've finished the game and am playing it again just to enjoy it again. Thanks!
 posted in Dream Hills: Captured Magic on Jan 13, 14 7:39 AM
I too am getting the access violation that crashes the game when I use a hint. I contacted Big Fish help and their response was to just send me a coupon for a free game. I am really liking this game and wanted to finish it. It seems to be an error in the game, so I hope the game producers will come up with a fix.
 posted in Chronicles of Vida: The Story of the Missing Princess on May 26, 13 9:37 AM
I am really liking this game- lots of HOS- some of the hidden objects are difficult to see, but not impossible- makes the hidden object scenes challenging. I love that you can hover over an item in your inventory with the map pulled up and it will glow on the map where you use it! The dialogue amuses me- gives humor to the game. Easy mode does have lots of sparkles, but I switched to easy after I got stuck a couple of times. This game has it's challenges tho- not super easy by any means, even with the sparkles. There are achievements also. There are lots of negative reviews, but I say give it a good tryout- it's becoming one of my favorites!!
 posted in Chronicles of Vida: The Story of the Missing Princess on May 25, 13 10:04 AM
I'm stuck in the tavern- can't find the magic quill. I have a flute and drums, but no quill.
 posted in Grim Tales: The Stone Queen Collector's Edition on Jan 14, 13 6:55 PM
I just finished playing the game and the bonus content and I really did like it! I especially loved the map- not only can you jump from it, but it lists your goals for each location. That's a big help when I come back to the game after a day or so and need to refresh as to what's going on. The hint button outside the hos is great too. Lots of running around, but with the map it's no problem. One more thing, I want to thank the designers of the game for not doing any sparkles to let you know the 'interactive items' in a HOS. Some games I try to hurry and find them before the give away sparkles, but they seem to beat me all the time.. It takes a big part of the fun out of the HOS. Thanks again for that! The graphics were beautiful. My only 'gripe' with the game is in the words used for various items in the HOS. Some of them are pretty wild! Need to do a little more work on the translation I guess. I was a nurse for 30 years, and in a game from someone else a while back it called a bulb syringe a 'nose sucker'.. that's always been my favorite! Very descriptive for sure. Again tho, enjoyed a lot.
 posted in Nightfall Mysteries: Black Heart Collector's Edition on Dec 11, 12 8:22 PM
I too am stuck in the dungeon with no way to leave and the hint saying there is nothing to do here...the game worked fine up to now.
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition on Nov 20, 12 1:34 PM
I rarely have issues with any games and I've been with BF for years. I downloaded the game, but installation failed and won't let me try again... error 766. Looks like the game has a lot of issues. Just wanted to add mine to the mix.
 posted in Web of Deceit: Black Widow Collector's Edition on Oct 23, 12 10:32 AM
I usually don't comment on the games, but I wanted to for this one. I have played these games for a long time now, and I have to say this is one of my favorites! The story moved right along, and the bonus game was great! Graphics are excellent. The hint showed you where to go next, which is a huge bonus for me if I don't remember where to go, it gives me just enough hint so i can still figure it out myself. I really enjoyed this game, sort of sad now that it is over. One of the bonus features is to be able to replay the minigames, so I will still go back and do the few I skipped. The puzzles were challenging, but I did complete most of them. Keep sending us good games like this one. Thanks BF!
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