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 posted in Alien Shooter: Revisited on Dec 8, 12 1:40 PM
I know there are various versions and re-tooled versions of these alien shooter and zombie shooter games and I've played them all and managed to get through all of them without cheats on easy and medium or normal -- I CAN NOT beat this game without cheats.
I find it absurd.
The spiders are just too fast and spit too far and then there is nowhere to run to get out of the poison, which of course, rapidly drains your life points, just running through it.
I've played Conscription and Shooter 2 Can't get through this revisited and that is on easy.
I'm about to just forget trying -- is it just me or is this one particularly prickish?
 posted in Zombie Shooter on Oct 13, 12 3:45 PM
The boss can not shoot at you if his arm is pinned up against a chain link fence, but you can shoot out at it.
I ran in to the area with the generators -- I think there is one at the left and right and there are two chain link fence sections in a bracket shape [ ] on either side. There is also a little control panel with a little red monitor screen.
I ran in there and as the boss approached, I tucked myself in between the generator and the fence on the inside and the boss pinned himself up against the chain link on the outside and then I turned on the flame thrower and let him have it. I just kept blasting and the boss couldn't shoot at me, I was too close and it looked like his arm was pinned up against the fence.
I did not lose one single health point in that position, and it took at few minutes of blasting until the red line was empty.
You do have to make sure you lead the boss in at the correct angle so you are face to face with chain link between you.
Good Luck!
And I concur with the post that says the flame thrower is the best weapon in the game. It doesn't have as much distance as the rocket/grenade launchers, so they do have their purpose but the flame thrower will actually shoot through most obstacles (rocks and shipping containers) and kill the first line of zombies up against them. I killed most of the zombies that way, on the level with the flood water. LOL -- just kept blasting at them with flamethrower through the rocks and barriers. Not so good on solid walls, but I had some success with that too.
 posted in Zombie Shooter on Oct 13, 12 2:57 PM
Is anyone using the cheat codes for this game? I have to if I want to complete "normal" mode.
When I use the cheata code it doesn't seem to work correctly. It bounces to the next gun while I'm typing and then I fill it, but then it seems that some of the guns show full but the ammo isn't all the way green. It's weird. I found this cheat a little tricky in the Alien Shooters as it does scroll to the next gun, but it seems to truly fill the green bar, as long as you start on the weapon above the one you want filled.
I don't know if that makes sense to anyone. lol. Hard to explain, but it's driving me nuts. Also, the cheatw fills all the ammo in Alien Shooter 2 but not in Zombie Shooter.
Thanks in advance for any help!

And Lulz at all threads called "zombie shooter". Uh, yeah, we know, it's the "Zombie Shooter" Forum... Frankly, I don't even read threads if they don't give me some idea of what the question/problem is in the subject -- think I'm just a b***
 posted in Sylia - Act 1 on Sep 21, 12 9:17 PM
joyce2121 wrote:Absolutely no idea what I'm trying to do. Guess it's a game
type I've never played. Did download and open the SG,
but with only 5 minute demo, didn't learn too much.

Lots of dialogue to click through in the beginning and with
no option menu, had to mute my computer sound to get
rid of the blaring music.

Will wait and see if it gets any reviews.

Ditto. And the endless, endless, endless, inane, inane, inane dialogue made me not even want to bother to try to figure it out.
 posted in Starlaxis: Rise of the Light Hunters on Aug 27, 12 2:28 PM
WOW, WOW, WOW! Thank you for the comments about this game. I wasn't going to give it a go as a match 3, but it doesn't look like a match 3 in the screenshots.
I am giving it a go right now -- will check back later.
Based on the lack of comments and threads in this forum, I'm thinking it didn't sell well due to this.
 posted in Mini Robot Wars on Aug 15, 12 7:31 PM
Okay, figured it out.
I'm stuck on 5-10 mission with the giant robot monster in space.
Don't know how to beat it.
Love this game though!
 posted in Mini Robot Wars on Aug 12, 12 4:44 PM
I can not get past this mission stage, it's the first one where the guy hops on top of his attackers rather than shooting at them and I can not get past it, I keep getting killed mostly pie the robots that are a robot torso and they move really fast through the air.
Aaargh so frustrated -- what am I missing? Why can't I pass this mission level?
 posted in Action Ball 2 on Aug 3, 12 7:51 PM
The purple glowing hole in the center of the lower square (it looks electrified), is a portal. Focus on breaking through that first and get your ball to that hole, it will shoot the ball up to the top and then all the balls stacked in the middle gun, (top center) will drop every time a ball richochetes off of it. It will turn to a giant frenzy.
Keep your eye on the lower portal because that is where the ball will be transported back from the top.
 posted in Action Ball 2 on Aug 3, 12 7:44 PM
On this level the homing missiles are the key. Never miss one and the rockets will be shot from the corner towers and they apply a pretty severe blow each time.
So, focus on avoiding the bosses, catching the ball and watching for the homing missile power up. I believe it took 6 or 8 for me to get close to the win and then I just had a tiny bit off life I had to kill of with the ball -- took about 3 bounces.
Focus on effective use of the remote missiles, you won't be attacking from your paddle, that's the key and keep yourself safe
Hope that helps.
 posted in Action Ball 2 on Aug 3, 12 7:42 PM
On this level the homing missiles are the key. Never miss one and the rockets will be shot from the corner towers and they apply a pretty severe blow each time.
So, focus on avoiding the bosses, catching the ball and watching for the homing missile power up. I believe it took 6 or 8 for me to get close to the win and then I just had a tiny bit of life I had to kill off with the ball -- took about 3 bounces.
Focus on effective use of the remote missiles, you won't be attacking from your paddle, that's the key and keep yourself safe
Hope that helps.
 posted in Action Ball 2 on Aug 3, 12 7:36 PM
You need to kill 25 bots -- the ships that fly around. In fact focus on hitting them until they stop releasing them and then clear the rest of the pieces from the board.
If you clear easy level boards before you've maxed the number of kills you need for that level, then it will take forever to get to 25 (kill counter is on the right).
So, make your goal to chase, target and kill flying bots rather than clearing the board as fast as possible. At least that worked for me.
I was getting 2 kills a level on the early levels and when I changed my strategies I was getting 4 to 6 kills on those levels.
I hope that helps, not sure if anyone else has an alternative answer, but good luck.
 posted in Action Ball 2 on Aug 3, 12 7:07 PM
I'm having so much fun with game and I'm not having any trouble figuring out a level, once I figure out the strategy. I have played level 31, which is basically serpentine tubes with the game pieces running in vertical rows between the pipes, at least a dozen times and I can't win.
I know where the power ups are and I know. or think I know. that I just have to hit obstacles and remove them faster than the bots can rebuild them. But I can't even get close, even if I manage to kill the bot ships faster than they can build, they overcome me. I'm very good figuring these types of games out. What am I missing on this level???
Oh and on the first play though my ball turned mini and went under the corner of the rail and bounced around endlessly inside, where there are no breakable obstacles and about one minute of bouncing around the s turns with no result the ball finally game back out to the play side of the board -- so I thought the mini ball was the trick, but I can't replicate getting it back under the railings.
I have to be missing something and it's probably really simple. AAAARGH!
Thanks for any help!
 posted in Action Ball 2 on Aug 3, 12 6:59 PM
When you don't effectively take advantage of your power ups, you have to endlessly bounce your ball at the big ship/ships until you gradually wind them down to zero, (you can tell how much life is left by the red progress bar top center of screen). The power ups are always in the same locations, so if you are playing multiple time, just note where the power ups where and use them very effectively.
Clear most of the center units first with your ball and then hit one of the end power ups. that way you are not wasting your machine gun or laser blasting through obstacles and can save them for the boss and his sidekick.
Good luck. I'm stuck on level 31 now. LOL
 posted in Great Little War Game on Jul 30, 12 7:43 PM
Yep, this game is so unresponsive to the point that it is unplayable.
Nothing was happening and clicking any of the settings, it took clicking over and over again. I'll be uninstalling. I actually COULD NOT even get the game to shut, I had to use my task manager.
I'd like 10 minutes of my life back please..
 posted in Pirates of the Atlantic on Jul 23, 12 9:33 PM
I'm finding this game impossible to play. The shield barely stays up for a second and I can't get enough accuracy on the cannon balls. For me the boats are really hard to hit because the cannon doesn't point far enough down.
I can't enjoy it if I keep on dying after only 2 or 3 levels and quite frankly I not having fun, click, click, click, click, and click is all I was doing for futile results. Any tips?
 posted in Master of Defense on Jul 18, 12 2:43 PM
I agree OP-- LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, this game! Going to check out some other suggestions.
I'm going to recommend Totem Tribe and Totem Tribe Gold. Also, if you go to Youtube, there are video walkthroughs and game cheats for those who like to mess with the programming, you can google the cheats and/or watch the videos and make your workers work faster, increase walk speed, increase defense, etc, etc, for both Totem Tribes. The games have a crazy number of levels like 90+
I played through one time with no cheats. It took weeks and was awesome! You can also go into the picture files and us paint to highlight hard to find objects -- (your enemies drop collectibles once you kill them and you have to collect them all open up secret levels.
Once I upgraded all the cheats, I played the same game in 3 or 4 hours.
Just be sure to make a copy of all the folders before you alter the originals and if you mess up, you just amend the name of they copy and remove copy and your game is back to normal.

 posted in Shaban on Jul 18, 12 4:48 AM
Wow, I can't see how anyone could accomplish that.
I'd hook a fish and then a crab would steal it. I thought it was because of me hooking crabs, but then I caught a fish and a crab stole one a moment later and I hadn't yet dropped my line and clicked again.
I don't get it. I wasn't seeing a consistent pattern of where they were jumping in what order or when it would be a crab or a fish. I found it very random.
If you got this done, did you just have more patients than I did or am I missing the key to playing this mini game?
Thanks for any input.

(Cause what I find funny is there isn't a thread about this already, I can't possibly the only one, can I? LOL)
 posted in The Blackwell Convergence on Jul 17, 12 9:47 AM
Is this game supposed to be all pixelated???
I've tried compatibility mode and changing the resolution it opens in and I get no result.
 posted in Haunted Hotel: Charles Dexter Ward on Jul 17, 12 4:04 AM
Meh, This game was alright, nothing to write home about. It was short IMO and not very challenging.
I still bought it after the trial as I had a credit that was going to expire.
I agree with Florianna, there really should have been an overview map and a clickable one would have been better.
 posted in Haunted Hotel: Charles Dexter Ward on Jul 17, 12 3:59 AM
Thank you both!
I thought I looked at the fine details really well, but then I clicked one of the sets and it opened.
At least there was a skip button if it wouldn't have worked.

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